How to Pick a Qualty Supplement & Why!

dr. Susan and today I want to demystify supplements a lot of my patients are really confused with reading the supplement bottles and they're always asking me about what supplements best and everybody's it has individual needs of course so there's different things you want to look for just so you're getting a really good quality supplement you don't want to throw your money out the window so some things that might seem like a bargain and be really good in many ways are just a waste of money because there's a lot of junk out on the market that don't use good quality vitamins and minerals and they also sometimes use things that are not very bioavailable and I'll talk about what that means and how to look at these labels so first of all let's just talk about basic things on a label that you really need to know so here is a lovely supplement label and this is a good very good quality supplement so you're gonna have at the very end what's called d-v percentage and that stands for daily value percentage this is based on what's called the RDA which is recommended daily allowance the medical institute developed this by looking at different categories of people so you're looking at genders age groups and whether they're pregnant or breastfeeding so you're looking at these different groups and they're looking at absolute minimum nutrients vitamins minerals required to sustain life and healthy individual in that age group so that's pretty craptastic so we really don't want to just be finding the minimal for sustaining life in our supplements we want to actually improve conditions we want to have more energy we want to have more vitality we want to really get a boost from our supplements so a lot of times when you're taking a supplement that's having low percentages and even just like 100 percent you're not getting anything from so people are going home you know I've taken a vitamin but it doesn't really seem to do anything well of course not there's not enough in it to do something so as it is good in some ways because you're getting more nutrients than what you're just getting from your food especially if you're on a standard American diet or a very poor kind of teenage diet you do want and you're getting something at least is the same life but as a doctor I kind of want you to do a bit more than just to stay high it's not the point um like I just get by and so you want to look at that so the daily value what they're doing is they're taking the highest RDA amounts so say vitamin C for a 25-year old pregnant person that's the highest value so they're looking at that they're looking at all the high values and they're using that so it's from age four to death you know 104 and they're taking what is the highest value across the board and giving that to us so this value is based on sustaining life from four years old to a hundred and four this is the recommended daily value and of course you know a 20-something year old athletes gonna need a lot more than some four year old you know just going to preschool so that's why it's kind of stupid I mean to say the least but they have to base it on something they have to give us some numbers so this is why you really want things to have really high percentage and so it's not crazy to be taking something that had 150 percent 200% 300% of some daily values especially in modern society when we are really using up so much nutrients minerals with different things like stress stress uses tons of vitamin B's we're and there's lots of cofactors our food even if you're eating really good organic food is not as high nutrients as it used to be so if you look at the FDA ratings of say broccoli in 1950 it will have a certain amount of you know iron vitamins nutrients etc you know you were looking at zinc levels for instance it'll be at a pretty high level but now because of Mato monoculture farming we're you're planning one thing same spot all the time and not using good compost not rotating crops not doing like permaculture or other things like that you actually are having very nutrient poor soil so therefore the plants aren't getting as nutrient dense things you know minerals nutrients from the soil a lot of trying to grow things faster and cheaper creates the the nutrient deficiencies compared to what our grandparents and parents were eating it keeps on dropping so that's the other reason why I do recommend everybody be on a good multivitamin different companies do different things like Curos for instance they will look at your epigenetics so your lifestyle habits like if you're an athlete or if you're working in an office and not exercising at all or if you are pregnant or whatever they're looking at your different lifestyle epigenetics and they're also looking at your genetics you can do submit DNA or do DNA testing through them to recommend supplements specifically for your individual needs other companies do different things just by creating a really good all-around multivitamin so knowing how to read the labels is very very good so this is a supplement I take sometimes when I feel like sick but this one has a lot of herbs in it and because it's got the herbal supplements like echinacea and ginger and cayenne and things like that there is just little stars at the at the end so instead of having a daily value there's a stars it doesn't mean it's like a really low amount it just means that the Medical Institute did not study any kind of herbs for sustained like because the herbal values vary and also they're not quote unquote necessary to sustain life so that's why there's just little stars elastics buy a lot of herbs this supplement has green tea extracts so it has the same thing it just will have a little star and course green trip green tea extract we know is a super good antioxidant it's super good and anti-cancer detoxification it's a very fabulous nutrients actually having a multivitamin so these are different things you want to look for the other thing with it when you're looking at different things it's good to kind of know what the process is for the different vitamins are when you're looking at picking out the best supplement for you there's tons of help and I'm gonna get into that in other videos but I also want to talk about the other thing you want to look for is the type of form that it's in so like something will say like b12 is a great example you always want to look at b12 and see if it's the methyl form so this is methyl or it will say cyan no cobalamin so methyl or a cyano at that first part of that Kabbalah mean that is really good indication methyl has a better bioavailability and what bioavailability is is it is your body's ability to utilize absorb and utilize that nutrients other times you're just peeing it straight out a big myth with vitamin b12 is is a lot of people say oh my pee was really fluorescent yellow so therefore I'm just peeing out the vitamin no no no no if your pee is bright yellow that means you are breaking it down utilizing it this is a byproduct of b12 just like if you eat asparagus and you have stinky pee it is a byproduct you're still getting those nutrients you're just processing it and that's what happens so the other supplement that is a really good one that you want to look at is arginine when arginine is in the Ella form that's the molecular structure of the arginine so when it is l-arginine or there's l of glutamine these are really important to see it in that group the vitamin will be a little bit more expensive with these because it has to do the processing of that to get in that form however your body again is gonna absorb it how I describe this because it's the same molecule just a different shape it's like Clark Kent versus Superman when Clark Kent is glasses and suit no one recognizes him as Superman so then take off the glass let's take up suit put on Superman and he's recognized and does whatever so it's the body that will recognize the l-arginine and their algorithm Buddha means in that form so it's the Superman form so with B vitamins we want to look at folate is really good so benign is great especially in men's health it will help you maintain an erection when you're looking at any of the antioxidants like vitamin C or any of those great act antioxidants even the minerals and herbs in here you are looking at improving your nitric oxide and the circulation of course circulation better erections vitamin D has been studied for improving erections as well there are some great studies on that Simon D technically acts as a hormone in your body not necessarily a vitamin so it's really important it's also very protective and great for your immune system so B vitamins in general if a woman is on birth control your birth control is going to dip beat your B vitamins so you really want to make sure you have very high the vitamins stress also depletes B vitamins so make sure the vitamins are high on all your supplements there's so many different studies out there and so many misinformation so that's what I'm going to do a whole other video on kind of the really important nutrients minerals herbs that you want to look for it to optimize different things the other part is when selecting some things that are in multi-level marketing are good like most of them are pretty good I've analyzed a lot of them but you are paying a bit extra to cover the costs of everything that it's involved in multi-level marketing so always do a comparison when looking at getting the most bang for your buck good vitamins are more expensive you you are gonna pay a bit more but you are actually gonna get something so you're either throwing out the twelve bucks just out the window or you're paying the twenty two and getting something that you're actually going to utilize and help prevent illness and help you be vital so hopefully this was helpful with demystifying vitamins and busting some of the myths about them and be sure to subscribe and I'm gonna get 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