How To Pass The Army Physical Fitness Test

what's going on guys Josh Garza tonight you know the video that the army video I'm trying to lose an arm videos because like I got like like couple months and some change so soon as I get our army won't be any more army because I have these other videos here and there so you know just about it's basically today I'm doing the how to pass the army physical fitness test push-ups sit-ups in a two-mile run I'm gonna show you some pointers is how I did how do I do and just kind of keep your parents and help with some tips right so we're gonna do push-ups first so oh I mean obviously give me give me give me a shot or kill each other it's a little weird right we're gonna empty rooms the Stevens room you hear something kind of seen this Stevens I see ones I'm here to get that open room size bigger me do it over here and it is starting outside so that's why I think wonder why we're not to do that's why not do it so I have a two bedroom apartment all right so the push press right so I'm gonna read off for 17 to 21 so here 17 to 21 the male minimum is 42 max is 71 females 19 and the max 42 you're 22 to 26 know is minimum it's 40 female is Dana mel-min once warning the max is 75 female minimum is 17 and the max is 67 so basically when it's a two points right the men won't disappoint yeah just go from 60 points to 100 the minimum will be 60 points and in the max will be 20 points and that's how that's go to 300 points push-ups sit-ups in tomorrow alright first off push-ups so basically my tip is alright so normally this is no wider stance because all you got to do is go parallel and then lock them out and that's considerable push-ups so going with more wider you won't have to go that far down or back up so that's my tip and to also you got 120 seconds to Monday 20 seconds to uh that much as we can right so to knock them out in the first second to pump them out coming out don't rest and hey you cannot do any more right so I'm gonna demonstrate right now and put the tying run real quick so Stephen watch that so I got two minutes I can start that dish three two one go 60 push-ups in poison centers so I said it's not mouth take a little break your language if I like this you take a little rest got you see 12 more push-ups to the max all right that's thank you push it right there you guys change your stance do 180 point when your arms in no more wider hope you want this one I left a minute you have a minute 2500 China any push-ups I'm stopped 20 seconds lost so you're setting this up let's just do a few more just enough to do it – ten seconds all right so basically I also asked me to discuss that's 100 points is not that easy cause anymore my still know what it's Tina so you don't check you do yourself basically that's all you gotta do when you do the push-ups in the first 60 seconds or it's like 40 to 60 seconds do as many as you can and then take a little break except raise your butt change your stance we got it we got it yourselves and not that else all right to catch a breath man okay guys ready to search right now about our whole Stephens legs how many how many gonna do 5350 would be passing but I mean I think you can be more so let's see we have yes two minutes all right so he does that he'll if you like throw you back then yeah yeah if I'm not here because this is really hard it's a higher ground so basically when you come up you want to release everything this use momentum one that's Momentum's a big thing you can do this so he's in there and so you got two minutes and you usually do it in the grass so you're able to throw yourself back but not here anybody so you had about like about 40 seconds left so you got a passing scores that would be 60 points any more than that in the middle all right so how do you how do you feel about your 53 walk Meena scored I feel really successful you did you did pass that I mean that's that's the main thing I would say the key thing it's crematory breathing and one key thing is when you throw yourself back you kind of want to move with momentum and throw yourself back forward but so technically first up you have to interlock your fingers and it's your backside I'm laying down right now so you're back here I just throw yourself back that pickly outs yeah that's all it's all momentum yeah yeah and conservatives your light and some people think it's about this about your core it's all about the hip flexors – yeah it really is you're not gonna do the quarry or hey yeah yeah so pretty gassed yeah good job yeah push-ups and sit-ups some tips and so a two-mile run for two mile run 17 to 21 Mel minimum is 1550 for Max's thirty minutes female 18:54 max 1536 and 22 26 no minimum is 1636 max 13 female minimums 1936 max 1536 so those are scores in there sexy tomorrow run gotta run you know you want to get better any gonna run right now I probably get like a 15 minute but that's just cuz I got a little bigger you know back in the day I was like probably 15 20 pounds lighter so I could run but I get a pass the score still doesn't really matter but when you get them with tomorrow I get thirty minutes I actually do your own I'm pretty good runner I've never really been running sprints though like you know like Sprint's but funny this is not only my cup of tea back still pass but basically yep so if you want a better night and start runner there's nothing to it you know I mean obviously you gotta practice you know I mean so push ups this and tips tips and a two-mile run guy knew that your side to know yeah we're working some body parts hell yes but not doing that actually exercise is what's gonna you know a reddish-brown i'll show me what been right in place okay with the video you know I said I'm getting out he's doing the more we do this after that so to try and do here and they're trying to show you some advice I'll be enjoy the video I'll see you next time


  1. Your forearms are hugee how did you grow themm? Any secrets like the biceps?

  2. Josh, my man that was a great video, as im about to ship out to Benning on Aug 13th. Very motivating. I just have one question though… i know they always say 90 degree elbows on the way down, and locked on the way up, but i noticed you didnt lock. So i was wondering if there is a way around that, where not locking is acceptable?

  3. 😍

  4. hey,josh!i watched and counted your reps on you sit ups test!you did 42 in your first 60 seconds, excellent!then you did 11 more reps in 23 seconds, then you stopped when you got to 53. you did very well!!i salute your efforts, i know they hurt after about 35 reps, how do you keep going when they hurt?tell me, i need motivation!!bobby whitaker

  5. hey,josh;i watched your posting of your fitness test!53 sit ups is good!we had these two minute tests every two weeks in high scholl. they were not easy when you do not have a mat for your back. you did well, i respect your efforts young man!!bobby whitaker

  6. Every time i watch one of these videos i get encouraged to do push ups lol

  7. Are you not allowed to rest on the ground ??

  8. I need this I leave in June

  9. lmao at :40

  10. Awesome video man! Always an awkward moment for a few seconds every time you hold someone's feet during sit-up event. You always need to tilt your head to the side so your face is not too close with the other person's face. You don't want a warm breath all over your face.

  11. Thanks for the tips!!

  12. How screwed am I if I've been sick the week before drill (I'm in the Guard) that I have the APFT test and the OPAT test?

  13. Thanks for the vid I ship to benning osut April 17th hooah

  14. Thank you Josh you always motivate me I'm always watching you on YouTube keep it up.Give me more videos so I can WACH!!!!!!!!!!

  15. The sit ups were so fucking awkward πŸ˜‚ put some music on or something josh πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  16. what shoes were you wearing in the video? nike free run?

  17. im about to take my first pfat in a week this helps a lot , thanks bro πŸ˜‚

  18. awesome video man thank you for your service

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