How To Make Sweet Potatoes (One Of The Best Carbs For Bodybuilding)

he's no peace no peace no peace oh I hate these no peace no peace what do you do you know who it is Chris Jones representing pump chases all right it's going to be a quick video as you notice in some of my vlogs I eat sweet potatoes and I make sweet potato pancakes okay I'm asking about the different meal prepping right now if you notice for my vlog when I make the pancakes the tail is already done if you notice for my vlogs when I have food potatoes and the side item the potatoes already done let me show you real quick not going to hold you long how I prepare them because keep in mind and the bodybuilder born everyday and there are people out there who don't know how to do something shit like prepare my sweet potato so here we go first step acquire sweet potatoes and put some foil over your pan okay be sure to spray your pan with some cooking spray so things won't stick okay next take the potatoes run some water on them and rub them to get that dirt off level okay get that dirt up on this take them rinse them and rub them one more time show you one more time take it run water on it rub it this is a good bad dirty fuck over alright so as you see we got the floor sprayed with cooking spray we've got six potatoes on here just poke some little holes with your fork that way when they're in that hot-ass oven they don't start popping and shit's going to help the heat transfer better you know just poke some holes like that don't get a pump a fuckload maybe stab it about four times each one two three and four you know the simple shit alright check this out this is very important believe it or not have the oven set to 450 and pre TT do not put your shit in the oven then turn the oven on before you start cooking anything meatloaf cookies whatever always create the oven first it takes anywhere from six to ten minutes finishes before tea warm before you put whatever else you're cooking so we got it preheated at 450 let's put it in the oven okay so we got in the oven we're going to put in 45 minutes I will see you guys at 45 at home and as y'all see you just got done cooking my turkey it has been 45 minutes so let's go ahead and pull the potatoes out okay guys so check it out see how you poke the holes through here see how we got a little bit losing out that's okay check it out now get you a knife and I want you to slice them check it out BAM just slice no certain amount of thickness so just slice from the sole I just scoot over Sam scoot over Sam's good over BAM easy shit okay let's repeat the process scoot over Bam Bam Bam Bam okay and put it light on real quick BAM take a look at that see how we got a sliced up now get you some ground cinnamon and let's sprinkle them on top sprinkle them on top take a little more time no certain amount of measurement I cook for the soul and bam see that now get your foil and put it on top close it in put it on top let that heat and shit trap inside all right now I truck me guys this cinnamon is going to set these sweet potatoes to fuck off they're going to caramelize inside and it's going to give them a nice sweet taste you're going to forget you even on a diet okay thank you all right we're going to put these back in the oven for 15 to 20 minutes I'm going to do 20 minutes okay but 15 to 20 minutes should be plenty of time we will see you in 15 minutes all right homes at home man it has been 20 minutes let's see what we got here all right we got all that steam that was trapped in there going to come out that's going to really help soften these potatoes up real quick all right now take a look come on take a look at my finger look at this see that see how they smash down a bit that's how you another done so what I like to do I let them sit out for about an hour or so let them cool off put some full over them or put them in a container and just put them in the refrigerator you know so whenever I want some sweet potato pancakes in the morning you know throw some egg whites or some eggs in here some sweet potato some gif protein that's back in stock by the way you know blend it up put on the skillet and cook it potatoes are already ready to go down cinnamon flavor or at dinnertime hand me some chicken and potato and green beans you know this is a real good way that I guess you're already ready to go man and makes getting your meals in very easy as you see I've been prepping a lot lately this was helping me tremendously get all my meals in without having to second-guess what I'm about to eat she's ready to go all right so go ahead and fry that if you have it already calmed below the no sticks and a little train on I got my extra pump in my water jug I'm asking about the gold train arms in about 30 minutes to an hour me and little Tony's going to Train since I got some company I'll go ahead and record it for you guys I'll be looking at forearm video maybe tomorrow or two days from now okay don't forget to like my shit comment subscribe and holla back at your boy


  1. Bro .. my issue is sweet potato is spike my sugar and my toes peel open … So question maybe I am not eating it right … how much carbs per meal or how much grams of potato per meal ?? 100g?? 200g??

  2. Just want to thank you man! Ur info on bodybuilding and meal prepping has changed my physique dramatically. U the real one

  3. I like that cabinet basket. Nice

  4. Why u gotta be so fucking ghetto

  5. Sigh, once again, just more yams.

  6. Why not Cook it? Why take them in the owen

  7. Fucking awesome way to direct lol

  8. Chris, I’ve been subscribed to you for years and in April of 2019 I finally decided to change my life around for a healthier living. On my diet, my coach put down sweet potatoes to eat. I remembered this video from years ago. It’s been easy, so thank you. Time to get hoe ready.

  9. Thanks, good tips for a beginner

  10. While prepping I caught myself out loud saying " BAM….BAM ….SCOOT OVER….BAM"

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  14. Just did this yesterday thanks to your video. Best thing is that it made it much easier to get to the potatoes by eliminating all that peeling afterwards. Saved time, and yes that cinnamon did indeed set those sweet potatoes the fuck off! 🤣

  15. Fucking legend💪🏿

  16. Brother those are yamsThat’s why they’re not naturally sweet

  17. Am I trippin or is that a gold fork🤔

  18. Thank you so much i just had my first sweet poptato and i used this recipe 🔥🔥🔥👊🏿

  19. Brahhhhh this shit was helpful as hell I don’t eat sweet potatoes and I’m from the south which is crazy but I damn sure bought it to help with meal prepping thanks Chris!!!!!

  20. 😦 I made sweet potatoes in the oven one day and it took FOREVER to for the potatoes to get soft. I put my oven on 350 and you put yours on 450 so now I know what I did wrong 🤦🏾‍♀️ my temperature was too low

  21. This is brilliant

  22. 😂😂😂 this was a hilarious way to learn how to cook some simple shit😂 … thanks I’m going to go try this now…

  23. Thanks bro I over think the simple shit 🤷🏽‍♂️

  24. U are a fucking comedian

  25. I cook from the soul 😎


  27. Is he gay..

  28. Sweet potatoes are amazing. Great video

  29. Not a hater, just big on hygiene…try not touching your nose just before you start cooking, at least not on camera Chris!

  30. thank you nigga chef

  31. world's best carb

  32. looks bomb

  33. What's the name of the track at the end of the video

  34. Just boil them no need to use oil.

  35. Certified Fool….hahaha

    Good on the Cinnamon Homie

  36. Those 😌muscles tho!!!! 💪🙌🔥🦁

  37. It is a shame that the language is not suitable for family viewing.

  38. His eye balls look like he live next to the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant on the Simpsons…. Anyone accuse you of 'roids just say you on nukes

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  40. I just made your recipe, delicious.

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