How to make… One Pan Pasta!

I want to introduce you to a pastor that could possibly change your life it is the easiest pasta recipe you will ever come across inspired by the great martha stewart it only takes a few ingredients and it's all done in one pot this is my one pot pasta with tomatoes basil all those brilliant classic Italian flavors so it starts off with a little bit of chopping I've got some Tomatoes which are already sliced I'm going to slice up my garlic nice and thin and the beautiful thing about this recipe is that it all takes place in one pot so once you have all your ingredients ready to go it's going to cook pretty quickly so we've got garlic we've got a little bit of chili you don't have to add the chili if you don't want to but I think it adds a nice punch and heat in a pasta sauce just like this the trick with this pasta because it cooks so quickly is to make sure that you have nice thin slices on your garlic on your shitty and on your onion it just means that it's going to cook together quite quickly quite fast but you're also not going to get any of that Ralph's name on any of those ingredients so just nice thin slices on your chili and then finally that onion just take the tops and the ends off your onion and then just finely slice on the vertical you should be left with wafer thin slices of onion that is gonna cook down and add so much richness to the sauce I have to admit that I was quite skeptical when I first came across this recipe but it really works having tried and having tested it it just comes together as something really luscious creamy and satisfying and essentially you get all those Italian flavors in one pot with very little effort we are in business we have the onion we have the garlic and we have the chilli and now it's all about an assembly job I have a pan that's large and high-sided and I'm going straight in there with some pasta we're going to start off with onions in one corner of the pan stick in that chili and the garlic get in those Tomatoes I'm using cherry tomatoes here and if you can get a mixture of colors all the better but any tomatoes will do here you just want something that's gonna break down quickly so if you have larger Tomatoes just chop them up a little finer and then for that truly authentic Italian taste you have got to go in there with basil I'm going to use about half this bunch in the sauce at the start and then I'm going to decorate it with some more at the very end so just tear off some of those leaves and then scatter them in and around this lovely looking pan a good drizzle of olive oil going in here you just want a few cloves season it up with some salt and some pepper there is something very satisfying about a dish that looks this good before you've even started cooking now that we've got all that it's time to get in there with our liquid you can use chicken stock here if you want to but just regular water will do let's pour that straight the way over and now that's pretty much it that's all you've got to do stick on the heat this is going to cook it for about ten minutes you need to continuously stir and just keep an eye on it to make sure everything breaks down it cooks out you get left is pouring into pasta sauce this is now starting to come together it's come to the boil and you just need to use your tongues and what should about the place and what will happen is that pass will swell up it'll take on a little bit of the liquid the tomatoes mush down you've got all the flavor of the onion and basically what you'll be left with is a silky smooth pass a sauce which is just ever the only piece of advice I will give you while making this is keep your eye on it and use that tongues just to make sure that everything cooks through I mean it's only gonna cook for ten minutes so you do need to keep an eye on us this is exactly what you're after that silky sauce that perfectly cooked pasta and now to finish it off I'm just gonna grate some pecorino cheese over the top the trick here is to grate the pecorino and give it a last stir and it actually helps to bring the sauce together with that bit of cream cheese running through it I should do it give it a last good stir through and don't forget some of that fresh battle just carry in those leaves that last little kiss of fresh powder will just make all the difference give it a last little stir and the liquid that's in this pan has come together with the starchiness from the pasta to create a really velvety tomato sauce so this is looking pretty good I'm going to give it one last season with a bit of black pepper and now it's time to serve this is where I get a little bit excited we've only had 10 minutes in a pan and you get left with the most creamy and luscious looking sauce the tomatoes are broken down the sweetness is just going to add so much this sauce so now all that's left to do is to dive in and try so this is why this is so amazing in very short amount of time you have a perfect plate of pasta it is creamy it's delicious it has all the flavors of Italy in one bite Italians please look away because this is probably not the classic way to cook this but it is so so good if you want the recipe you can check it out in the box below over on my website make sure to subscribe to this channel for lots more delicious pasta recipes like this video share with your friends and of course leave me a comment in the box below letting me know if you're gonna try this delicious pasta until then my friends happy pasta making and I'll see you soon you


  1. This is just the best video. Seasoning? Who needs it! Add some cheese and basil instead.

  2. Maybe the pasta for students whole lives in hostel.

  3. For all you haters out there, please understand that until 1990, pasta in Ireland came in a tin can. We're still learning though 😘

    I'm off to Campo di Fiori, Bray now for a nice cuppa!

  4. This is a crime.

  5. Cool Add white wine with the water and you're set

  6. More 20000 dislikes of Italian people 😂

  7. Hate crime against good taste comitted with so much violence.. and fresh basel…

  8. I don't understand why nobody boils water before putting pasta in it

  9. where is the "arrest this man" button?

  10. Stop writing Italian. I'm ukrainian, who barely learned English.

  11. Shall I add some water if it needs to while steering !!!!

  12. Sure isn’t Italian taste,wtf is this man ? Sorry but is looking disgusting,I’m from Italia bye

  13. Put some "svelto" in the pan, so you can wash the pan too 😊

  14. You could also cook some hard boiled eggs in the liquid. You could take them out before the pasta is cooked and make egg sandwiches for tomorrow lunch time.

  15. in Italy a very well known exclamation IS "PORCO DIO"

  16. I tried it and it’s better than any authentic Italian pasta. Sorry Carlo, Santino, Luca, Mario, Luigi and Sophia my friends

  17. Getting the right balance of liquid to pasta seems like everything to me. Did he even mention it?

  18. Donal thank you!

  19. Non si fa così la pasta ignorante prendo il primo aereo e vengo a casa tua e ti faccio vedere io

  20. C'mon you guys,it's food,it doesn't always have to be authentic, if no one ever experiments with food then we're all always gonna eat the same old food.

  21. Porco dio

  22. Uaglió la prossima volta vengo li dove stai te, ti picchio e poi per scusarmi ti faccio una bella pasta fatta come dio comanda, eccheccazzo

  23. You are a disgrace to Italian food and to the whole world of cuisine

  24. Non capiscono proprio un ca**o

  25. in italy we call this "bestia di satana

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