How To Make healthy meals taste great! – Sofrito Recipe

hey guys I know I've been promising you this video for the longest time I've been teasing it in my snapchat and Instagram stories and pretty much everywhere so I needed it because I ran out of it I figured I would run through it really quickly make this a fun few small short video for you guys and show you how to make it so pretty much what we're making today is called so three stones and if you're less or Hispanic you probably already know what this is but for those of you guys don't know I'm going to go ahead and describe it so so if you guys like a Latin seasoning made out of fresh herbs and vegetables and if you can find it in a lot of like Porto Rican dishes I'm Brazilian and Panamanian so it's very common in Panama to use it as well so my mom and pop mold is recipe so I can't take all the credit for it and I'm by no means claiming that this is the most authentic sofrito in the world or anything this is just how I make it how my mom taught me to make it using ingredients that I find at my local thrift store there's a lot of ways you can make this with way fancier ingredients that I would have to go to like a million different grocery stores to get everything I need and I'm not about their life I'm about to making everything as simple and easy for myself as possible to make eating healthy fun and enjoyable so that's just how I do it I thought I'd give you a little disclaimer so my so my fellow Hispanics out there don't come now for not making it the most authentic possible way but this is how I make it so I showed you guys in the beginning the ingredients so I chopped everything down peeled everything and I have everything in little containers to make this easy and simple to show you guys for me so I'm using a blender like a bullet blender you can use a regular blender and I know a lot of people like to use a food processor because it doesn't liquefy the still pretty so all the way some people like it with a little texture little substance I don't I like it to be a paste that is practically undetectable in my new office every single employer and nobody really knows what's going on I guess we hide it in their stuff this is how I take it we start with a ton of onions so I have every kind of onions so I'm going to top Lilly just talking everything into this little bitter cup we're gonna love it so I'm adding in the onions trying not to make a mess here now I kind of like to layer it so it's not too much one minute at one side the winners of the work apart so kind of garlic little regular garlic I like to buy appealed you can peel it yourself it's a little bit more coating my way but again I like to make things as simple and easy as possible for across campus there's no need to do extra work then I'm going to add a little red bell pepper and some can have whole bunch of cilantro how will it sometimes so now the cup is full so I'm going to close actually I'm a little olive oil like survival markets olive oil a little bit now not everybody as olive oil Hazaras I like to do it because it makes it easier on my blender to blend it up and I like olive oil in most of my dishes so I don't mind having that olive wood flavor and everything I need sometimes stuff you don't have to do the although you probably do water if you really need it or you might be able to just brute processor or one day without any liquid so that's up to you shake it up a little bit and start blending not a perfect science I just you know keep adding ingredients and keep one day on so it's one pace I'm going to add a couple of these little pearl onions I like to add lots of different types of onions for different flavors and then I'm going to do a little more cilantro a little bit more red pepper use some more garlic you can already smell it feels really good you shake it up a little bit more oh can you see well it's just a piece of fresh herbs like this smells so good I'm going to add all these green onions learn a little more cilantro and I don't measure I don't measure anything you guys' just just eyeball it so there's no specific measurements just a ton of onions a ton of garlic and some peppers and cilantro how I describe it anyway one there we go I feel like this is filling up so I'm just going to add the rest of the cilantro try to pack it all in there they're going something again I was sleepy just a little my blender might explode but you know forth alright one lap blend not that so as you can see I sawed up some ingredients are are totally cool molecules it's like I said it's not a perfect science you just can't throw everything in the blender and ones not post the best so that is what we have it's just like a green paste that's how I like it again you can use a food processor if you want it to be more chunky this is how I like it and I'm going to show you how I pack this so it lasts me really tight so now I'm going to show you guys how I package this up so I can use it in various meals that I make throughout the week so what I do first is I get little ice trays whatever you have on here and define you can even just put it in the jar a lot of people put in the jars and keep it in the fridge I like to freeze them so they last a long time and I can just use them in individual amounts whenever I need done in my meal so I have these bigger ice cube trays and I use these like if I'm making a meal that's for like two or more people and then I have these tiny ones that I use for whenever I'm leaking like individual meals for myself just a little quick something to eat and so those are for individual meals ok so what I'm going to do is you cannot dump all of this inside other ziplock bag try to leave the corners on I try to get almost all of it in the values of ham without making a 9-month not likely I just find that this is the easiest way for me to distribute it amongst the ice cube trays without reaching a JMS so I'm just going to miss one of the corners of Blues o'clock bag and then kind of hold it and start pouring it into the ice cube shape so that's pretty much it that's all I have of the mixtures to make so I'll pop these two in the freezer I'll allow them to freeze overnight and then the morning I'll pop them all out into a ziplock bag and whenever I'm going to cook a meal then use a little flavor you know spice it up a little bit I add one of these or if I'm making like a big batch for two or more people then I'll add a couple of these bigger ice cubes and then I have a little bit left over here Otto's use recipes to prep some meals for the week


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  9. Hi my name is April Raines and I Love your channel. You inspire me to want a better healthier lifestyle. I Love your videos and even tried joining your members only program online. I was very excited to get started but unfortunately you are having technical difficulties on your website. I've called trying to get it resolved but to no avail. It will be day 5 tomorrow since I purchased it but still I'm unable to access it. I was offered a refund but I really just want to join the program. Can you please have it fixed right away so that I can start enjoying your program. Thanks Lais. All your videos are amazing. Hope to start your program soon. 🙂

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