How To Make Healthy Food Not Suck!

unfortunately healthy food is just less delicious than unhealthy food but we have some ideas on how to make your healthy food not suck we are grab life by the Bulls I'm Chris bowl and I'm anne-marie bull and today we are gonna share our favorite hacks on how to make healthy food not tastes like hot garbage because everyone knows it's just not as good as unhealthy food do you know people would be healthy if you know like pizza got you fit or burgers traditional pizza and burgers right like yeah the really good kind yeah yeah or like brownies or cookies you know like of course that food is delicious no one really truly likes broccoli over pizza true and when's the last time you sat down to an unseasoned bowl of steamed broccoli and didn't want to just cry and possibly think it's the worst we're just like baking chicken with nothing else oh my gosh has to be like the worst food on earth don't do this to yourselves guys okay it doesn't have to be that hard that's true that's true and furthermore we are personally tired of the general fitness community hacks like pouring salsa on everything or covering things in hot sauce or mustard like yeah they're all fine in their own way but not everything should be doused in those three particulars sure of it if your vegetables just tastes like you're eating crunchy hot sauce I mean that kind of gets a little back for a while right there's like we don't want used to do it I promise true adding flavor is really really important because a lot of healthy foods don't have necessarily as much flavor going on as other foods that have fat to help the flavor along sugar to help the flavor along a lot of these things are kind of bland by nature so by bringing out their flavor or using seasonings and creative ways to add lots of taste but not an awful lot of calories is a huge part of being resourceful in your nutritional approach yes so we went to the store and picked out some of our favorite seasonings urban spices that we put on our food all the time yes your staples yeah we always have these in our house and they're just ways to again add flavor with not a lot of calories and change up the flavors of your food so you're not eating the same boring ass healthy thing every single day because yeah what is life sure your food isn't tasty the two things that go in our food almost all the time because it's the two easiest and everything you don't wanna sit back that the two most delicious things onion salt and garlic powder yes a lot of times you don't even notice that they're there they just give a lot of depth of flavor to almost everything yeah we lean on these really heavily and don't be freaked out by salt you guys like if you get a lot of exercise and you drink plenty of water and you don't have any pre-existing health conditions chill out about the salt salt is leave China promise you eat the salt he's your boring chicken and fat free turkey will thank you it's a necessary element here yes so you don't have to know anything about cooking and just add those with your eyes closed and your foods gonna taste better already yes that's true it just sprinkle away just sprinkle away another thing that we like to add with those two chipotle chili yes this makes meat taste so good yeah it's like kind of smoky and it's a little almost barbecuey flavor it's really really delicious a little bit spicy not too bad and there are five calories in here per serving yeah it's gonna do nothing to your madness don't worry so much about the seasonings that you're sprinkling on your food it's not a huge deal another one that we like is Trader Joe's 21 seasonings salute so this is just like a lot of different herbs and spices mixed together onion black pepper celery seed cayenne parsley basil like you name it it's in here 21 things around bore you to death someone more creative than us put this together and again all you have to do is close your eyes and sprinkle it on food and your food then taste good so it is and don't neglect your vegetables by the way obviously meat needs a lot of seasoning takes a lot of seasoning but it's really nice to kind of change up your flavor profiles on your veggies my personal favorite actually is this one which is a vegetable game-changer which really is oh my gosh you guys umami seasoning the multi-purpose umami seasoning blend from mushroom company you can get at Trader Joe's we can't have enough of this in our houses go through to pasture this is the best three dollars or whatever that you can spend on a seasoning blend it is so good actually a quick note don't put any of these on after you're done cooking okay except side note everything but the bagel seasoning oh yes do that do that everything else cook with the Swift seasoning don't be that person that sprinkles paprika at the end when you're done that's not how it's supposed to be that's not right chopped and iron chef's have taught you anything don't do that no Ross seasonings no raw spices you big dummies no this back to our everything seasoning this is crack oh my gosh it's so good don't spend $20 for avocado toast wherever you are just get an avocado put it on your own damn toast and sprinkle this on top it's better than wherever you're going it's so good and it actually adds a lot to a lot of different things it's not so specific you can tell what it is and it's a really nice nod to like everybody else smoked through the class yeah mmm it's so good it's really good sprinkled on a salad like toss a little bit like he said on off econo toast or you know over zucchini noodles or whatever it's so good it's a really nice way to finish what you're eating with a little extra flavor yeah delicious sterling goes a long way and this one is a new one for us there's a huge amount of spice rubs and spice blooms like we just addressed a few of our favorites but this one is a Memphis inspired barbecue rub like seasoning rub it's from Ralph's or Kroger whatever you have in your area but a lot of these are not super sugar heavy if you care about that we eat a lot of carbs in our house so we're not quite as worried but for those of you who are considering things like that a lot of these have a ton of flavor and not a lot of sugar so dry rubs seasoning blends all these different kind of things like grilling spices add a lot to meat and who's to say you can't use them on veggies too so if you like it yeah sprinkle it this is a tangy sweet and spicy and actually it goes through those flavors in that order when you put in your mouth it's like wild and there and there are calories for a small surface versatile so if you sprinkle on a lot it'll add a few calories but not a huge deal definitely not like dousing your food in a yeah calorie Laden barbecue sauce hmm so a couple extra things that we really like these you can get these at Trader Joe's but you can get them at the regular store too sometimes they're frozen or they're in these little squeeze tubes but this is just ginger paste yeah literally just ginger and if you've ever like skinned and chopped or smash so annoying and so unnecessary because this is so much faster than just as good no more time how does it go just squeeze it out of the tube it's so much easier it's such so much less of a pain and coconut aminos this is like soy sauce yeah they are flavorful and delicious it contains 13 amino acids sy and it's just really tasty and salty and like again kind of like a depth of flavor sort of a thing so now little goes a long way 20 calories per tablespoon there's a little bit of sugar in here but so minimal and the last thing that we use all the time is vinegar so vinegars there are so many different kinds and flavors yes we have get Oh half you we'll use a Marathi is that yes we do use them a lot I really like this organic pomegranate vinegar balsamic actually course rice vinegar these all have different applications you can kind of play around with the uses for these products but you know zero calories 10 calories 5 calories it's not a lot of extra caloric and there's a ton of flavor in these so they pack a ton of flavor for like not a ton of calories yes unlike oils so I think what a lot of people do is they put ton of olive oil all over their veggies when they cook it and they don't realize how many calories actually go into that so it does add up really really fast balsamic vinegar is great and I know that everyone loves to combine this with olive oil but then it becomes calorie dense and that is not the idea that is true and one strategy that we really like because we've been mentioning all of these low-calorie ways to season your food is that if you do have room for fat macros in your life you can add them as a flavoring so like a specific flavoring yeah drizzle a little olive oil on your salad delicious or you know put a little bit of butter on your veggies or avocado on whatever doesn't matter it's just way to use the fat as flavor so that it really counts and you're not just like pouring olive oil on your veggies and you can't even taste it and it's done add flavor to your food flavor is magic that's what makes a healthy food palatable because it doesn't bring us quite as much to the table there aren't vehicles to carry flavor in the same way that fattier sugary are more tasty more tastier foods more tastier science foods can do for you so add a lot of flavor where you can with as few calories as possible and I promise you you're healthier lifestyle will get so much easier it's true I hope you guys like this video if you guys do give it a thumbs up make sure to hit that subscribe button we'll see you guys next time thanks for watching guys bye yes what ways to seasoning that's not words

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