How to make face masks to support healthcare workers


  1. amazing video my guy

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  3. Solid work my friend 💪

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  5. Ook vertaling is super. Nogmaals dank.

  6. Finally something with some practical use in these difficult times. Much appreciated.

  7. What a great idea! Hope it spreads… maybe that wasn't the best choice of phrases!

  8. Ah you lovely person! Thank you for doing this! ❤️

  9. Thanks! Very good instructions.

  10. Absolutely fab! Sharing among my crafty chums.

  11. Love it.

  12. This is great. Thank you for doing this!

  13. Great instructions. Mahalo for producing this video. So helpul! : )

  14. great🍀❤️👍

  15. Thank you for using your awesome skills, to make things a little easier for people.

  16. Here in Italy many tutorials suggest to put a sheet of baking paper between the two fabrics and then disinfect them at the end of the evening with 96% alcohol.

  17. Thank you so much for the video. Can someone give me the dimensions of the small and kids mask I have no printer so I need to draw out a pattern

  18. Ellen this is brilliant and a great contribution. If I were a fortnight younger, I'd marry you (ha ha ha ha) Stay safe 🙂

  19. Thank you Ellen for your valuable contribution to try to overcome this crisis.

  20. So much love for this. Thank you!

  21. The instructions are not in English when I try to print

  22. Thanks for posting this. I plan to do my part

  23. I'm going to make some of these! Thanks, Ellen!

  24. Keep up the awesome work Ellen!

  25. This is the best YouTube tutorial I've ever seen. So concise! Beautifully executed. Many thanks!!

  26. Please ENGLISH pattern. Thank you!

  27. If they are only meant to protect other being infected from you who are these being used by in hospitals ?

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