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hey friends and welcome back today we're going to be talking about what goes into a well-rounded workout plan so super important here to remember some of these things if you are creating your own workouts rather than using some type of plan like my get fit guide or my app plans or things like that because you know you want to make progress and you want to work towards your goals but there are some things that are important to remember when putting your week together and you know your month and whatever all right and we're gonna go over them so first things first you need to make sure that your plan works your entire body not every single day of course but you need to make sure within your week or your cycle or whatever it works your whole body just because your goal is mainly focused on your abs or mainly focused on your glutes or you know just fat loss doesn't mean that you just do that one type of workout every single day that's not gonna get you where you want to go I promise I promise a thousand crunches a day will not give you abs and a thousand you know kickbacks a day with a band will not help you grow your glutes so what we need to remember is we want our plan to be well-rounded no matter what our goal is and then we can tailor it towards our goals so what is a well-rounded plan so one did plan includes total body days cardio days upper body days and lower body type days so you want to hit all over your body you want to make sure that you're working all of your muscles creating functional training which means that you are training everything to work and work in a functional and balanced manner so if you are only only only hitting your back and your glutes that is not functional that's going to cause lots of imbalances so we want to make sure that we're training our entire body within our workout plan not just hitting one muscle repeatedly because that's what we really really really have a focused goal for so remember you want to work your whole body within your week or whatever that cycle is week is generally a good one so for me that means lower body upper body I do to total body workouts and to interval training cardio days so that's a lot of what you're gonna find in most of my plans just varying on you know what the main goal is if it's a body weight or if it's weighted things like that but yeah you just really want to make sure you're getting a well-rounded hitting all over your body working everything type plan and then of course you can tailor it to yourself if you're someone who's really really wanting to focusing focus on your lower body you can have two leg days instead of two total body days or something like that but still having that overall full body work throughout the week all right something else is important to remember is you want to have a combination of cardio and strength now the type of strength training and the type of cardio that you're doing are again gonna be different for each person so if someone is training for a marathon or you know whatever on they're also just they're working that into their you know fitness plan their cardio is gonna be a little bit different than say for myself who's training for general health and fitness and wellness I like intervals they keep me engaged they keep me entertained they're very effective they are time efficient which are things that are important to me so a lot of things go into the type of cardio or the type of strength training that you're doing and so again you can tailor the tailor that tweet to yourself I'm struggling here a little bit but you do want to make sure that you have both of those in there and again you're gonna adjust a little bit if your goal is more fat loss then you may have three interval cardio days rather than and then three strength training days rather than four shrinks to 80 days and two cardio days but it's just gonna depend on you it's gonna depend on your personal goals and things like that and when I say strength training I mean you mean you can have bands dumbbells you can go to the gym and use barbells it's gonna vary on what you enjoy what you like what fits best into your life but you do want a combination of the two one thing that I will add and touch on for cardio is I personally don't recommend a lot of you know consistent just steady slow easy cardio throughout the week um it's not super effective it's super time-consuming and they're just I think in my opinion better ways to go about it and get more out of it so we'll say that and then we'll move on to other things I think are often very very overlooked in a well-rounded training plan our recovery and flexibility so I know it's easy to II think to get caught up in you know what I'm going for the school I'm going all in I'm going ham I'm going seven days a week ah and then we burn out and we get tired of it because our body's not getting any rest so I always recommend having at least one rest day a week if you're a beginner I recommend starting with two to three and then building up as you get stronger too you know limiting it to you know from two to three to two to one and you know breaking it down from there but recovery is something that's super important and that can even include things like foam rolling getting enough sleep getting enough nutrients in your meals so things like your proteins your carbs your fats making sure you're getting enough of those things to fuel your body so that it can recover properly after a workout super important and often not thought about so not that about in the context of working out so remember that recovery is a big part of your overall workout plans so giving your body a rest when it needs it is very very important and then flexibility I put with that so making sure that you spend a few minutes of course warming up and getting mobile and ready and warm for your workout super important your workout will be better I promise you and then you know stretching and cooling down afterwards both of these are transition periods from normal life where were you know mostly sitting or casually walking around to in a more intense period so the warm-up you're transitioning in and the cooldown you're transitioning out and back it's normal life so give yourself those 5-10 minutes to do those things it's so important for taking care of yourself pre and post-workout and then like I said before of course you can tailor this kind of format to your specific goals so yes we want a well-rounded plan with all of these things included but maybe you don't care so much about targeting your back you're happy with it or your upper body in general you think it looks pretty great but you aren't quite happy with your glutes right now so that's really what you're wanting to work on I mean you can do all kinds of things to tweak and like change a plan up a little bit like I said before you can take whatever your main focus is and you can throw in two of those days a week so say like I said gluts is your focus here you could do a schedule of lower body glute targeted you can do upper body and then you can do a lower body again if you want to then you can throw your hit day in then total body then another hit day so you can kind of tweak and things and change them around so if your upper body was your goal you could throw into upper body days and break it up to you know maybe chest and back or shoulders biceps triceps things like that just you know kind of tailoring it and making it work for you is super key um but again getting your goals a lot of times is really not I know a lot of us don't always have a very one specific goal and then there's ways if you have a plan say you follow my app plan which is a well rounded plan I promise you can make sure that you're pushing yourself on lower body days you can make sure that you're getting in both of the glute circuits that I add in on lower body and total body day after your workout they're quick but I promise they make a difference when you get them in consistently every week so there's little things that you can do to kind of tweak and tailor and make a well-rounded plan work towards a specific goal rather than being general so super quick I don't know that might actually not be that quick but it went by quickly for me these are just some things to consider if you're making your own workout plan and putting it throughout the week and just to keep in mind so that you're not you know falling into the rut of I'm gonna do a thousand crunches a day because that's gonna get me abs because I promise it's not you need a well-rounded plan it also has AB work in it but AB work is not the be-all end-all for getting abs so I hope this was helpful I hope you enjoyed it please remember to Like and subscribe and all those wonderful things that helped me to keep bringing you videos and yeah let me know below you'd like to see next because I'd love love suggestions from you and I'll see you next time


  1. Niki how do you determine the length of time for your intervals?

  2. Do you use a workout plan or create your own?

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