How to make a healthy food for dad

hello it's kids yada laughter and I want to tell you why it already made for my dad you know that peas are one thing proteins so proteins are very LZ and I made sure you've done ignore about this so this is the great sandwich there's the banana sandwich death the Apple sandwich and it's just a decoration and put the crumbs from the under but anyway subscribe to my channel and click the like button so I want to tell you that my dad have been exercising all day and I want to give them a food it's a Buddha is very healthy in that it's a protein banana great apples I know they're very healthy except for that by just putting a little sugar bend to make a seat this is a very kind of short video but it may take a little bit minutes or so so my dad have been learning everything about active school in my school the active school is when you do a lot of exercise and sport meaning to say if you'll got an active flag for being active so I try to be active every day and I eat my apples I don't think that if my opposites go but never mind you can comment down below of what I like the mode of fruits but I won't tell you in this video so yeah but I'll tell you how I make them you may know on the breath that these two were cut it in half meaning to say you put bananas here and apple tears it's just simple and you cut them further grave it had to be on itself in a normal bread to itself for G I told you already I put the crumbs here and a little bit of sugar from here okay then next you can probably put in a little bit of salt just a little pinch of salt to them it will make it out saltier sweeter and healthy and your for protein but anyway and you put in a very big plate if you got ease these are tall which feet are called 10 search your goal because to be honest or so hope you enjoy my video and yeah us again subscribe to my channel click the like button and hit the bell to know when I make another video bye

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