How to Lose Fat With a Strength Endurance Workout Routine

hi ladies I'm Holly del Rosso with the defined series for LIVESTRONG woman today I'm gonna teach you guys how to lose weight with a strength endurance workout routine so strength endurance is the best way to lose weight reps of 12 to 15 and I'm gonna show you a bunch of exercises to get you long and lean let's go for the first exercise you guys can grab a pair of five pounds a pound on bail you're gonna have one hand on your hip you're just gonna lunge forward and we're gonna do a lateral raise so you're bringing your right arm up as high as you can hold and come down core is engaged back is flat you're squeezing your shoulder up raise hold and come down pause at the top for just a brief second nice job guys you want to do this for three sets of 12 reps make sure you do it on each side and repeat this three times a week for the best results the next exercise we're gonna do for strength and endurance is side lunge to twist so we're gonna start with our right foot you always want to make sure that your knees not going too much over your toe this way you want to make sure it's right in front make sure that front foot is straight you're gonna go out to the side weight in front of you twist and come back to Center switching sides out to the side twist and come back to Center nice job guys so this is working your core working glute medius which is the side of your hip that area that we all want to look good also working your glutes and your core stay consistent guys I know these are tough if it's too hard with the weight you could try it without the weight you want to do these for three sets of a total of 20 reps so that's 10 on each leg good job guys keep watching my videos and thank you so much for staying healthy you


  1. Check out joanna soh and fitnessblender to get a more complete workout with cardio component…

  2. Dear Holly, you do not lose fat with an endurance-based resistance training program. You do it by encouraging a STRENGTH training program. Let cardiovascular training be the endurance component of the equation.

  3. You got some good variety of exercises.. Thanks for sharing…

  4. Nice

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