How To Lose Arm Fat

hey guys I'm Rebecca Louise and today on X here we are gonna be pumping our guns yes we are we're gonna be working our shoulders we're gonna be working our biceps and we're gonna be working our triceps yeah grab those weights and let's get going start off with working our shoulders so I want your hands on your weight your thumbs are gonna be facing forwards and we're just getting lift out to the side okay into a V so our shoulders are gonna be level with our arms okay so just straight out okay we're gonna have 15 of these now give me a slight bend in your knee as well so we're not over flexing our legs and just get comfortable squeeze those ABS as well be nice and central in the core and then just bring those weights up to the side now I'm using three pound weights here so you can test out what you need to use you don't want to go too heavy okay keep that back nice and straight as well okay number ten you just got five to go you should be feeling in those shoulders can you feel it awesome okay let's keep it going if she can feel it you can't feel it you need to use higher weights okay keep it going two more and your last one lift it up okay just slow take those shoulders we're gonna stay with working out our shoulders we're gonna have our arms out of here like this bend again in the knee and we're just going to push up fifteen okay now most of these exercises we're gonna do 15 reps okay okay keep it going keep that back nice and straight pull that tummy in and just bring your arms up and down can you feel it in your shoulders I can feel it in mine already can you feel the burn yes she can we're gonna get really nice turned up shoulders biceps and triceps today and exhale okay come on five for great job everyone three two and your last one of these push-ups bring it down okay I'm gonna stick with my three pound weights we're gonna be working our triceps here okay so just want you to come down your weights are gonna be where your hips are and we're just gonna extend back out okay we're gonna do both arms at the same time so 15 of these you're holding your weights like you did when you did that first V okay so same thing thumbs facing forward and extend back nice lower bending the knees this time okay come on keep it going that's it feel those triceps working you can do it keep working hard even if you don't have weights at home you could always use pin pans of food you can either just even give you got like sandbags you can make those they're really easy and cheap to make just hold those in your hand okay give me a few more in fact you're just gonna give me two more and your last one okay now I'm gonna put my three pound weights down I'm gonna change up and grab my 10-pound weights if you've got something heavy at home you're gonna need this I'm gonna hold the weight like this above my head and I'm just gonna drop the weight down above my head okay so we can have 15 of these as you can see it's not a massive movement I'm just moving the weight behind my head I want to keep my back nice and straight again if you wanna put a slight bend in the knee you can great job everyone you're gonna feel those triceps burning keep it going come on you can do it you've got to put in the effort to get those strong arms and breathe make sure you're inhaling and exhaling you've already worked out those shoulders were working those triceps muscles okay so often we call them bingo wings we call them in England anyway okay give me a few more of these two more last one bring it up make sure you finish it and bring that weight back down okay I'm gonna pick up my three pound weights we're gonna hold those weights like we did earlier with our thumbs facing forward we're going to bring it up and then we're gonna turn our pumps out and take it out to the side so we've got 20 of these and this counts as one okay let's keep it going now nice little bend in those knees again get yourself comfortable and we're working out those bicep muscles okay so all the tire we're swapping up doing the shoulders doing the tricep doing the bicep you got to finish this whole workout video so you get that full body buff pull upper body torso okay so I'm just going to show you out to the side here so bring it up and then out great job everybody you got to keep it going when I make sure we do all 20 of these bring it out to the side now follow with those thumbs bring it out oh can you throw those biceps working I can I can definitely feel it keep it going last one bring it up and out to the side okay we need to drop one weight down still gonna be working those bicep muscles and I just want to you palms facing each other and we're just gonna do slight bend in that knee again and bring that weight up to the chest we're going to do 10 on each side now before we did that exercise you're already your muscles are already burning can you already see them pumping so let Howard take a look at your bicep see if it's working that's it keep your elbow quite close to your waist just keep checking your technique make sure you're doing it right give me one more on this side and let's switch straight over to the other side so palms facing down facing each other and up we go come on check out that bicep guys you're looking awesome that's it squeeze that tummy – when I keep center keep our core strength tight and squeeze use that bicep muscle up we go now we're gonna go back onto our shoulders next okay so one more round of working those shoulders triceps and our bicep muscles give me one more then dad I have a feeling we've been in punch yes be up pick up both your weights we're gonna need them again we'll be working out our shoulders straightening your mat if you need to maybe come down we're going to do 15 reverse flies okay so all the way down chest out I'm ringing those weights out get nice and low if you can hold that chest up and just bring it up out to the side now you want to be careful that we don't use the momentum of our arms to bring ourselves up so if the weights are getting too heavy just drop them down and just do the same motion with your arms great job everyone how you feeling can you feel that upper body working we're gonna get nice and tone and sexy for summer okay give me five more of these five four gone squeeze three it's getting hard – and your last one whoo okay still gonna need two weights still working out those shoulders we're gonna come up so one arm is going to go right in front of us the other is to the sides are gonna make right angles okay so we've got 20 keep it going that's it really concentrate thinking about using your arm muscles to bring you up not the momentum I just think we're gonna have like super sexy arm muscles super sexy back if we keep doing this we're gonna be ready for summer and this exercise isn't just for girls lots of you saying that work hours you know is it just for girls you guys use it too yes guys can definitely use it too you might just need to use more of a weight or you can just keep trying out different variations of weight see where you guys fit and sing keep it going and breathe he just got a few more to go – that's it give me one more and let's put those weights down you don't need them anymore we're gonna go back to working our triceps we're gonna do dips so bring yourself up put those arms underneath your shoulders and we're gonna do 15 up and down making sure that booty doesn't touch the ground that's it really as you get to the top make sure those arms are straight sit down as low as you can go whoo that's it breathing guys make sure you breathe in working those triceps muscles excellent job keep up the good work I want you working all the way to the end of this workout you've got to because you're going to get yourself even you're gonna do triceps push-ups and shoulders next one still working those triceps when we do push-ups I want you to keep your hands close to your case and not a wide push-up we're gonna be working our triceps so up and down you can either go onto your toes or come on to your knees don't go straight onto your knees you just need to come in front of it we don't gonna be leaning on those kneecaps that's it and make sure you keep those elbows close to your waist okay come on guys keep it going if I can do it you can do it keep pushing and just work it work it out right through the pain five more five four three excellent job soon they give me one more all the way down and up you come good job okay jump back up again and as you do come up bring your weights cause we've been working our biceps for the last time so arms a pump pump pump look through buns palms will be facing towards you we're gonna come up and then bring it down to working our biceps who are also working those forearms as well I don't need to bring it all the way up just see that you make a right angle with your arm and your forearm great job everyone how you feeling can you feel your body working I can feel mine take a look at those biceps totally working yes they are come on keep it going you've got one more exercise to do after this yes have a look at your biceps right now as you come up can you see your muscles pumping can you see them working yes I want you to take a look at them see the action that you're doing whoo come on you've got five more to go five four cool you beat it three two that's it give me one more and down okay your last exercise when you just go five of these but we do it nice and slow so your palms facing forwards you're gonna come up all the way and really super slowly gonna come all the way down okay so again you can really see those biceps working very motivational when you can see your muscles bulging out of your shirt come on keep it going nice and slow come on keep it going nice and slow don't go too quickly hold it hold it hold it okay three more let's go be down for ten nine eight seven six five four three two one excellent job back up again when you're do it for another two okay nice and slowly keep that back nice and straight like bending the knees if you need how you feeling I'm feeling good after this workout give me one more of this and you're not feeling good you need a burn harder you know push yourself maybe try some heavier weights that's it keep it going for a 5 4 3 2 1 oh and roll that it's weights away you are done yes you are exit is over with you for today but if you want to keep on working out then maybe you should work on your appstate maybe your legs check out the playlist that X hit has got even what booty workouts about everything for you and maybe there isn't a workout that's out there already then you should leave to comment under this video and tell us what you guys want subscribe to the channel it is free any questions you can contact me on Twitter at the little pilot on Facebook Rebecca Louise Fitz thanks for working out with me today and keep those muscles burning what


  1. Does it make you stronger?

  2. Legend says my homework is still incomplete

  3. So, I've been doing this workout for about a month now. I did notice a difference in week two but kept at it. What I hadn't noticed was that all the fat from my back was also disappearing. I wore a tank a top and noticed that my arms are toned and the back doesn't have that bulge over my bra straps. Love this workout😍😍😍😍

  4. does this work for boys aswell?

  5. You are so annoying and u don’t even know how to motivate people please quit your job💦

  6. how many pounds should the weight be for a beginner? I have 10 lb weights but I'm thinking that's too heavy for someone who's out of shape LOL

  7. Anyone doing this in 2019? I’ve been doing this workout with the total arm workout video and I can see a difference!

  8. What muscle does 1st exercise burns

  9. I've been doing this 3X a week for 2 months and there is definitely a difference in my arms. (I also lost 28 lbs, that helps lol). I started with 5lb weights and am up to doing almost half of them with 8 lb weights now. I actually find the second exercise the hardest, and once I get past that one I feel like it's easier 🙂 Also, I open up another tab and watch whatever I want with both screens sharing space and it helps the workout fly by. Good luck!

  10. Isn't it when you do SLOW motion exercise the muscle is growing? But what if I have a lot of fat on my hands and I need to loose fat, shouldn't i do exercises faster?

  11. How many calories got burn in this video??

  12. Been doing this for a week now, and I can see that my biceps is growing but my triceps is still fat

  13. "can you feel that muscle burning?"
    Me: hell yeah, also my bones crackin' 😂😂😂

  14. Aye! I'm 15 this is my process journey!!
    I was born with a rare bone disease. Because of my disease my muscles are naturally weak. I had a surgery almost 2 years ago and I'm still not fully healed. I've lost all my strength and I gained lots of pounds because I could physically not walk for two months. My surgeon told me I need my strength if I want these other two surgerys so I started working out! And in so excited to see the results

    Day 1 (May 8th) : I did this with 5 pound weights, it made the workout a bit hard but I pushed through

    Day 2: during the day I was only a tiny bit sore and to be honest I didn't know if I had faith in this workout. But when I worked out again and did this with 5 pound weights I'm already seeing major results!!

    When I tell you this works, it fucking works holy!!

    Day 3:

  15. I don't speak English so… Fue entretenido, pero literalmente no tengo fuerza en los brazos, así que hice todo sin pesas (además no tengo pesas) y fue un poco agotador😅. Pero no me rendiré >:D

  16. Iсh muss das tеilеn!!! In nur 1 Mоnatеn habе iсh gаnz 14kg vеrlоrеn! Ich емpfehle аll мeinеn Mädels Elіxіеr Zdоrov, weil іch еs nіcht мehr ertragen кann anzusehеn, wіе sie siсh zu Tоdе hungern. Mehr Infоrмatіоnеn hier

  17. Is this make a muscles for women?

  18. Been doing this weekly for about 2 months…don’t know if my arms have gotten smaller but I definitely feel like I may be able to hold my own in a fist fight lol 💪🏾💪🏾

  19. Will this widen my shoulders???

  20. Nothing is gonna happen to your body with those gotta go heavy.

  21. I did it two days ago (May 2nd, 2019) and did it today again (May 4th, 2019)… will try to update! I love how short it is and I really trust it's gonna work.

  22. How much weight should use in kilograms? I am not familiar with us measuring system

  23. thanks for a great workout 🙂

  24. Ich мuss das tеilеn!!! In nur 1 Моnаten hаbe iсh ganz 14kg vеrlоren! Iсh емpfеhlе all меinеn Мädels Еlіxiеr Zdorоv, weil ich es nіcht mеhr еrtrаgen kann аnzusehen, wіе siе siсh zu Tode hungеrn. Mehr Inforмatiоnеn hіеr

  25. This definitely works people. I've been doing this consistently three or four a week for the past two months and the definition and contours of my arm muscles are so much more pronounced. And I only use 5lb weights! So imagine what could happen if you use heavier weights. Be patient and it will really pay off.

  26. I mean if we gonna do this everyday can they make it 4 mins or something why the hell is this so long i have to focus on my legs too cardio too belly fat too urgh be thoughtful karen i mean rebecca

  27. I am at 12inches.
    Going to try at least 3-4x a week I’m on
    Day 2. With 10lb weights.
    Today was more difficult then yesterday.

  28. 36 million views, I wonder why🤔🤔🤔🤔

  29. “Throw those weights away(!)”

    **Breaks window

  30. Day two
    I am melting

  31. Day one!!! I plan on doing this video for a few weeks, about 3x a week in conjunction with my cardio and yoga Hope it helps! I have serious bat wings and I’m on my journey of losing 85 pounds, I’m desperate to be healthy and alive for my 3 children and future (waaaaaaaay future) grandkids!

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