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oh my god it's a double rainbow whoo recently I embarked challenged about a week ago I decided that I wanted to see what would happen if I lived off of $1 meals for an entire week so three dollars a day for entire week $21 for the whole week but I didn't want to just cook crap I didn't want to just live off ramen and hotdogs people like oh I've done it before I hate hotdogs I'm white bread no I'm talking I wanted to eat like some of the best food I've ever made in my entire life so I could show you guys how to blow people's freaking minds and be like yeah this meal cost me a buck can you believe it it cost me a buck and that is exactly what I did so I went to the market I really planned everything out I went for the first time and I kind of looked to see what the possibilities I even made a spreadsheet can you believe it I made a spreadsheet I haven't done that since I was a wee wee boy and I'm not a wee wee boy a wee wee nothing is that was getting a little too far so I went to the market got everything I could get and then I just started cooking I had no idea what to expect but was one of the best challenges I've ever done in my entire life I suggest you give it a try I'm going to show you guys everything that I cooked right now I'm going to show you what the process is like I how I found free food how I survived and how I had an amazing time and blew people's minds with the food I was eating so that way I can show you guys how to do the same thing eat cheap eat amazing food love your freakin life have a great time here we go so the first thing I do is I grab some eggs to me they're important if having two eggs a day but I don't get to have much meat that's a nice little breakfast that could be a little snack I mean you get a dozen eggs so it's not quite – two eggs but pretty much two eggs a day then I went to the drive section I know people think that canned foods are cheaper but it's not the case dry is the way to go when you're getting beans I got black beans I got garbanzo beans with your chickpeas and I got these yellow split peas and they were all really cheap the peas were like a dollar oh nine for a whole bag and once you soak them you're getting a lot more so as I can even if the price is the same for a can you're only getting 16 ounces whereas you get a 16 ounce bag of beans when you soak it you're getting a lot more – going to double or triple in size so definitely get that it's a little extra time but all you have to do is soak them and then cook them they'll be delicious a lot of stuff you can do chickpeas are great you can roast some make it croutons I did that let's see what so then I went to produce and the produce was definitely the most important thing but on the way there I passed the meat and the whole time I was assuming it would be it afforded meat but I saw some cheap meat and I ended up going back and getting some chicken thigh which is great it was only like 250 for a little over a pound of chicken side so that'll get me some chicken I don't be vegetarian for we thank the law but the produce is a big thing and I knew potatoes and onions would be cheap so I went to the potato spot and I saw the potatoes they were actually on sale which is like a hollow ya Bing Bing Bing so I got these potatoes five pounds for two dollars I mean is that a frickin steal or what then I had to be a little more strategic I saw the cabbage I started weighing it out I didn't even notice a scale in my market but personnel is really weighing really being aware and paying attention to the exact prices of things so I managed to get the cabbage like a big head bastard for about two dollars which is nice and I have to get little bit even more specific so I solved scallions I wasn't gonna buy scallion but I did want to have some extra flavors kind of delicious and then it hit me I remembered for a dollar I can buy a whole thing of scallions I can keep them in water and they will continue to grow if you just put them in a little bit of water that will keep growing so that's like it's like free food almost but you can't not get that I broke off a little knob of ginger I knew that I couldn't have much ginger but I figured like 30 cents for a little knob is gonna be a nice little treat in case I want a little extra flavor so a bag of carrots for $1 so I had to get them because carrots are delicious and almost everything managed to get a sweet potato just one they were cheap so I got one for like few cents I got a couple of peaches I got two peaches they were each about 30 cents that I wanted to have a little extra sweetness but the banana was the big thing that's six bananas I wanted to have just about one every day but I couldn't find yellow banana so the green bananas now hopefully throughout the day so I'll get one more yellow which that's in theory that's what they do but I can use the green bananas too you can cook with green bananas but bananas are really cheap 39 cents a pound a dist Market bread interestingly enough I will not be eating this week I didn't know this but I assume that bread would be really really cheap and sure you can get like two rolls or so for a dollar but the cheapest bread I saw like for a Wonder bread that dick crappie is Bread of them all which I don't even know how it is bread those two dollars for a whole loaf or and mm sound like that much but when you're working with $21 you got to be really cautious about what you're spending so I saw instead tortillas for 99 cents for whole packet tortillas that is like some straight-up I can fry them and make tortilla chips I can use them for tacos I could put them in think so thick and stuff up I can make a soup so hell yeah I'm going with that also rice I imagine white rice would be the cheapest but I found the bag of brown rice for a dollar 19 that's going to be great I can just obviously make rice but also if you soak the rice you blend it up you can make like rice pancakes there's a lot of cool stuff with that one thing that I decide to get was I wanted some spice right and my first thought was what instead of getting vinegar because vinegar is so important what if I just get like a thing of pickles and then I'll have the vinegar in there or I could get like pickled jalapenos and then you get like the jalapenos and you have the vinegar you can use to cook when I went to check it out it was actually more expensive than I thought so I saw a big thing of vinegar was like fifty-nine or seventy nine cents so I got a ton of vinegar because I need the vinegar in my life but then I got some jalapenos so with the jalapenos I can just chop them up I can use them I can pickle some of them I can use them for spice but I wanted to have ginger and I want to have scallions and jalapenos to get extra spice I looked into buying some spices and the cheapest thing I saw was like cumin for a dollar but I realized at the end of the day like that's is nice to have the spice and that means you could do it but I didn't necessarily want to sacrifice a dollar which surprisingly is like a lot of food you know I got a bag a carrot for a dollar for just some cumin I'd rather have the carrots and you can get the natural flavors and those ways to enhance the flavor in foods so did that I also picked up a couple limes two limes you know I was starting to get creative with like buying little things like a little knob of ginger a couple lines a couple pieces just for those extra you know $0.50 here 50 Cent's there but in the end I spent 18 cents below 21 dollars so it's 11 a.m. and I already did my shopping for the challenge but I haven't eaten yet which I know sounds strange but I really wanted to pick up my knives and kind of get the video out prepped up so I've kind of skipped on breakfast which still gives me three meals but first thought just walking around being hungry it's really interesting when you've challenged yourself you've already bought all the food I'm glad I bought it all because if I didn't I'd probably be stupid and spend like four bucks on a chocolate bar and just screw myself but I've already spent my 21 dollars so I'm walking around and I'm starving and I'm like oh no it'd be great just some peanuts and some chocolate some raisins like a little snack and like wait a minute I can't for a week I can't eat any of that stuff I can only eat the things that I've bought which is going to be interesting although I might try to sneak into like a Costco just get some free samples because I figure showing you guys how to get some free food along the way too doesn't hurt stick around salt pepper and oil I'm not really including its ingredients they're just there so I'm just using them however I want but anyway I took some dried beans I just soaked them overnight we're going to see them in another video and I wanted to have like a nice meal because or I couldn't pretty late in the day so two potatoes I cut some tortillas carrots scallions and eggs and kind of made this like egg scramble sort of thing is like an egg potato omelet and then I had found some ketchup packets at a local deli so I just kind of squeezed them all over that was a nice little treat you know wherever you can find little free things it always helps it goes a long way so then I want to make a pickling solution so I took some sugar in the rod I found a Starbucks some salt and vinegar and a little bit of water just brought that to a boil and let that cool for a little bit Maude's happening just add some carrots and onions to my brown rice and then I have my solution and I had some like carrots and different things so I'm just kind of pickling some vegetables I'm making some rice having a good time doing my thing deboning this chicken I'll save the bone to the bones will go a long way to make a nice like sauce or a stock let's just fry the chicken on the skin side for a while and I cut up some cabbage and once I finished I was frying that chicken once I finish frying the chicken though I save all that fat and the cabbage just goes right in a little salt and pepper and you only need oil because the cabbage is just enjoying the loved uses of that chicken greater than a little ginger in there this is like a little to go thing so I put some rice down I'll put some of that cabbage I put some chicken and then I hit it with my pickled carrots a nice little delicious meal to go but you know I'm saying the hardest part about this challenge for me is getting something sweet after every meal is that my favorite thing to do kind of just completes the Miglia it's a little taste and I sort of almost they screwed up but I didn't really factory much sweetness I have a little bit of fruit I've taken some sugar package from Starbucks but I don't really have much wheat so I'm walking on the street feeling a little down because I want my sweetness I just passed they were giving out free like just like this pumpkin peanut butter smoothie sample I took two of them and it just brighten my day the second I touched that I love my sweet thank you lord supposed to go to my cherylin monk Kung Fu training tonight and this should be going a little upset that I'm not but ever since I got to take a taste of that little smoothie it's got me on this kick I'm not gonna being a I'm probably not going to be in Manhattan for the rest of the week maybe like once yourself so I want to take a chance to go around and explore some places like Whole Foods just see what I can get for free because that's a good thing to take advantage of a little money nothing wrong with there having a couple samples here couple samples there so I just went into Taco Bell to see what they had and I got a ton of spice packets mild even got it I never saw this before the salsa verde they got their fire and hot but the salsa verde is a new treat for me I've been Taco Bell and actually used oh there so I took some sugar packs I had and heated them up near the raw sugar so they turned into like just an instant sort of caramel I got crispy sugary caramel thing tossing some peaches to put it on tortilla that was like a two minute treat hmm


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  12. My local dollar general has a loaf of bread for $1.25 plus tax. Walmart also has bread for under a dollar, but it's not as good as the dollar general bread. When it comes to hamburger and hot dog buns though, the Walmart cheap bread is actually decent enough. This is 2019.

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  17. I make some of my best food the week before payday. It challenges me to use what I have left in the pantry and to use it well.

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  23. Make sure if you buy dry beans to cook them all the way, not every type of bean is poisonous but many are. Even many types of grains as well like rice, folks don't really think about it and to be fair most probably do not know.

    They are not often deadly types of poisonous but they will still put you in a lot of pain. Learned this lesson the hard way back when I was 18 lol tried to make red beans and rice, just figured I screwed up they are a little hard no big deal….

    Was food poisoning levels of painful (no pun intended).

  24. Buy a little of everything, calculate the portion you need for just yourself or your family. I kind of got used to just buying 1 apple and 1 lime, 1 cup of bulk ''cheetos'' etc

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