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hey everyone hello my beloved and welcome to this week's episode of Real Talk Wednesday with dr. Lisbon so today we're going to talk about how to create a healthy happy and fulfilling life and how to have a safe and sustainable plant-based lifestyle in light of all the things going on in our vegan community and in light of the video that I posted in the incredible response I got through questions and comments just about what's going on within our vegan and plant-based community I wanted to have a video today that really outlines giving you tips on really how to have a plant-based lifestyle that's not only sustainable but that is safe so let me go ahead and start with a little bit about my own story in my own journey so unlike many of my colleagues who come to a plant-based life and lifestyle because they were facing disease for me this was not the case at all my entire life I've been absolutely fascinated and passionate about the possibility of living our optimum health and also creating the absolute ultimate physical emotional mental and spiritual well-being so because of that I started meditating when I was very very young like just a couple years old I started eating healthy when I was only eight years old you can't even imagine my classmates how they teased me you know you can imagine I'm in grade school and junior high and the only kid who's not eating pizza or french fries and chocolate milkshakes or hamburgers or things like that I just saw already how unhealthy that was for my body I intuitively came into this lifetime equipped with this knowledge about fitness health well-being eating healthy and spirituality and so because of that I was absolutely fascinated by that so I literally use my body like an experimental laboratory to test what foods were the healthiest what made me feel the best what gave me the most energy and I did this on a level of body mind heart soul and I won't go into that all of that right now because it's a lot but I dive into all of this and all these concepts outlining all this in great depth in my book skinny-dipping in the Fountain of Youth so now let's go back to my journey on top of everything else I was also incredibly athletic and I was also a performer and so for me the hardest thing for me to rectify with looking at a plant-based diet and lifestyle was how could I have enough stamina strength and energy because at the time I was doing dance performances and I literally would have rehearsals for you know sometimes four five six hours and I didn't know how I would have enough energy and stamina to do my profession at the time which was professional dancer and professional skater and then I was fortunate enough to meet some people from the plant-based community I was blown away at their vitality their vibrancy their youthfulness and their energy levels and also just the the essence of spirituality intuition and awareness which I always had since I was little so I was like okay these people are really glowing and they're really awake alive and aware I'm gonna investigate so I had a very very dear friend of mine who is already in his 70s he had the energy Suzie hasn't for life of a teenager he was amazing and so when he saw me getting into this kind of lifestyle he said you come with me I'm gonna mentor you he took me to every obscure health food store every place that was you know like just the ultimate ultimate of what you would need to know if you're going to embark on a plant-based lifestyle so which was absolutely amazing this gentleman was you know obviously in the seventies already and had been living a whole lifetime of making these healthy choices and the healthy really living a healthy vibrant life so I soaked up like a sponge every piece of information that he gave me I mean he's one of the introduced me to chlorella and spirulina and all the sea mosses and all just all these ways we can get the vital nutrient and enzymes and everything that we need if we're not going to eat a regular diet so then the next thing I decided to do probably most likely because I do have a medical background myself I went to my doctor and I said okay this is what I want to do I want you to do all the blood work on me let's look and see where my levels are and let's look and see where everything is now and let's keep track of it so every year since I've been doing this healthy lifestyle I go to the doctor I have them check all of my vitamin mineral and all of my nutrient levels everything is checked to make sure that I'm on course to make sure I'm at my optimum health because that's important to me and of course once I drove deeper into it I realized not only is this amazing for my own health but this is incredible for my our animal brothers and sisters and for the well-being of the planet so for me all the way around it was just an absolute no brainer so that's my story and I share that with you because it's pretty unique compared to most people's journey to a plant-based lifestyle so now my beloved let's talk about you the first thing I want you to understand is that it's so important every single choice that you make and it's so important to be responsible about those choices in my book the very first chapter is choice in my program the first thing I talk about is choice the reason being is that like I say all the time of my youtube videos every moment we're at zero point infinite possibilities for a life and what we can choose what we choose is vitally important because that one choice that one choice and how we nourish ourselves that one choice to live a plant-based lifestyle that one choice to go this way instead of this way leads us at least us on a trajectory in a certain direction which will impact the rest of our our the rest of our day the rest of our month and inevitably the rest of our life so it's vitally important the choices that we make I want you guys to understand something there's so that you know who's talking to you here I don't smoke never smoke I don't drink alcohol I don't drink coffee I don't take any over-the-counter medicines at all not even motrin or Aspen I I'm not taking any medications I don't do any drugs I edit 8:00 every day I exercise every single day I do things for my heart soul and spirit that enhance them I have a beautiful spiritual practice and the reason I tell you guys this is because those choices are holistically in my entire healthy lifestyle what impact and ultimately give me the optimum health and well-being that I'm searching for so the first thing I'm going to invite all of you to do is if you're not practicing those things right now let's say maybe right now you're you are drinking or you are smoking or you are you know maybe you're not exercising you're not meditating you're not having a spiritual practice you're not opening up your heart to giving and receiving love I invite you my beloved just this week you can just try it for one day try taking on one of those practices that I talked about maybe just stop smoking if you're smoking maybe just stop drinking if you're drinking alcohol maybe just start exercising if that's not what you're doing and maybe you're like dr. Elizabeth are you kidding me I'm well past that I'm already super super healthy so if that's the case then for you I have another couple of tips that you can do to take your health and well-being and all of you no matter where you're at can apply these now I beloved these are gonna sound so simple so easy you're gonna be like are you kidding me dr. Elizabeth really but I'm telling you I've coached people all over the world this is the first thing I start with because it works and my beloved if it works let's do it right number one come to the table when you're eating anytime you make a decision to nourish your body come to the table consciously and with a great awareness take a breath before you sit down to me if you're out with your friends a lot I've seen people do this so many times you know they put a plate of food and everybody's laughing and they're eating and they're drinking and all of a sudden before you know you're like oh my god I ate that whole bag of chips right got a whole plate of veal whatever if you're conscious before you put something in your mouth you're gonna be much more aware of what you're nourishing your body with and how much you're nursing your right next take a moment slow down and actually chew your food I don't need to go into the whole digestive process of it but when you chew your food instead of just scooping it in and betting it go down haul your that whole entire digestive process will be so much more efficient you will absorb nutrients so much more easily and you will be eating more consciously last but absolutely positively not least is stop before you're full my beloved if you just do this and nothing else I swear to god you will just exponentially change your health and well-being it's the biggest secret I could possibly give you so take on those practices I'm gonna leave you with just one last thing I'm gonna dive deeper into this in upcoming episodes but I want you just to begin to about taking out the idea of perfectionism in our eating I see this all the time with my clients I see this with the people I work with I see this on comments on YouTube and other social media platforms there's this idea and concept about perfectionism and eating it leads to body dysmorphia it leads to eating disorders and it doesn't serve us take out that harshness I know some people know they've been living unhealthy lifestyle they've been you know eating very very unhealthy foods and I understand people get excited about it and they come to this lifestyle they feel so good and they get me oh so enthusiastic about it but this is not a race you know I want you to move forward you know as much as possible in a healthy lifestyle practice but we need to take the harshness towards ourselves and towards others out of just the experience and the practice of eating if we can do this we will get so much further in reaching our goals I promise you I mean for this point I'm talking to everybody but I'm specifically talking about people who may be dealing with body dysmorphia eating disorders and food addictions so just right now my beloved I'm planting the seeds so you can go oh let me just sit with this let me just digest this go back and watch this video this video is packed with information go back watch it study it evaluate where you are in the process and begin to take on practicing these tips tools techniques I am suggesting for you because they really really really work alright my beloved so just so you know this is what tip we're literally dipping our big toe into the water this is a very very large conversation and one that I have when I'm working with my private clients which I have I work with people from all around the world if you want more support with this I'm going to be launching my 12-week healthy lifestyle program it's called life masterclass journey to the ultimate view if you're interested or even remotely interested I'm going to put the email down here feel free to email and I can send you guys information on it in the program we're gonna dive much deeper into these concepts because now we have 12 weeks you have an extended period of time with me I'll be on the calls with everybody's we can bring your questions and it's going to be just it's a space for us to dive deeper we'll have more time to really go into this to help you really achieve the goals that you want to achieve so that you can have a healthy happy and fulfilling life and a safe and sustainable base my style and my beloved's even if you're not there with clam paste all these things that I mentioned today apply to you as well this is not an exclusive community in any way shape or form I'm welcome everybody here with open arms and a massively open heart all right so I think that's in my beloved if you have any questions you know the drill message me below head on over to my Instagram I'm over there I do stories every single day I do I often do ask me questions over there and I also do posts every day so it's another great place for you guys to check me out and also if you're interested give me head on over to my patch on page because I do podcasts over there so the conversations were having here I died just a little bit deeper you have a little more time with me and we just take all this material just you know and really flush it out just a little bit more I remember loved' I think that's it for today you guys know I love you I love you to infinity and back I appreciate you so much I know you have a choice your time is precious you can spend it anywhere and I'm just overjoyed and honored and delighted that you choose to spend it here with our beautiful community and remember remember my beloved until next time you can do this I promise you you can do this and I'm here to help you every step of the way


  1. You are so inspiring. A truly vibrant soul. Thank you for your gracious response about the shift in the vegan community. You are spreading love and understanding rather than hatred and segregation. It's about all of us supporting in love rather than shaming one another for the choices that are being made. We must inform people about how to eat and thrive on a vegan diet so that when others are struggling they do not fall back to previous patterns. Finding a mentor who has had great success on a vegan diet is absolutely key.

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