How to Live a Happy and Healthy Life – Joe Rogan

what what is you know the best way to live your life what is that you know there's got to be ways you can be putting forward the most positive energy I mean we know objectively what's causing pollution we know objectively what's causing birth defects and you know and what are we're taking in too much chemicals and not enough vitamins we know objectively all this stuff we know how to organize our world and yeah we don't do it we know how to organize our health and yet very few people do it the right path to like being like a happy healthy person is to do all the that we already know you're supposed to do take care of your body take care of your health take care of your mind your stress meditate be kind to be but we all know that you ask anybody they know how to get by and to be the the most evolved version of you that you can be I mean it's not like a magical checklist if you talk to people better you said okay here you got a person you want to improve them what are the things you're going to do okay well if I was a life coach the first thing I would say is this guy's got to get on a diet that makes it healthy I don't mean a diet just to lose weight I mean just healthy foods in your body many many vegetables vegetables a lot of good good quality protein a lot of water stop the sodas stop the start working out your body and get a better sense of like how this machine feels when it's moving it's flowing better there's less tension in it your mind feels like relaxed and you enjoy every single moment of the day better step one everybody knows that step right what's step two be cool to people be nice to as many people as you can smile up as many people as you can have them smile back at you tip well when you go to restaurants just do the most you can be as nice as you can you know and just still manage not have people walk over you just get through this life it's nice in ten what else do what you want to do with your life right don't don't go be doing something you don't enjoy don't do something that's don't get locked into you know a car that you can't afford and doing something crazy because you need the money don't don't do that do what you want to do because if someone else is doing it you can do it you you


  1. Nice advice. Yea.. sometime, it's easy to say but difficult to do.
    Hope, i can do that n i will try

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  3. so basically "Just do it" ?

  4. I watch this every single day

  5. 73 people don't like vegetables…

  6. Word up to that, great advice.

  7. Merci!!!

  8. Fitter, happier
    More productive
    Not drinking too much
    Regular exercise at the gym, three days a week
    Getting on better with your associate employee contemporaries
    At ease
    Eating well, no more microwave dinners and saturated fats
    A patient, better driver
    A safer car, baby smiling in back seat
    Sleeping well, no bad dreams
    No paranoia
    Careful to all animals, never washing spiders down the plughole
    Keep in contact with old friends, enjoy a drink now and then
    Will frequently check credit at moral bank, hole in wall
    Favours for favours, fond but not in love
    Charity standing orders on sundays, ring-road supermarket
    No killing moths or putting boiling water on the ants
    Car wash, also on sundays
    No longer afraid of the dark or midday shadows, nothing so ridiculously teenage and desperate
    Nothing so childish
    At a better pace, slower and more calculated
    No chance of escape
    Now self-employed
    Concerned, but powerless
    An empowered and informed member of societ, pragmatism not idealism
    Will not cry in public
    Less chance of illness
    Tires that grip in the wet, shot of baby strapped in backseat
    A good memory
    Still cries at a good film
    Still kisses with saliva
    No longer empty and frantic
    Like a cat
    Tied to a stick
    That's driven into
    Frozen winter shit, the ability to laugh at weakness
    Calm, fitter, healthier and more productive
    A pig in a cage on antibiotics

  9. You're hard core man.

  10. Short and motivational!

  11. This is amazing! Really well done!

  12. Amazing course  [ Check Details here === ]! Thanks so much for giving hope to many lost and confused people in their lives.

  13. Wow

  14. Thank you

  15. You can't just jump and have hope over nothing, at least you need someone to motivate you everyday.

  16. Whats the name of the piano piece?

  17. I dare ANYONE to come shadow me for ya know- just a couple of days. Give or take…

    Ps. I am not quitting my Dr pepper. That helped keep one gal to over 100 yrs. One a day! I'm literally fighting to stay ALIVE here. And I'm like… losing.
    I hate to place any blame but as God is my witness-
    Well God already knows. That's fine enough with me.

    My ppl, my country, my leaders, my authority's, etc- the ones who have always had my loyalty-
    The way I see it are now the ones making existing IMPOSSIBLE for me personally. Total bummer. So y'all have fun MAGA, lest ye not forget, somewhere in this hell on earth- there's some gal dying to stay ALIVE, doing whatever she can manage to keep breathing.
    Oh well. What the heck? We're all dying anyway, I just don't like this arduous painful unbearable torturous… existence.
    Ya, I know
    It's already over for me. I got one foot in the grave and one on a banana peel.
    So, Okay I'd be thrilled to know I'll be going in peace. ?? Please? Maybe???

    Lolol. Darn my luck I guess so many goals, plans wants and hopes- cool. I actually made myself lol. Good for me! Albeit sarcastic, at least I laughed. Cuz those ideas now – pffff they're FANTASIES. At best.
    Everyone, please try to be healthy and enjoy life.
    We're gettin there. … to our next place. Peace to you.

  18. Cool!!

  19. This made my balls jump

  20. What I find empty about these kind pf motivational videos is that there is no acknowledgement of the uneven playing field that many people face. Focusing on the positives is for people who only have to make use of their advantages and not overcome the disadvantages. Sadly the message ends up sounding glib.
    This is more real:

  21. "If someone else is doing it, you can do it"

  22. Tip well!! Im a waiter.

  23. Just live life the way you wanted to be.


  25. Thanks bro ! Appreciate it

  26. It's also all the little things that go unnoticed if you start to notice, it would surprise you.

  27. just be rich! 🙂

  28. Well I thought eggs are not that healthy.

  29. Dude joe Rogan is an inspiration I watch everything to do with his way of thought in my own interpretation. I hope I run into this amazing human being someday thanks joe!

  30. he might speak about emotional wellness but health? no thank you.

  31. I already have this in me, so what else???

  32. You can only live a full life when you know how life works: google truth contest and read "The Present" to learn the nature of yourself, our past, the future, and life itself. It escalates real quickly.

  33. If only this was Morgan Freeman's voice

  34. This Video Really helped me

  35. These 20 Images will Guide You To A Happier and Healthier Life.

  36. So sad people of this generation needed the help to know how to live the life.

  37. So sad people of this generation needed the help to know how to live the life.

  38. I'm in sales and I hate it, I don't no anything else have no qualifications, I have bills and a mortgage and a family. I am literally stuck! So how do I do what I want to do???

  39. People know what to do – rationally – but there is the powerful emotional "monkey" mind that takes over and it is very hard to fight it, especially when all the TV commercials, all the junk food etc. is designed to make us hooked in the unhealthy lifestyle.

    I tell my mom not to drink that sweetened coffee, show knows it's bad for her, she admits it the very moment she sips another swallow of coffee saying, "i am sorry – it's too good"…

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