HOW TO LEARN TO DO A HEADSTAND TUTORIAL – Gymnastics Lessons and Tutorials

Hey guys today we’re going to do a tutorial on how to learn a headstand on the floor. And the first step to that is learning how to do a tripod. You’re going to start off by putting your hands on the ground about shoulder width apart and putting your head out around here so you’re making a triangle with your head and your hands If you put your head in the same line as your hands you may fall over one way or the other and by putting your head out farther is going to give you some more stability. So after you place your hands and head down you’re going to try and pick your knees up and put one knee on one elbow and the other knee on the other elbow and try and balance that. Once that gets pretty comfortable you’re going to try and take your knees off of your elbows and slowly straighten up and try and balance a headstand. Once you feel comfortable going from a tripod and tucking up to a headstand you can try a straddle press headstand or a pike press headstand. And for fun you can also try going from a headstand and pressing up to a handstand. And a little easier way of doing this is instead of just pressing straight up without any momentum you can use a little bit of a kipping action by piking and popping up to a handstand.

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