How To Know If You Are A Mature Woman

How To Know If You Are A Mature Woman. A mature woman is a symbol of respect and
trust. As the years go by we realize that sometimes the concepts and priorities change. Maturity comes with the passing of time and
the experiences acquired in life. A mature woman is a woman who has lived long enough
to know what she wants and be self-confident. You know if you are a mature woman if: 1. You know what your essence is. There is no doubt who you are, you have lived
and learned to the point of knowing what things make you happy and what makes you cry or angry,
you know what your essence is and you are not afraid to enjoy it and share it with the
world. 2. You are not afraid of rejection, you know
that you are well being who you are. It doesn’t matter if you are in a relationship
or not; By having maturity you have the confidence of having self-esteem and that allows rejection
to be something that only affects those who do not have self-esteem. A mature woman does not care about her self-esteem
since she has self-love. 3. Sometimes you prefer to be alone. Being in your own company is good when you
are comfortable in your own skin and do not doubt who you are, nor are you afraid. Maturity causes you to know yourself, forget
your fears and enter a process of personal acceptance in which you are not bothered to
be with yourself. 4. Devotes time to what makes her happy. You spend time studying what you like, also
in your own company you learn that people need time and space to develop skills and
talents, a mature woman devotes time to what makes her happy, who believes she needs to
stay busy and/or helps her to release stress. 5. Faces problems calmly. You have lived long enough to decide how to
face things. The experience of life smiles at you when facing difficult situations. 6. You are not aware of external opinions. What others say doesn’t matter anymore. Maturity
brings an individual consciousness and not a collective one. If you want to learn more about “How To Know
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  1. I think i am matured and the woman reading this, you are matured woman too..

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