How To Improve Your Fitness

don't be afraid to step it up again turn your 20 minute drive into work into a cycle right don't cut corners instead try to make your day as active as it possibly can be some people shy away from the weights in the gym don't weight lifting can help manage stress levels and can improve the density and strength of your bones by 30 to 50 percent lifting weights also increases your lean muscle mass which is how you get that tone spelled look ever fancy tackling a cycle ride or sporty for doing your first 10k but I put it off there's no time like now go and sign up before you change your mind and use it as a goal get off the safer and get fit be specific about what you want in six months time do you want to be lighter fitter or more toned don't be apologetic about what you want voice your desire and to go for it make your time in a gym count leave your problems at work and be present in the moment it's really important to track your progress and be proud of the small improvements you ake along the way they all count overworked tired bad night's sleep these will affect how you feel so don't panic if one training session really hurts more than it should do listen to your body but don't let it become an excuse boredom monotony or repetition is a sure fast way to lose motivation and not get fit mix these up plus it will help your body stop getting comfortable by performing a certain activity it will be forced to learn to do the new activity more efficiently making it less likely for you to plateau in your workouts keep both your body and your mind guessing by enjoying a diversity of activities and having fun eating well isn't just about subscribing to the latest healthy diet is about subscribing here to fit we have so many videos check them out all about nutrition and how to stay healthy ultimately at the end of the day you need to make good food and good drink choices when you need it


  1. Strava motivated me to run and ride my bike. Just love how I log all the kms.

  2. hehe, you can see the shadow of the camera drone

  3. This a great channel folks but it feels a bit well a bit  'flat' There's just no energy when compared to the sister channels- Beautiful location – solid advice but meh…I feel as if I'm backin a fitness class for the blue rinse brigade –  all the presenters sound as if they're from english finishing schools – needs a bit more oomph 🙂

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