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hi guys and welcome to my channel so my name is autumn as you new here and today I'm gonna be talking about how to implement a healthy lifestyle setting habits and some of my wellness goals I know around this time you know we can get very unmotivated but summer is right around the corner it's about ten weeks away and I just feel like this is the little pick-me-up that you may need to keep going and just to reestablish some of your habits because as time goes by of course they're gonna diminish but I don't really believe in motivation it happens all the time but I think that this will be something that really inspires you and gives you a little bit of inspiration to keep you going on some of your goals so I did want to talk about some some of the like five pillars that I have when it comes to like like checking in with myself to see if everything is going okay so some of my 5 pillars is gonna be spiritual health well like a passion project so mine is youtube and then family that's not in any particular order besides spiritual of course but I've kind of just look at everything and see how am i doing in my spiritual life or my family life health wealth and my passion project you know I want to make sure that I am catering and taking care of everything that I need to when it comes to each of those categories and make sure to LIKE write myself how am I feeling when it comes to like my spiritual practices or beliefs or my family life are we spending enough time together are we arguing a lot you know like sometimes you just have to take a step back and that will overall help you with your happiness and how you handle a lot of situations and to see if you're on the right track so whatever you want to achieve no matter if it's a goal big or small so just kind of figure out what are your five pillars I definitely believe everybody has them and base everything off of that to see how you're doing currently at that time so I want to go ahead and get into some of the habits and how to implement a healthy lifestyle and some of the things that I thought of so one thing is going to be wake up earlier and get into a set routine even on the weekends a lot of times people say wake up early throughout the week wake up early throughout your work days or whatever and just trying to like say on the weekends you can have a lot of relaxed time I found out through a meal and you know Amy TV she said to always wake up early somedays it's okay to take that time to just you know relax a little bit on the weekends or you know wake up a little bit later but if you get into a routine of always waking up early you'll always have that time for yourself to get whatever you need to get done no matter if it's getting September for work school your family anything like that and once you do that your body will be able to live and be on a schedule and a function and that's really important you know when you're trying to get into a routine and you wake up early throughout the week but you wake up extremely later on the weekend or stay up super late on the weekend your body will never be able to get into a routine and function properly like it should so that's just kind of my take everyone doesn't need wake up early some people work better at night but I would just say for me personally waking up early and setting that routine all throughout the week and not to tell yourself that you can wake up laying on Thursdays or Saturdays or Sundays you know overall it will benefit you I definitely recommend everybody to try it I think that it will be the best option for anybody who is trying to you know live a little bit more of a successful life also a lot of the people who are successful talk about waking up early is the key so just make sure to keep that in mind I used to say that I was never a morning person until I started being a morning person and trying and I fell in love with it and I thrive in the morning so just try it out and see if it is something that will work for you my next tip is to schedule out your workout and your fitness routines that same current week so like on Sunday schedule out for the week that is coming up I only say this because a lot of times we can sit here and say we're gonna do this in three weeks or two weeks or you know if it's something like spontaneous like bike ride with your family out of state or out of town that's something different than what I'm talking about but if you schedule out and say how am I feeling this week what do I want to do this week when it comes to workouts I don't have to stay on a Monday Wednesday Friday arms legs abs type thing every week that gets boring your body gets tired and it's you'll kind of just get into a on the road where you're not gonna want to go over it so schedule out things that you're feeling at that time you don't have to do the same thing all the time that's why it's kind of hard when it comes to like fitness routines and and fitness plans and stuff that people try to sell you because you get bored so just make sure you know it is the right thing for you but just make sure that you're scheduling it out every week so you know okay no matter what I know for sure Monday Wednesday Friday at nine o'clock I'm gonna be able to get a workout in that's the only way you're gonna be able to like set that habit and make sure that it's something that you can constantly do and it will be fun and it won't feel like oh I have to work out today or if you wait and see like how you're feeling that day to work out you're most likely not going to work out because you're going to be tired or things are going to come up so I would just definitely say to schedule it out see how you're feeling and if that day you're not feeling to go for a run don't go for a run do something else that will make you happy as long as you're being active your body will respond with gratitude another type of habit and to sit for a healthy lifestyle is to try to get a gallon of water daily I kind of just have like a iffy moment with this I know a lot of the times when you look it up online it says drink half your body weight and fluid ounces I don't really believe and that I think you should drink as much wide as you can I didn't read something that says your body actually can't digest 27 to 33 ounces fluid ounces of water an hour like more than that which I kind of believe that's true because you know how you feel overwhelmingly fool texting but just trying to get in a gallon of water daily it will help you regulate and stay hydrated because summer is coming up right now where I am so you know it's very important to drink water I know when summer comes it's going to be a lot easier as it's getting hotter and warmer for you to drink water so I just think to drink a lot of water and try to get that water in get out a cup that allows you to track it easily so this cup is reusable from Starbucks is only two dollars or something like that and it's 24 ounces so a lot of these is about a hundred and like around 125 ounces so it's basically at a gallon so to be spot-on for 128 ounces but I will definitely just say to try your best to get a gallon today so my next thing would be try to get at least 10 K steps a day I know that's very hard for people who have jobs and sub but I would say just try to get like something on your phone or a fitness tracker this is an Apple watch to track your steps and stuff every day so that you can make sure that you're getting enough steps no matter if you miss a workout or you're not able to workout as much as long as you're getting in some steps it is a lot better for your health and just sitting down and being very lazy when you're cooped up lazy like that or you just can't do that and you can't walk or you can't run or and can't work out as much as you would like you start feeling lower than what you need to be you start feeling down so try to get as many steps as you can to implement a healthier lifestyle for you so that you can keep your body moving and regulate it you know like you meet that physical activity go outside go for a walk walk your dogs try to get to walks in if you can't get long walk or workouts and you know just try to implement that habit it's very important to keep moving our bodies will get cooped up and that's how a lot of the health problems happen so just try to get your steps in my next tip that I have for you is to take these stairs more than the elevator or escalator or whatever it may be just taking that step and to taking the stairs more of course you're gonna be tired at first I live on the third floor of my apartment so you know it's a it's a trick to get up them stairs but over time you're gonna get a lot more used to it and just imagine the extra amount of physical activity that you're getting by taking the stairs and the steps that you're getting so imagine you can get 20 30 40 more steps in a day compared to one or two steps when you're going up the escalator to the elevator whatever so doing small habits like that will in turn make you a lot healthier of a person you know you may think it's something so much a small change but it really is a big change in the long run imagine all of these steps that you would take in a week or a month compared to what you would have been taking and that could really just help you out these are just like little tips that I definitely recommend you implementing your life for a healthier lifestyle to keep you motivated and give you a little bit of sense of inspiration to keep going on your goals habit that I say is to drink some lemon water or pretty water that I've seen by Sam Oscar I think that's how you say she calls it pretty water select fruit and stuff like that that you added to your water make it fun just like with the gallon a day I'm pretty sure you are going to find it a lot easier to drink a lot more water if you're drinking water that has ice strawberries mint and anything like that or lemon and cucumber or lemon and anything like that it's gonna taste a lot better and it's gonna seem like you know you're drinking something different than water especially if you let the the fruit and stuff and the vegetables sit in the water it really will allow you to have a very strong taste of that so I mean you really could do it like the night before and drink it the next day or do it in the morning and drink it throughout the day it really will allow the fruits to have the natural antioxidants to come out and it tastes a lot more like the fruit so you don't just think you're drinking some water but honestly if you have a mason jar and you got some strawberries and some mint tell me that is not a great sight to see and you'll just want to drink more water Thanks habit that I have which is kind of these are gonna be like lifestyle habits now is going to be focused on God and implement prayer more you know I know that this may not be for everybody but definitely not believe in God and I feel as if when you put more gratitude and prayer into your life and not just when things are going bad but also when things are going good and showing that appreciation you will be blessed and you know a lot more ways or life will seem a little bit easier for you because you're putting what needs to be first first and that's definitely important tip that I have is to take a look at your finances at least minimum once a week and just make sure that everything is going well in your bank accounts a lot of times you can catch things that's going on especially as the world is growing and just to make sure that everything's going well with your money a lot of people don't really take a look at their finances until it's time to pay a bill or it's time to take the credit card or debit card out to make a purchase but kind of just keep track of your finances make a budget I'm a finance major so I definitely think that this is extremely important a lot of times especially with these scams going around so make sure that you're taking a look at your finances no matter if you're in high school college you're an adult it doesn't really matter just make sure you're keeping an eye on something that's very important I know you work hard for that money you wouldn't want anything to happen to that money for you tips that I have is kind of like a two-step tip is to have a passion project something that you're super passionate about that makes you happy for instance that's my youtube channel and I would say you know to implement a healthier habit for my youtube channel is to take a look at my analytics and see what is working see what's not working see what people enjoy see what I'm getting the most engagement on see what people were asking for ask questions to see what people want to see with my channel and just really focus in on that passion project and and at least put an hour a day if you have the availability or the time it doesn't have to be an hour give me 10 minutes 30 minutes 45 minutes 3 hours I mean it I don't know I have a lot more time because me and my husband are entrepreneurs but I know a lot of people do have like regular jobs so if you have that time every single day 10 minutes a day that will add up and it will give you a chance to really see you know what's working and how you can't expand on that and turn your side hustle and say your main hustle thing that I want to talk about which is kind of like the last thing to implement a healthy lifestyle is to plan something fun for your family sometimes you just have to take a second to look at it and see as a whole I'm not spending enough time with my my husband my wife my family and you know just say okay let's plan something so that we can really enjoy each other's time I'll show your husband that love and affection and that cinching your needs or your wife you know vice versa it doesn't really matter but just kind of like schedule off that time you know don't think that you're too busy or you don't have enough time because you know anything can happen and you want to cherish these moments because no matter how much money you're making or how much time you say you need to be at work or you need to be doing with anything else other than your family or you know your household or anything like that you need to make sure that you're spending the quality time that you need because memories it's what's gonna last money doesn't so now that I talked about all of those types of habits that you need to implement which I think are extremely and if you take anything at let's take a few of those habits and kind of just implement them in your life daily to have a happier healthier and successful life a lot of these habits are things that successful people always talk about you know in their talks and their interviews of what they do to make sure that their life is successful on the right track you know anything that you can do to aid in a better life why wouldn't you want to do that you know why would you want to stay stuck or stay in a sense of unhappiness and that is what it is you know so those are just some of my habits and now I want to talk about some of my wellness goals that I have leading into summer since it is about 10 weeks to summer but my first willness goals is to weigh about 130 to 140 pounds right now I'm 163 so I'm trying to you know get a little bit slimmer and toned and healthier for the summer time to come one thing that I'm doing is to change a little bit of the habits that I have and introduce some healthier habits so it's not like I'm restricting myself or in a diet just figure out what's going wrong and change it to what's right you know it is what it is that's what it is no matter how much I exercise no matter how much I really want to be a little bit toned in skinnier the only way that's gonna work is if I change up the habits that I do daily that I know is hindering my success please to work out a minimum four times a week before it was like five times before those three times but I've noticed consistently I'm able to at least get a workout in four times a week and that's what's good if I do more great you know but I've noticed minimum four times a week is definitely a goal for me to keep doing it you know especially as summer comes and one thing I will say about that it's so much easier to lose weight in the summer spring and it's a lot harder to lose weight and be motivated so take this time take advantage of it because it's surely getting hot the other thing is to look at food as fuel for my body and not just as that chocolate bar or that ice cream or that pizza look at it is how is this gonna fuel me for my day it's just gonna make me feel sluggish is this gonna make me feel good it's gonna make me bloated you know what's gonna affect your body I'm pretty sure so everybody knows herself everybody knows what that ice cream does to them or what that pizza does to them so look at it as fuel you know that just honestly improves your relationship with food and allows you to make better choices for yourself once you look at it as something once you look at it like I'm gonna feel horrible after this and I just feel bad even though I'm spending telling my family but I'm eating this pizza looking at in such a different life because once you change your relationship with food it will be a lot easier to change your relationship as a whole with yourself in your body habit that I want to try to implement is to take walks more and you know just to implement it in my lifestyle because it gives you a chance to clear your mind and also I've noticed when I have walks and stuff with my husband I'm a lot more clear minded and I'm able to think about a lot of things like masterminding get that motivation that I need and come up with new ideas to be successful and it's just a good time for yourself or with your significant other that you can do just to kind of look at everything as a whole and see you know because in my case my husband helps me and aids me and some of things that I need to work on you know he's there to help me I'm there to help him so you know I'm hoping you could have that relationship with your husband or wife but just make sure that at that time so that you can help each other out in that sense you know so walks are definitely gonna help clear your mind and just keep you grounded and keep that stress level down you know walk is better than not walking that's for sure thing is to get in my steps daily like I said the 10 K steps and then to switch up my workouts weekly add something fun or different you know one thing that me husband love to do every week at least two times a week is to ride by it's like it's so fun we always go to trails and see like the different parts of trails we just came back from a trail and it I just honestly was like so confused of where we were because it was just so different and it was like a whole new world and it's just so fun to get that sense of excitement and it's so fun to just do it by yourself or do it with somebody you love or with your family or whatever but just you know try to switch up the workouts because you get bored you know and now that summer is coming I want to go and be some laps at the pool you know just do something fun to where it seems like you're not just working out to get like a better body you're working out to feed into this healthy lifestyle that you are so craving for another thing that I have is to stop indulging and stop overestimating my food portion sizes I always over us to make no matter if it's some ice cream or some food on my plate I always say I want I need more than what my body can actually handle and then what we tend to do is if it's on the plate you'll feel bad for not eating it and you scarf it down and then you feel overwhelmingly fool overwhelmingly tired and bloated and it should be 80% full so you're super satiated and satisfied you don't need to be extremely full and that's something that I definitely think people need to get out of that another habit and like a wellness skill that I have for myself that I want to keep implementing and it is planned daily mill's more and more smoothies and planned treats no matter if it's smoothie or actual like a treat or something daily so I don't slip and limit it so one food like one sweet thing a day or and my thing has been like something sweet that's healthy that's not over 250 calories and you know that allows you to still get that you know for me I like to have something sweet you know and as long because I'm you know having puffy organic chocolate bar that's made with stevia instead of all of the bad food that you know a lot healthier for me then I don't feel bad you know and change the bad things and I like to eat two healthy alternatives so you know there's always something that you can swap it for that's healthier so that's just something that I thought of overall guys these are gonna be some of the things that I think and suggest that you implement into a healthy lifestyle when it comes to setting habits and some of my wellness goals I really did enjoy making this video because it really allowed me to look at myself to see what am i doing in my daily life or what do I need to do in my daily life so I really do hope that you benefited from this video and I really would love you to subscribe and stick around for more future videos to come and you know I am starting like a fitness series and stuff like that on my Instagram that I just start implementing since there is about ten weeks left until summer so my goal is around two pounds a week that I'm trying to lose so I love if you follow me here on Instagram so you can keep up with that and try this ten week challenge that I have ten week sounds like a way better time so that you know you can lose weight 2 pounds a week doesn't even seem that bad so imagine by the time summer comes you'll lost 20 pounds so thank you so much watch this video guys my name is autumn and I really hope you did enjoy and if it did help you leave a comment below which one was your favorite tip to implement in your healthy lifestyle or something that you need to change and you know for a fact you need change but yeah thank you so much guys for watching this video and I will catch you in the next one bye guys

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  1. Waking up is definetly a great way to have a healthy lifestyle not only physically but also mentally. You are right about having more time for yourself.

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