How to have Healthy Feet and Knees for LIFE!

good well welcome to true health Tuesdays tonight we're going to start it off a little bit different we've got a four-minute testimonial now this guy is probably one of the nicest most courageous guys I know he actually had surgery scheduled where they were gonna remove his knee they were gonna cut the top bone they were gonna cut the bottom bone they were gonna put a you know Teflon you know whatever titanium knee now knees only last about 10 years this guy's young he's a kid he's only 66 okay so so you know I mean when you get 76 do you want another operation when you get 86 do you want another operation no so we actually had to change his belief system but here's a brief 4-minute video that's actually pretty cool let me just but okay my name is Robert Estrada and I was scheduled last November 21st going for a total knee replacement I've been having trouble with my knees or my right knee for uh forever for quite a few years and in the pain level was was such that I was already well we will need to have a total knee replacement I was told that I was born on bone I point-blank asked several orthopedic surgeons if it was possible for the body to regenerate cartilage and they told me absolutely not you have to have a knee replacement now after seeing doctor Birdman he did a workup on me and said you're not going on bone if you if you were you wouldn't be walking as you are and we can get you well he did a full workup on me and he showed me the first woman ever took a x-ray of both knees together and he said I took this x-ray for you not for me I'd already know what tell me which one is the bad one they both look this bad he said I'm not gonna tell you that your your cartilage is not thin it is but you're gonna regenerate that cartilage you're not gonna prove it to you he said well now let me show you your spine and that's what the problem was that was the source of it and I think that he's rather than other work with other people that have kind of pointed out that I was a little bit twisted out there make me walk incorrectly I had another claim that can tell me one time so you can get a knee replacement if you want but it'll probably what I don't care if it's made out of titanium ceramic or whatever is pregnant last he maybe ten years and you have to do it again by the way you're walking and well what do you mean and I had just some alignment issues shall we say and come an order seen the Burgman family chiropractic has really made great inroads I haven't taken as much as an aspirin for what not almost five months now and I was he asks here are you taking in and I inflammatory they told me I kind of like popcorn because you know it's bad for you yeah I know the liver it's killing the liver and the kidneys on it what's a good alternative he gave me good alternatives on there what he gave you was a plan that was like a triad of constant chiropractic adjustments and cure exercises he gave me certain exercises to do which I do religiously and diet and he told me I want to work you wean you away from an acid diet and get you more alkaline which is helping the body heal itself and what I learned here was that he said if the body has like 30 trillion cells and over the course of about 14 months they all varying rates they regenerate themselves and a broken bone can heal itself in six weeks you don't think the body knows how to heal itself yeah anybody tells you that your bone on bone emia totally new places like telling you the world is flat so so you don't have surgery no I don't need surgery anymore the pain level is just gone every once in a while might have a little bit of a through the weather or whatever it would barometric job changes but I've got these exercises that I was given to do and it helps that and I'm thinking of some of the officials and all that and it it's all worked out very well and no surgery all this has taken place in only three months so I'm really looking forward to the rest of my life now and I have something else to is one of the things that I've told friends about me get concerned about all insurance cover others and that my question to them is always what is your pain worth to you and something to consider because I'm healing it mayn't cool yeah good now against her yeah I mean but that takes a lot of courage you know you get a surgery scheduled I mean that's a big deal so when when DaVinci said the human foots a masterpiece of engineering we have to start appreciating ourselves because it's a whole different world when I talk about knee regeneration okay now it's been nearly 25 years I speak with great authority I was actually walking across the street it had both my legs broken I was hit by a car now you're gonna learn a lot about anatomy the bone that's that the big femur that rides on is called the tibia they were split lengthways now then then I also fractured my sternum bruised my heart and liver has fractured my skull which was good because I was unapproachable good looking you know right now I'm you know I have more character okay and then my front teeth were knocked out now now so so I mean I saw the the medical world and they were saying yeah no problem you know we can give you medications and things and keep you comfortable let me tell you the things that they give you like advil motrin Aleve those are not sturdily anti-inflammatories they destroyed joint cartilage tylenols the deadliest drug in America that I mean the only one that I really dug was morphine but that destroys your your lung capacity and Italy predisposes you to brain damage and addictions I that's not a good a good you know lying now with what I was doing before I saw the body get cut and heal I've broken things before and I know it heals so I thought why can't the knees heal and so I ended up getting into anatomy and physiology and I taught human dissection for eight years so I've dissected hundreds of knees and luckily over practice over the last 17 years I've actually experimented and found out that knees do regenerate now but but it takes a change of belief system now I'd love this body building group you have to be 75 years old to join so I got another 21 years before I can even join okay yeah there's a celebrity so so when I just played your testimonial now now but all the books that I've written about curing fibromyalgia do you need to change your belief system on that absolutely now what happens is patients typically follow the belief system of the doctors so if you're in like have you ever heard of cancer you know you know if you join a cancer your support group that you're gonna die early okay because what do you talk about in those groups okay you don't talk about health and nutrition so you start talking or you can fall into the belief system of the doctor particularly if they believe that you can recover from incurable diseases so it's what I want to do tonight is make you have an appreciation for how beautiful you are inside I mean you better walk by a mirror and smile I mean your fight you're talking 26 different bones okay it when you look at it a hundred tendons and ligaments and it's formed in a beautiful arch so it's strong and flexible what's stronger concrete or a foot a foot you're right I've seen people break concrete blocks I've broken concrete blocks with my foot I've broken boards with my foot you know it's amazing but it's still flexible and strong I mean that's incredible and if you've ever watched ballet I love ballet I mean it just to be the same species I'm not going to be a ballet dancer but I mean to know that you can do that now the knee is huge this is gonna be the first one that we're gonna take a look at it's it doesn't Bend it pivots okay and when we look at this the top bone the big one the thigh bone is called the femur it glides on this shelf called the tibial plateau and when you look at it it's not symmetrical and this is the toughest part because a lot of like when you look at knee braces they typically have the same right one on the inside one on the outside not only is that foolish but it doesn't allow for the dynamics at how the knee actually works this is the top of the tibia that's the inside portion of the knee the other ones the outside so it actually pivots twice as much on the inside as it does on the outside now when in injuries has anyone ever heard of an ACL injury well there's actually a terrible triad of Donoghue okay and what happens if the knee is hit from the outside okay or jammed from the outside going in and that's typical in footballer a lot of sports injuries you tear three things in order you tear what's called a medial collateral ligament and that's the ligament where runs on the inside part of the joint now it's it's interesting to note that when the two bones come together you got the tibia here and the femur here you've got one ligament on the inside called the medial collateral ligament one ligament on the outside called the lateral collateral ligament now the media one is attached to meniscus and meniscus is this pink area here if you ever saw meniscus in in real live dead bodies okay if I say that but you know what I mean right okay okay real cadavers yeah it looks just like Tupperware it's the coolest looking thing you ever saw and so it's flexible and strong now this is where doctors get confused because in that on that tibial plateau you've got a constant force okay of pressure where that bonus is coming down on it and they'll say hey it's a vascular a vascular means there's no blood vessels there of course not want to see me compress that tibial plateau want me to do it again I give you this all day long but my knees are not going to run out of blood because the way the design is there's so much compressive force loading on top of that that there's no blood vessels so the knee joint itself has to get its nutrients through the synovial fluid through the membrane because those two bones are two bones coming together surrounded by a synovial membrane and the membrane is like a super filter system where it's a super filtrate of blood that gets in there and that's how the joints get direct but but when we're looking at all of these structures the ligaments the meniscus the the tendons that support the bone that come around it the reason that the medical world doesn't understand that it can regenerate what's their primary line of therapy non-steroidal anti-inflammatories yeah that destroys proteoglycan that's actual building blocks of the cartilage so you're taking something that makes you feel better but you're destroying because on this bone here is it's almost like a Teflon coating it's called cartilage it's living there's actually blasts or cells on there called control blasts that build the cartilage and you already know this because if you have a knee problem and you sit for a couple of hours what's it like when you first stand up yeah you feel like 10-man you know oil yeah you know you know it hurts okay but then you move around a little bit you lubricate the joints now with the beauty of this is I'm gonna lubricate my knee right in front of you wait did I do that too fast I'll try it again I'll Charles slow it down amazing isn't it I know I know I know it just blows me away to that I'm able to do that in front of it well what I did was I walked when you walk that knee joint opens up and it creates a negative pressure the calf actually pulls that knee joint open creating a negative pressure allowing the super filtrate of synovial fluid a super filtrate of blood to get in there and nutrify and nourish it and also – would you look at these ligaments just like a muscle if you put them under strain they can actually regenerate okay does that does that make sense so when we're looking at the anatomy and physiology it moves twice as much on the inside as it does on the outside yes absolutely there's no blood vessels on the top of that the outside edge of the meniscus does have blood blood supply but on the middle it doesn't and it should have it because it is under such compressive force loads so when we look at this when we're talking about regeneration you've got to talk about healthy blood that gets in that's a novio membrane to renew try it and then we have to talk about the normal motion how we separate it out and pull lit apart to strain those ligaments to build them up okay does that make sense now we're gonna look at the muscles now you've heard of a fulcrum and a lever okay you know I think was Pythagoras that said give me a fulcrum long enough we could lift the world we know it wasn't Pythagoras who is that other mathematician Archimedes Archimedes oh I just saw the special on him a brilliant guy so when we look at the knee we've got muscles all around it and you've got this kneecap called a patella and it is the fulcrum this is this is the absolute most beautiful thing and you've got a couple of other sesamoid bones bones that are encased in tendons to take some of the stress off of the muscles now it happens that when I was 22 I actually shattered my right patella so I got a chance to learn about that I fell off a three-story building I landed on a concrete and and yeah I was you know so I guess I was destined to teach this stuff now when you look at this you've got two muscles that guide the action of it okay one on the inside one on the outside vastus lateralis and vastus medialis now those two muscles if they're not guiding that patella that fulcrum they're going to be off so then you start looking at this and say because most of the knee problems that I fix aren't really involved in the knee they're gonna involve the mechanics of the foot they're gonna involve the calf they're gonna involve the hip or pelvis they're gonna involve the innervation of it they're gonna involve the tracking of that patella they're gonna involve healthy blood supply or unhealthy blood supply healthy nerve supply what's in in crazy world we think a knee problem is a knee problem that's ridiculous that's like saying depression is a brain problem no that doesn't work either you know I mean we have to look you got to do a little bit more detective work but you got also appreciate how human beings are okay so when you look at this we've got the muscles that surround it so the tracking the patella is really good wait a second the muscles control the tracking of that patella and in the in the joint doesn't move like this it moves like a screw so it moves twice as much on the inside so that's pretty dynamic now what controls the action of the muscles say nervous system oh you're so right it is so wait a second so the nerves that come out of the low back govern the tone of those muscles and so that's dynamic now now oh god I forgetting about the foot let's look at the foot the foots a coiled spring okay now have you ever heard of plantar fasciitis or bunions or claw foot we're gonna cover all of that but most of those deformities are an adaptation from long term problems with the the coiled spring that it should be see the foot has got four arches okay you've got to run the length ways to run across ways and it's just such a neat design it glides and then this is how normal people walk but what happens if you pinch the nerves in the low back like let's say you've golfed eight hours a day do you think you might develop a back problem of course of course because golfing under that swing increases the pressure on the l5 s1 disc the disc right at the base that supplies that foot in calf eight times normal sitting increases at five times normal no I want to hear Wow okay yeah but you don't feel it so then you start thinking wait a second a sedentary lifestyle that's going to compress the nerves causing the foot to flatten out causing the foot to flatten out that's going to change the mechanics so no longer will people glide and smooth walk what they're gonna do and you'll see this in the mall they start walking where they move their hips you see people walking like this oh yeah okay so now wait a sec so that means sedentary lifestyles or weak intrinsic muscles of the foot this so that causes the foot to flatten out now you're got a good design feature on there a super strong tissue on the bottom of the foot and this is called the plantar surface so if that fits flattens out is that going to strain that tissue yes or yes okay good so strained issue is going to inflame it because the body is tearing it down the body wants to build it up and we say itís for inflammation so that would be plantar fascia itís so plantar fasciitis isn't a disease it's weak intrinsic muscles of the foot can you imagine a barbaric society that would shoot that with cortisone how foolish okay because we look at it oh yeah yeah flat feet running my family no flat feet don't run they don't run in families okay we never would have caught the Antelope okay sedentary lifestyles do okay so that's something that we gotta solve so when we look at this so the loss of those arches of the foot that's going to cause somebody to change their mechanics when they walk yes so that means instead of having a normal knee planting that means they're going to be using the pelvis to walk in correctly now if you work the pelvis incorrectly that's going to destabilize that pelvis and that's going to compress the nerves as well so does that mean that flat feet lead to difficult menstrual cycles prostate issues bowel and bladder problems I know so it requires a little bit more detective work but you have more appreciation for for the lower extremity oh man if we ever do a talk on wrist you're gonna be blown away but but this and now you got to figure the hearts up here and and if you've ever heard that soldiers if they stand at attention with their legs lock they pass out okay but if they leave their knees a little bit they start I'm great and you know I'm doing accentuating and I'm most people don't leave like this unless you've seen shooters next door but I think that's that's a you know cerebellum issue okay so but but you know you leave a little bit like this what that does that tightens up and relaxes tighten this up and relaxes the calf inside of the calf you know you've all heard of the Achilles tendon right for a bored question what's the other name of the Achilles tendon nope triceps surae so now you know one of the questions on the board yeah I thought the board review ok triceps surae that means there's three muscles that attach to it so when you look at it looks like quadriceps is up here there's four muscles that attach to that there's three muscles that attach to that Achilles medial and lateral gastroc sore you know and then we've got the soleus the soleus is the neatest muscle you've ever seen it actually is a pump so every time this foot pumps or does that it actually allows more blood to drain out of the foot that allows more fluid to flow into it and we're going to go over how you have to have this pumping action in order to have healthy blood supply if you have healthy blood supply then you get healthy synovial fluid production of healthy synovial fluid production it takes the pressure off of that knee okay so no questions at the end if we weren't recording I'd be answering them now now this is a perfect knee actually – perfect knees now that she was told because she had knee pain she had knee pain do you think this could be referred from the low back from an unstable pelvis from a flat foot now that you're educated her orthopedic guy says nope you know your grandpa had knee surgery grandma had knee surgery it must run in your family no messed up knees don't run I know I got to keep using that bad humor okay this one's a fake knee okay this is what I actually changed your name to bill and some of the slides but this is what you avoid it okay and you can see what they do is they take a steel shaft bore out the hole of the leg and then they just feed it in there okay and then they take a little saw and then they beat it in the femur and then they actually connect it up it's brutal it's brutal I didn't work on cadavers that hard but but what's what's interesting is her back pain went away when he got her when we got her pelvis stabilized and we got her foot working correctly okay and and now here a patellar tracking and this is a slide because I travel across the country teaching other doctors how to check to see because you're never gonna have correct a scoliosis unless you correct for the patellar tracking you're never gonna correct fibromyalgia unless you check for a patellar tracking you're never gonna correct virtually any low back issue unless you check for a patella tracking why because of the the tracking of the patella is off you're always gonna have altered gait okay does that make sense if you have altered gait that means the pelvis is going to be completely unstable so when I'm teaching doctors I'm telling them how to pull it one way pull it the other way so I'm not going to teach you how to check for patella tracking just know that it's vital what's wild is since you've got one muscle on the inside one muscle on the outside by to check the strength of those you're gonna extend it out you're just this is how you work both of them but if you have liked some of the exercises I'll give some my patients sometimes the foot will be turned out to strengthen one muscle you know the vastus medialis sometimes it'll be turned in to strengthen strengthen the other muscle what's kind of interesting if you your muscles hurt or your knee hurts when you're walking down stairs typically it's a vastus medialis problem that's the muscle on the inside if it hurts going up stairs or up hills typically it's the other muscle vastus lateralis so I always tell them you know you're either gonna do Jerry Lewis or Charlie Chaplin okay you know Lewis and Chaplin so now now this is is a double knee that I take and I always take a double knee because they always say it's bone on bone if you can't bend it it probably is bone on bone if you can bend it I guarantee it's not bone on bone why because it wouldn't Bend okay does that make sense it's not rocket science this should be like basic stuff but when you're looking at this you can see a space here and not a space there neither one of them look that good okay but on this patient here it was this one on the left-hand side that was the worst now what's interesting you can see the shadow of the patella how its way off to the side that patella should be in the middle so you could see in the back row patella tracking issue so that means that there's gotta be some kind of problem in the low back there's got to be some kind of pelvis issue there's got to be some kind of foot issue that's contributing to this does that make sense yeah sure enough now what's neat is I'll typically give an exercise of using ankle weights to force that knee joint open on the first visit do you know why because I want that miracle thing because there's a trust factor here you got you got a person like this who's intelligent educated that's been to the finest orthopedic surgeons in the world yes that is true if you have a knife everything looks like surgery if you have a hammer everything looks like a nail so you're are you gonna get a non-surgical opinion from a surgeon no that's pretty much it okay so so when you look at this you know after you swing the weights on the very first visit there's going to be a symptom relief now if symptoms started decrease after about three four weeks okay I've got reduce the drugs and here's the post x-ray now it's hard to see but there's a little bit more of a gap there there's a little bit more of a gap there so both sides are regenerating that's pretty cool let me show you where the real problem was this is the lumbar spine now standing up straight now when we talk about neurology like we talked about neuropathy last week if somebody has pain that comes right down to these two fingers that's the six cervical nerve root that's the eighth cervical nerve root the 7th cervical nerve root we usually use for waving hello and changing lanes okay but but also I mean you'll see you know somebody will say oh god I got pain right up here yeah that's about t4 okay England own pain that's gonna be the throttle lumbar Junction l3 goes to the knee the third lumbar the apex of this bin is the third lumbar so you're talking a 14 degree Bend before ninety days later it's down to nine degrees so are we regenerating the discs in the low back absolutely that's taking massive pressure off what do you think that does to the patella tracking I don't know let's take a look so we look at this we see the patella way off to the side it's now more towards the midline Wow isn't that fun I mean when you look at x-rays it's just like wow there's like it's like Sherlock Holmes stuff it's total detective work okay so so this is one of them best exercises to work and to open up the knee now if I can open up the knee just by walking what if we really force it open we pull that baby open you know you put like five or ten pounds of force to pull it open now when I work at the gym have you ever seen kettlebells yeah I'll use about 15 to 20 pound kettlebells the only reason is because the the hole on the kettlebell is big enough for my fat foot I got a size 13 so I can wiggle it in there and then I can sit on the desk and just use it because they don't have ankle weights at the gym I go to but what this does think of this is that create more negative pressure inside of that joint is it straining the ligaments yes and so more negative pressure that means more synovial fluid production you strain the ligaments you increase the production those ligaments get stronger okay and you also notice a difference right away you can hydrate the cartilage faster so that means all of this the medial collateral ligament lateral collateral ligament they anterior and posterior cruciate well here's kind of a little thing anterior and posterior cruciate cruciate means across and that cool I know when you learn a little that and it's like oh that makes sense so to regenerate meniscus you got to distract it you've got a cause inflammation you've got to distract it you've got a cause inflammation inflammation is not evil it is a repair process anti-inflammatories are evil okay systemic inflammation will kill you okay so if you eat enough stuff then in flames your arteries are gonna die but local inflammation is how this regenerates you have to restore the nerve supply because that hits the patellar tracking and the calf muscle and then you have to clean the blood that's vital that's means vegetable juicing that mean it's non-toxic anti-inflammatory foods and you have to restore the foot mechanics now this trophy and our supports if you've been walking flat feet like this I've been walking with a hurt knee do you think the pelvis needs to be paid attention to yes or yes absolutely now here's another board question actually not a board question there's one of the questions that I did when I taught named the muscle that crosses the posterior aspect of the SI joint you have to write this and that want one of our patients he's the kindest most loving doctor is is in charge of pediatric needle and milli neonatal unit he says don't ask me that I said doc I'm just kidding I'm not putting down the spot here the correct answer there isn't one I know I know nasty teacher yeah you would not want me okay I'd make you pass the board's but but which so when you look at this that joint is perfect if there's no muscle that crosses the back half of it piriformis crosses the front half it's a perfect joint and so then you get all of these people it raise your hand if you've heard of piriformis syndrome yeah it doesn't exist okay what it is muscles don't just react on their own okay that's psychotic okay but since it does cross an if that joints unstable it's gonna increase tone so you've got all these physical therapists and doctors working with that pair for working with it instead of just looking to see and it's a super easy to find out if you approximate the hips and it feels better you need an SSO pointer or trochanter support takes about three weeks to stabilize this joint you wear the belt for about three four weeks BAM stabilized you throw a belt away I know it's really that simple also to in to work the calf muscle because this is going to hydrate the disks now a lot of people if they're going to bike ride they'll put the pedal on the heel what you want is the tip of the pedal on the toe so every time you go down you want to flex that calf and flex that calf and this has to do even when your bike riding because I bike right for a lot of long distances but I bike ride slow okay I have one of those recumbents and it's really kind of neat you're sitting in a comfortable cheese chair you know listen to some training but you got this pumping action you're always going to be hydrating the muscles and that hydrating the muscles so you're going to be able to go great distances without ever fatiguing out and if you're flying in an airplane you've got to do gas pedal where one foot goes up one foot goes down one foot goes up one foot goes down that way you're always bringing oxygen to the to the joint does that make sense okay now this we've used a tremendous amount of this very high-tech block yeah it does grow on trees okay this honest-to-goodness is a stretch for the calf that we prescribed and we prescribed on a regular basis why for unstable pelvises because if that calf isn't working right you start to see this pelvis walk okay so it radically changes everything do we give this for fibromyalgia yes or yes do we give it for difficult menstrual cycles you'll see that tree back there with a bunch of kids on it okay most of those came from women that were used to be diagnosed and fertile do you think that they have unstable pelvises did so this has brought kids into the world I know you just thought it was a block of wood didn't you nope and so what we look at and this is this is how a normal calf is you don't want to stretch on a stair because that's tighten it up you want a passive stretch and all see a tremendous amount of teenagers that don't have flexibility of the calf if they don't have flexibility of the calf guess what's going to happen multiple twisted ankles knee problems unstable pelvis weight unstable pelvis is that difficult menstrual cycles yeah does that mean possible lack of b12 absorption since that's the distal ileum though the lower part of the intestinal tract so-so and I know it I don't want to make it sound too complicated but you got to start looking at every symptom as as a clue if somebody has lower energy is that because the nerves and the low back that supply that little area the intestine where B vitamins are absorbed it is depression and anxiety because the pelvis is unstable and that compromises the nerves that supply that that produce ninety percent of the body's serotonin I know so you start thinking wait a second should we check feet knees calf and pelvis on every patient you betcha okay absolutely now when we talk about sitting remember golf increases the pressure on the disc that supplies the feet eight times normal City increases at five times normal so how do we count Iraq that we do this okay rolled-up towel water bottle it's placed back there for ten to fifteen minutes and take it out eighteen minutes is going to be perfect but how long as long as you're sitting so if I mean we've got people that drive the three four hours to get here one way so they're doing it all the way up they get adjusted they do it all the way back people fly you it's gonna turn flying and driving into therapy if you're sitting here if you have an office job the ball chair is about the best safest that you can have now here's another one now what's frustrating you can see that she had a fake hip now remember I'm talking about this is the six this is the seventh is the eighth cervical nerve root okay this is t12 l3 goes to the knee l2 goes to the hip so when we look at this that's an old hip injury so if this holds true that you compromised the nerve supply to that joint that the joint is compromised then since that's a fake hip she should have a problem at l2 and she does have a problem at l2 so that was missed so you've got a profession that's actually going in there they're saying yeah you got a bad hip joint and they're not looking at why it's bad they're not saying clean up the joint they're not saying clean up the nerve supply they're not saved by gosh let's regenerate that joint no give me my hammer and chisel we'll put a new one in there I know I know so we're gonna change that world and her knees they're gonna be perfect she's not gonna have a NEPA doll though what did what did the surgeon say it runs in the family yeah you can say bad knees don't run okay so it works on so many different levels no but when you look at this okay it's just those joints are not the worst joints I've showed you tonight are they they actually look pretty darn good yeah we can fix that now this is this is vital here's a patient that had microdiscectomy surgery and it didn't work okay microg diskectomy is like saying a tactical nuclear war you know no it's bad no matter what you get under the knife it's not good for you well the only way to find if the nerve is compressed you have to bend it to one side take a picture bend it to the other side and take a picture okay and this is called a stress x-ray what I wanted to show this one because he's got hip issues and knee issues and those are the two discs are out okay he actually said yeah I don't think you'll be able to help me from my low back because I've got another surgery scheduled for my spine you know I just heard you're pretty good with knees yeah I guess what he didn't have the back surgery is all better you know you know it's just yeah because if the knees can regenerate if cartilage can regenerate can disk regenerate yeah absolutely absolutely the feet are a coiled spring and that's why you have to restore the normal intrinsic muscles of the foot when we look at this I mean bunions are not from wearing incredibly hot shoes like that okay I'm never gonna tell a woman who not wear high heels men do we like high heels yeah I'm sorry let me hear it again men do we like I heels good not to wear them but to look at them okay good yes okay so well we're close to Hollywood you know I'm not going to judge okay but but when you look at this the bunion doesn't form because of the high heels it from forms from weak intrinsic muscles of the foot not from the shoe so keep wearing them okay but the person has to restore the nerve supply in the back and walk on uneven surfaces and bunions go away I've got a gal 76 years old she had the worst bunions in the world two years ago and now she comes in here she whips off her socks and says look at my pretty feet yeah they're pretty cool these are some of the foot exercises okay we recommend like putting marbles on the floor picking them up walking or ripping up grass with your toes that's gonna be ideal but use them and then give yourself a massage okay and I got to tell you if you're gonna give your sweetheart a foot massage that's five minutes of work you know what the reward is Wow smile says that okay yeah yeah now again cloth but it's not from wearing really cool-looking shoes okay it has to do with the muscles and tendons of the foot or not healthy so we've got to pay more attention to the feet by gosh we're on them all the time okay so this means a foot massages this means healthy nerve supply this means walk and barefoot barefoot in the grass is vital in plus we also have a connection with the earth okay so it's good for detoxing the system but we need to walk on uneven surfaces athlete's foot this is not a problem a fungus it's a problem with weak nerve with with an unhealthy immune system because we all have fungus on our toes I mean there's a lot of ways you can treat it you can urinate on it you could soak it in vinegar you can do all of this stuff but look for the real cause okay it has to do with a weak immune system you fix the weak immune system you restore the blood supply do you think you can have athlete's foot if you have a healthy calf which has that pump in it which allows healthy blood supply to come to it it's really cool you start looking at it and they're real solutions as specialty purpose shoes I like those I mean rock climbing is fun but these are the new running shoes the new running shoes are going to be have no heel pad with no arch support because you want full motion I mean there's starting to experiment around with a lot of marathoners are doing barefoot marathons and they're finally not I mean I'm on my feet from 4:30 in the morning till about 8:30 at night and I have the toe shoes I mean I have absolutely no arch support why because they're the best thing biomechanically for my body these are the best to toe shoes around and if you happen to be blessed with duck feet or size 13 or greater okay like me and my boys get them on sale don't ask for color just ask for size yeah the size 13 you don't have a lot of choices okay but you can get them on the sale rack okay this is going to be one of the most advanced ones out there but these also are flat with with full range of motions so I truly they do look attractive I know I know but some people don't like them okay and also too when we look at doubt fungus diabetes it shows up in the feet first why because it's the furthest point away from the heart so when we look at toes we look at the health of the feet I'm looking at the health of the blood I'm looking at health of the calf do you think somebody's gonna have doubt toe fungus or diabetes and have a good pelvis no do you think they're gonna have a healthy nerve supply no so you're looking at this is the end result of chronic system toxicities now this is phenomenal you got to clean the blood with healthy juicing this stuff's great lakes gelatin is one of the best to restore normal it gives your body the building materials particularly if you have mainly a plant-based diet Great Lakes gelatin is just about one of the best sources and you gotta figure like 30 35 bucks worth of gelatin is gonna last you if four or five months and I mix it in coffee I mix it in soups it's great online online yeah yeah it's fantastic and now here these are four different patients the side view of the lumbar a normal disc has a space but we're looking at compression compression compression all of these patients they had either depression anxiety a prostate issues bowel issues bladder issues low energy issues back pain foot pain pelvis pain where do you think it started at the disk now can dis regenerate yes or yes yeah cartilage can regenerate the body's alive it doesn't have any dead tissue so when you restore the discs you restore the nerve supply you restore the nutrients you stabilize the person isn't that cool I know I know this is the this is gonna be the future so this is what your body requires you require healthy nerve supply yl3 to the knee anyone with the knee problems gonna have a third lumbar if you got hip issues it's going to be the second okay you can it's just like drawn a map I could showed you dozen cases tonight I can show you hundreds of them they're all the same regular exercise this means to work the joints and work the ligaments okay and and that's it could be as little as a half hour walk in a day proper nutrition this means a plant-based anti-inflammatory diet because the health of the blood is going to denote the health of the organ systems and then we get sufficient rest this is something I'm experimenting around normally have about four and a half to five hours of sleep I've been trying to get six to seven hours of sleep it's a weird experiment yeah and prayer and meditation you got to do it that's daily stuff because your attitude will generate tissue depression and anxiety is going to cause an alteration in digestion it's going to cause an alteration in neurotransmitter function and it's going to cause an alteration and cell metabolism so this thing will actually help regenerate the tissue vitally now all of this stuff all of these the handouts everything that we do are available okay on our owner's guide site and this is for everybody on YouTube and in all our patients I spread the news how many operations could be stopped from just simple understanding that an anti-inflammatory diet or how many doctors will now start looking at the pelvis instability as a part of flat feet or bunions if you see someone with bunions do they have weak intrinsic muscles do they have a low back problem yes sir yes I know it gets kind of cool it's all detective work yeah all of this can be fixed it's it's it's like vital and also – oh yeah and next week we're going to talk about vaccine rights and the legal loopholes


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