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hi guys happy new year I hope you had an amazing start to a year and celebrated with people that you love today I wanted to do a video about how to be healthy and happy in 2018 this is a new year we have a chance to start all over again which is so amazing so before we continue I wanted to say huge thank you to life Sam for partnering up with me and sponsoring this video and I'm gonna talk a little bit more about this app that I found very helpful so you guys can download it and kind of follow along with what I'm gonna show you on this app so with a new year I think staying active is always a resolution for everybody everybody wants to move more and go to the gym and be active I always talk about taking baby steps towards every goal the reason why a lot of people are kind of not reaching their goals is because they're going really aggressively from the beginning and then they kind of lose interest or something's not working out and then it's all goes down my biggest tip when it comes to start being active is taking it slowly make slow changes that can become into habits and then without noticing you're gonna start being active without even trying that hard so for me I would start with taking walks more often or just moving taking different classes once in a while you don't have to go to the gym and sit there and look around and not understanding what's going on and what you're supposed to do I know that feeling I hate the gym so I always say you don't even have to go to the gym honestly there's so much information out there there's so many amazing YouTube videos that you can do exercises at home you can run after your kids you can dance you can really do a lot so I think that first you have to fall in love with actually being active and life to move around and then you can really start getting into a fitness routine it really took me a while to figure out what are my favorite exercises and I tried a buncha tried boxing I tried like hit exercises and I found that Pilates works well for me the whole thing is like you gotta put it yourself out there trying new things and see what works for you I found that even on days where I don't have time to get to the gym I'll just dance and move around and drop with my kids cuz I already know that my body feels good when it moves so I hope you guys will really embrace getting into shape and not necessarily going hard into exercising and start slowly and really fall in love with the process and make it into a habit along with staying active of course nutrition is a very important part of staying healthy I always tell people 80% is what you eat and 20% is active so you have to have a balanced active obviously is good for your body and to get stronger but also for your brain and nutrition is the same it really complements each other with attrition it's very important to start being aware of what you eat and what your body needs and how to fuel it properly and what I love about life some and why I decided to partner up with them is because this is the perfect health app for everybody there's nothing too aggressive about it there's nothing that makes you feel that you won't be able to achieve any of this it has personalized diet plans it has a live score test where basically they ask you a bunch of questions and seeing where the imbalance comes from from your everyday life and it gives you advice about where to add and where to subscribe it's like having a nutritionist with you that gives you meal plans they send you recipes to try at home and they're very simple recipes things that you can find in your fridge and great thing that a lot of us always miss is the water tracker so they have a really cute feature where you actually press every time you drink a glass and you have an amount of glasses you should drink a day so it's a very interactive easy-to-use app that you feel like you have a nutritionist / a friend that's like subtle about the way they tell you how to do things but like you get the message when it comes to food I think that all of us get so overwhelmed sometimes because there's so much information on the internet I get so many questions about should I do this detox and should I do that and how what do you think about this and coconut oil is good for you then coconut oil is bad for you and then chia seeds are like cancer it's like there's oh they're not that way they're not chia seeds are amazing there's always you know new things new supplements that come into the market I think that for me what keeps me in check with the way I eat is I know the basics of what every food represents and once you learn a little bit what good fiber is and what good fats are and the amount of water you should drink and just different techniques it starts becoming a habit and you don't think about it too much I really want to highlight the fact that if you have a bad eating day it doesn't mean that you know this is this is not working you should stop doing what you're doing just go back to your old ways there's gonna be ups and downs but you have to educate yourself and there's a lot of information and a lot of help like life some that can really guide you through it so being aware what to eat and remembering that what you put in your body should energize you and make you feel better and not worse if you find that sound foods are slowing you down you should really be more mindful and see what works for your body and what doesn't with supplements I think that there's so much out there if you have a balanced diet you probably won't need 95 of those supplements I always personally recommend to take fish oil a multivitamin is not necessary but you can and probiotics as probiotics yes that's the way to go for everything so really start learning what your body reacts to your friends diet if they're vegan or not vegan or paleo doesn't mean that it's gonna work for you so it is a journey it sometimes can be frustrating but once you finding that balance and not only physically but also emotionally and psychologically the sky's the limit you're gonna feel like a newborn baby how does a newborn baby tail like a million bucks like a million bucks if you are looking to make a more drastic changes in your diet and you're gearing towards weight loss lifestyle offers a great weight loss Kickstarter feature I tried a lot of different apps and I have to say that this is the most balanced and very user-friendly and realistic app that doesn't make you feel like you have to completely change your life these are small little things that you can implement and it really guides you step by step so when you sign out they actually give you a three-week meal plan with four meals per day which is amazing because you have a guy that you can follow there's recipes that are super easy and you get a meal plan that you can really see and plan what you're gonna eat you also get a shopping list that you can go with to the grocery store so it really guides you to what you buy and how you're gonna prepare it and this program is three weeks long what's great about it is that it educates you about the healthy ingredients and their amounts and servings that you should eat so actually once you even off that program you'll be able to follow the steps and make it into a routine so this is not a fad diet this is not something that you do for a month and then stop it and gain all the way back so one of the key factors to a good and healthy lifestyle change is planning so this is something that this particular feature offers you it teaches you how to plan your food what you should buy and pre plan ahead so there's no space for confusion or for failure so this is one of the features that I highly recommend you guys to check out if you are interested in weight loss the last thing is being mindful and kind to your body I think a lot of us gives ourselves so much negative feedback if we don't eat well or if you know today you didn't go to the gym or anything like that and we have to remember we're human and not every day is gonna be perfect and that's okay find ways to be flexible and move around it if today you had a bad meal make sure that the next day you have a green smoothie as a snack we can always alter it around you have to be your own cheerleader you can be mean to yourself you can just give up once two days or three days you're eating pizza three days in a row it's fine get up and get your smoothie going and your body moving and get back to it with eating a lot of us have a lot of emotional attachment to eating I think a lot of us when we feel bad we eat when we feel good we eat there's always you know some kind of emotional thing tied to it so maybe even taking the time to realize if you have any emotional relationship with food that kind of stops you from getting to your goal actually sitting down and focusing on a food and being grateful and chewing our food will help a lot I think it's very important for us to learn how to start loving our bodies and want to not change it because we hate it but better it because we love it I think that's state of mind would really help you with reaching your new year's resolution when it comes to health so I hope you guys really start connecting to yourselves and understanding that you guys are so blessed to be here there is one to a million chance of like you being born you want to a million so I think you guys should really learn to respect the body that you in and treat it well with that said these are my tips for a healthy and happy 2018 I hope you guys will find this useful and if you are interested in checking out live some that I highly encourage it's gonna be such a great kind of Kickstarter for your new journey for 2018 the app is available for free download I'm gonna put a link in my description box and check it out let me know what you think about the app I actually think you're gonna be really excited about it because I am and I've been using it I need to be a stronger valaria this year I hope you guys enjoyed this video let me know what you think in the comments and Happy New Year out let me know your resolutions for 2018 I'm very curious love you


  1. You can download the Lifesum app here:

  2. With me, I love dancing and hiking cause I just enjoy it. I'm a teenager so before I had to do these annoying workouts that lose weight, tone up, and etc. But people out there.
    You don't have to do these workouts!! Do Excersing that you enjoy! 🙂

  3. This the most realistic video I have ever watch not gonna lie even if this video was sponsor you weren't scared to talk about the negative part of fitness and you also spread positive and ilysm 💘

  4. I never watched / liked blogs until I accidentally saw one of yours & I loooooove watching you. You inspire me Soo much and you have such a deep heart and soul ! I love you girl keep doing what you're doing , the world needs more souls like you !❤️

  5. hello, anyone knows what's the music background? I LOVE IT
    Thank you so much Valeria for this video ♥

  6. LOVE how you don’t necessarily have a “niche” you just do your thing & spread love in every video!!!! You keep doin you girl!! 💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓

  7. I used to hate exercise. Honestly. It was the bane of my existence. I wound up finding a better reason to workout – I was in a play and the part I was cast as was really physical, and I wanted to be able to pull it off. Now I genuinely enjoy it.
    For diet, I never ate well. I ate whatever, whenever, very few veggies or fruit and lots of junk food. Learning to eat well and to love foods that just happen to be healthy, that was a slow process. Now I'm vegan – didn't see that one coming either. If you're reading this, you can do this. Take care of yourself (and of your 70-year-old self!), and God bless <3

  8. I'm not saying everyone is the same, but I used the Lifesum app for over a year and I started to become really obsessed with counting calories. I don't see food, I see numbers. I had to deleted the app. Please watch out. It can be really helpful, but do not get obsessed!

  9. Watching pretty late 😂 but my New Years resolution or goal per se is to start focusing on my career and take certain steps to get there

  10. May i ask you..did you aways wanted a family so young? Do you come from a big family with many siblings? How did your wish for having a family at this age affect your career? Don´t want to sound intrusive or that i think having a family at 26 is super soon- I come from a slavic culture, having kids younger is completely normal. I´ve been watching your `realistic morning routine´ and i thought it was so beautiful. I always planned to not have kids myself, never felt like i want that more than my career and that ´freedom´ to do what i want without this scary responsibility of being a parent. I know you of course can have both – career and family – although it´s hard, but i never thought i´d want this. Would really like to know your view on that topic – being a modern mom – and how do you with all those mom,wife,daughter,sister,friend standards and expectations make sure you don´t lose yourself. Love from a Slovenian, living in Austria ❤

  11. Thanks, here more health tips, if you wish,

  12. Ugh I I know that gym feeling too!

  13. Why do you take fish oil ?

  14. Queen! You always make me feel so confident and ready to face the day 💖✨

  15. I love your thought and emotions…

  16. So nice… I grabbed something about you that you r beautiful hearted person as you look…. ❤

  17. My new years resolutions…
    Drink more water, floss, wake up earlier, eat healthier (less carbs) and make my bed every morning.

  18. Valeria your are my Guru 😍 Je t'adore, merci et bonne année à toi et ta famille 😘
    From Belgium with love.

  19. Happy New Year Valeria!

  20. dear Valeria can you please please upload how to build your self-esteem video?

  21. You are an Angel for this world:)

  22. Valeria you're so sweet, I think you're the only model that actually speaks the truth, I hope you have a perfect 2018 year and I'd really like a video about your hair routine and how you keep them healthy..if you can♡ Thank you and love you!

  23. How old is she ?

  24. Help. I loaded Lifesum and I don’t know how to edit my plan. I was going to do two 500 calorie days…and realized that it’s too much to start with. What I don’t like is my inability to change my food plan for the day?

  25. PLEASE MORE VLOG !!!! 🙂

  26. Your videos make me so happy!

  27. Your nouse is beautiful

  28. that mom face she made when she said "chewing your food" XD

  29. You're too hot for being a mom 😍😘 very inspiring 👌 Iloveyou !

  30. You're too hot for being a mom 😍😘 very inspiring 👌 Iloveyou !

  31. Dear Valeria. Just wanted to say thanks for all your great tips.
    You have helped so much with my food routine. Can not wait too se more of your videos!
    You are amazing!

  32. Thank you for this video. I needed to see this, it was my daughters third birthday today and let’s just say I ate waaayyy more pizza than I should have. I hated myself instantly so after watching this I gave myself a break and planned my next smoothie for tomorrow. Also my New Years resolution is to run the bloomsday marathon my city holds every April.

  33. i love your tips, verry helpful and simple! thank you for share them 😘
    ….and i LOVE your sweater, where do you buy it?

  34. Valeria, you don't know how much I love you! I started watching this video and I immediately thoughy "aww, I missed her voice and way of talking", maybe this will sound a bit dramatic, but you make me feel like I'm at home and that's a lot coming from such a reserved person as I am. You make me want to improve myself in every aspect of my life and I can't thank you enough for that. I had a bad day today and you as always made me feel better. I love you, happy new year and I hope you have an amazing year full of great experiences and achieve even more goals.

  35. Valeria you are such an inspiration, you got a vibe so great, you really give happiness ❀ Thanks to be here!!
    My 2018 resolutions are :
    – enjoy your life, don't care about the small details
    – take care of your body, because this is the unique place where you have to live
    – read more
    – pass more time with my family
    – laugh a lot ( not really a resolution but more a reminder haha )

  36. С Новым годом😁 У тебя шикарный анг и прекрассные видео👌 Как тебе удалось выучить так хорошо анг?

  37. You´re such a positive, lovely person 🙂

  38. Hi Valeria , can you please tell me whats the brand of your juice blender ? I want to get one ^_^
    Kisses from Egypt

  39. Thank u !!!! ♥️♥️♥️

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