HOW TO GLOW UP | Glow up Diaries Episode 1

please Olivia do not let me down I believe we are who he choose to be nobody's gonna come and save you you've got to save yourself for everybody it's different the realization that unless you change now you'll never really change nobody knows what you want except you and nobody will be as sorry as you if you don't change imagine who you'll be a year from now five years from now choose to remain and you'll have the same problems the same emotions the same routine the same storms and until you love yourself enough to say no more and until you start being intelligent about the choices you make you won't be happy step one watch a documentary read a book learn something find reasons that will move you to take that first step to change your eating habits I'm not vegan but the documentary what the health really pushed me to make healthier choices even with my past junk food addiction step two hygiene a clean room equals a clear mind use perfume or sweet smelling creams or shower gels spoil yourself with bath bombs whiten your teeth put on a face mask to detoxify use sugar to scrub your lips paint your toenails your favorite color step 3 buy a beautiful journal and make it yours write down your weekly goals and big dreams document your fitness schedule and motivational messages journal freely and brain dump your thoughts write down everything you are 42% more likely to achieve your goals if you write them down be organized so you feel more relaxed step 4 eat clean healthy this one was really hard for me because I was addicted to junk food to the point where healthy food just didn't taste good to me anymore I had it pretty bad but then I watched what the health documentary it maybe not want to eat junk food as much anymore because they realized how many painful hospital visits and horrible diseases I could avoid just by eating healthier I started with just one healthy meal a day and then moved on to two and so on I learned that there are so many healthy delicious options you just need to discover what you like and the more healthy food I started to eat the more I craved it so I learned that whatever you eat the most of is what you crave I also learned to have balanced eat kale salad when your body needs it and chocolate when your heart wants it also drink a lot of water to fight hunger cravings and green tea to speed up your metabolism step 5 break a sweat with your favorite exercise your first workout is gonna feel like hell but give it time it gets better you get stronger you'll start to actually love it kill it and crave those endorphins you feel during the workout oh and don't forget to stretch to increase mobility and decrease the chances of injury step 6 dress up for yourself look good for yourself start doing your hair maybe learn how to braid or change your hairstyle sell your old clothes buy some new ones put on your favorite outfit maybe some makeup last step you might mess up and that's okay but I learned to forgive myself and to rest not quit and in the end I still achieve my goals now my weight loss goals didn't go exactly as planned but you just wait and see


  1. You can watch What the Health documentary on YouTube for free!! Link is in my description! Follow me on Instagram to continue the glow up journey with me <3 Instagram: aliviadandrea //Twitter: aliviadandrea – for mini motivation tweets

  2. the way she speaks is incredible. she made this sound like a blockbuster movie


  4. lmao the F i’m i watching

  5. It’s 3am now and I feeling like running a mile right now..

  6. I really needed this this hit me hard

  7. Ok but honestly.. this motivated me so much. Usually stuff doesn’t motivate me, but this is different!

  8. I’ve been trying for month and months now I’ve been eating healthy workout out every day or every other day and I’ve seen no change in my body at all. I don’t know what to do I am so frustrated

  9. now this is the motivation I needed

  10. I Love people who are motivatef to do something in live even if its to change their looks

  11. Man this is the video that so really needed. Godamn thanks for giving me hope 🙏

  12. you are bestieeeee!!

  13. That hit me hard / Thanks.

  14. Whole foods plant based is the most healthy diet out there. Its probably more fact-based than other diets out there.

  15. this was sooooooo good

  16. Thank you im motivated, i have all summer to glo up!

  17. Put some clothes on THOT

  18. OMG Alivia you are so amazing! It’s because of you that I feel so motivated. 💛💛

  19. I feel attacked but educated

  20. Everybody needs to watch what the health changed me

  21. Also me: I will start Monday
    Monday:I start Thursday
    Thursday:I start next week
    Next Monday: Work our for 2 min
    Tuesday:Forgets and eat all the junk food
    Wednesday:Actually started working out and living life
    THANK YOU 🙏🏾

  22. “You’ll make mistakes, but that’s okay…”

    it sounds so true coming from her

  23. This is so motivational 😍😍

  24. Im a dude and i got inspired easily

  25. Cómo si fuera fácil hacer todo eso, flaca

  26. Omg the best motivation video I have ever seen, because you are so real, kind and strong.
    Love you and stay tuned

  27. And here I am… Sitting on a chair.. Eating a bueno… 😂

  28. your skin got so much better too! x

  29. I’m so glad this was in my recommended

  30. Get it girl ❤️❤️

  31. Thank you for sharing. I'm on the right track. This is so cute.

  32. Wow I watched this after I ate about a whole box of pizza

  33. This episode really helped me. I suffer from genetic acne and never felt good in my skin. I would go to school and see my friends have clear skin and the perfect body. While i have marks on my face and acne. My friends always told me i have the perfect body, but i always felt like i was fat. Watching this episode made me feel like i need to change my life and get help for myself. Thank you so much. Have a good day!

  34. What’s that beat at 3:45? I heard it at an afl game and that beats fire 🔥

  35. Ass

  36. Ohhh Shoooot! I can't wait till episode 2😂

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