How To Get Six Pack Abs In 4 Minutes: Extreme Plank Workout

what's up y'all it's Johnny with today I've got a great plank workout for y'all encompassing four variations of plank movements really targeting your core chest triceps and shoulders to give you really a total body workout just kind of doing a plank type movement so let's jump right into it four different movements we're gonna do each one for time two rounds so each one's gonna be about thirty seconds so altogether this workout should take maybe four or five minutes so minimal rest periods minimal breaks let's get started first thing we have our knee to elbow first next first move we have our plank knee to elbows second moving half are called plank jacks and I'll show you what those are third move we have our alternating side plank holes so we're gonna go to each side alternating for thirty seconds and then the fourth and final one are what I call plank up and down so basically you're going from a plank movement push yourself into push-up position and then back down for thirty seconds so remember we're doing these four time each one is 30 seconds so I pulled up the timer on the iPhone right here and I'll keep an eye on that five more seconds all right next one we have go right in the plank jacks fifteen sightings four three two one good job now we're going alternating side plank holes you can go to side hold it for a second and all yes thirty seconds got ten more seconds three-two-one now we're gonna do plank up and down so basically going from a plank and you push up position back down three seconds is the harder than it looks five more seconds good job all right got about 30 seconds rest we do round two also grab some water can you some water all right now let's get back into this all right until the timer goes around see sorry these Delta swamp song control that's like three two one now we got playing to us wait or to slide off the map here come on three two one fire alternating side plank holes Richard boy J working hard look at all that sweat so I decide to side thirty seconds someone thirteen seconds more shoulders burn five second small one two three four five and the plank up downs this time start with the other arm first 20 seconds No 10 seconds to one great job whoo you see it's no joke a couple different variations on the plank movement but great at not only building your core the man my shoulders right now my shoulders triceps and even my chest just from bracing yourself all that time under tension build a lot of muscle burn a lot of fat more workouts nutrition and tips on how to be like your boy Jay check out I'm Johnny have a great day


  1. great

  2. For how many days should I do this? or as?
    Explain me then

  3. He was out of breath

  4. You know you puttin in work when your race and body sweaty

  5. Dude. I just want to say thank you. And I’m saying this when I don’t usually comment. But I like your style. This ain’t no joke. Thanks you!

  6. hahaha it works for sure

  7. how often should you do this?

  8. great

  9. hey, Jonny my name is Ryan Aguilar. I have just graduated from highschool. It's called leuzinger highschool. i was in the football team and let me say, i have sweated much more quicker then what the football practice made me do for warm ups. Plus my whole abdominal, lower back, shoulders and chest are felling the effects. They are killing me. did five was other work outs. Looking forward to see more of your videos. thanks. this is something I can do much more than the machines at my gym. Appriciate it.

  10. Jonny Bravo, you are the best !! Not like fake ass Mike..

  11. This is just fat burning nothing more !!!

  12. How many days you have to practice before you get a six pack🤔

  13. For those of you who don't have a 6 pack, but wanna have some:
    – the exercise in the video is great to train your abs
    – none of it will be visible as long as your bodyfat is high (above 15% or so). To get it right, look up a protein diet on a bodybuilder site.

  14. CRAMP CRAMP!!!


  15. Go Vols!

  16. Thanks I'm feeling the burn!

  17. Nice but you should wear a t-shirt, or maybe two

  18. If I was to just do one of those what will be the effects?

  19. Title says get six pack in 4 minutes.. Guy doesn't even have a six pack
    guess he's just gotta do his workout a few more times?

  20. I am 6'3 and 185 pounds I don't completely have a flat stomach but I was wondering should I do cardio until I have a complete flat stomach then work on abs?

  21. Where is his six pack?

  22. showw

  23. I fucking love this workout
    thanks sixpackshortcuts

  24. Nice moves there. Ultimate workout for a good core finishing.
    Give us any arm workout HIIT style please.

  25. Everybody check out Gabriel Say
    he is a great trainer and very enthusiastic! and gives great tips on all sorts of things.

  26. Your calves look so tiny compared to your upper body mate.

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