HOW TO GET PREGNANT FAST…Fertility supplements to get pregnant.

hey guys welcome back to my channel hope I don't look weird I'm looking at the camera just looks weird me looking at it but anyways forget that give you hear a noise just for today my pipes they just felt like playing some church or something I don't know but anyways I wanted to come on because I wanted to make a video and I'm guess I'm starting a new journey you've been saying it's a different kind of journey a lot of people are starting like hair journey weight loss journey which I should have been doing that kind of journey too but you know that's a different video but their journey that I'm talking about you probably noticed from the title is how to get pregnant have a baby how to get a baby is what this video about okay like are you saying everybody knows how to get a baby how to make a baby how to get pregnant we don't know that oh what happens when that doesn't work out like you plan you know for me I'm about to be 30 in a couple of days I wanted to like in a week and a half about to be thirties and growing up you always hear that your ends just yo yikes trying to shit once you hit 30 I don't know if that's true having experienced experienced it yet and I hope I don't um my youngest is about to be four and in four years we haven't tried we haven't got pregnant so we all good and now we want to and we're not sure I'm really like you know because I hear those things like oh my god what if I don't get pregnant right away what if it doesn't happen like I don't want to stress out and I don't want to go through that fingies or you're trying so hard and you start it just like every month you get your period you start crying right that's like the words so I've been doing a lot of research I want to say research as well as I have done this in the past with our son and it worked so I'm just like okay well that worked with our money let's just go ahead and try from the back and see what happens what I'm talking about is um these pregnancy fertility supplements these little package are supposed to help your eggs be stronger help your quality of ablation supposed to give you a baby or help you get that baby you want right quick story with Armani he's again he's about to be for my friend put me on to not exactly this brand but a brand called pregnant to her and her boyfriend at the time we're trying for I think they were trying for a while kidding get pregnant her doctor suggested it she got the big box and I think within a couple of weeks of taking it they got pregnant they finally got pregnant and she said you know what I still have half a box left at that time we were trying for her money she's like I still have some you know left here you go I hope it works for you just as I did for me well I took pregnant too I want to say maybe two weeks and we got a positive with our money so long but just like this time I'm like oh my god let's just try it pregnant – it's like I want to say like $40 a box it brings like 30 package you can get in like Walmart you can get it online not Walmart I don't know maybe because walking's poor you can get ie banking online but when I had looked at the ingredients of pregnancy this is the thing shit it's literally same amount same everything hope you can see that the ingredients are the same and this only cost me twenty dollars on eBay so and it was a three day shit man I was a yes girl right on time this brings 20 package and you literally just open it up put it in water eight ounces of water you know spoonie dam shake it cuz I shake it I have mines in this I shake myself and I have some in here I shake it up and then I just drink it it literally doesn't take like nothing see that water obviously your mind plays tricks on you sometimes cuz you're like you know there's something in there but it doesn't say that anything so pretty much you just take this until you ovulate and while you're ovulating they say you can take this even during your period the point is to try to take the whole box I have had a lot of good reviews on this it's called pre mama a lot of good reviews for people that were trying or even it helps with regulating your periods when you're having problems and you want to get pregnant your periods not normal this is supposed to help remember don't just buy a box and think it's gonna work right away some people are grateful and they blessed they're blessed to happen right away but then there's others that two box three box may work for them again it's only been hmm I see a little bit over a week that I have been taken at it they have been ticketed and I've been taking it we are in the process of trying every other day I don't know how hard man this is it's like a job to try to get pregnant like when you're actually thinking about it and actually doing it back in the day back in these when you're younger and you get pregnant you're not thinking about nation time your what what is it that they were saying to do oh my god you've got a time everything like it's crazy like literally it's crazy I've been like taking my temperature I feel like population K you know timing my period using supplements and you know work kind of leaning towards a certain gender so I've been doing the whole gender kind of thing that's not another video let me know in the comments if you guys want me to talk about that but we been doing that let's see how that goes but I want you guys to follow me on this journey I'm gonna start taking it and again it's only been or we can have I'm supposed to be ovulating this week so this week is gonna be put in the word put in the work and if everything goes plan by next month and I can let you guys know how fast this work for me if it worked for me if I have to say it get another month you know we'll see how fast it takes to get pregnant oh god hopefully won't be that long but follow me on this journey um you guys have any questions comment down below awesome like I said I'm pulling towards a baby girl hopefully there's so many tons of beautiful girls out there that I'm to think I just wanna dress up you know little girl didn't get the chance for my first one because I was still a young Armani boys you know you could dress them all because I I put pink on mines if I had to like boys you could dress them up but there's something about little girls is just amazing right so I have a Facebook group I will leave the link in the description come join me I find tons tons of amazing deals on clothes for girls boys mom anybody everybody come join us you know it's a lot of good reviews a lot of great items just come join have fun let's go shopping good for budget people you know I want to spend that much money so this is a good thing again follow me on this journey me getting pregnant and then the whole baby stage journey you know hope all we want is a nice healthy baby well a healthy baby don't have to give me that – we're going for but um yeah I'll let you know if this works I'm just rambling on right now but I will let you know if it's work I like I said I tried pregnant – with our money and it worked right away from me taking it it was sighs so I'm hoping these works well so good luck pray for me yall something something you guys should try anyways bye I will keep you guys posted um I guess I'm marketing this week so I'll keep you guys posted the next video is where pregnant will be the pregnancy videos bye you guys

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  1. Hey girlie! What supplement is this and can I get it at Target??

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