How To Get Over 1 Million Health In Save The World (Blast From The Past Team Perk Gameplay)

for today's video I'm gonna show you how you can get over 1 million health and save the world and there's a few different ways on how you can do it the main thing you're gonna need is the blast from the past team perk which you'll be able to get after you unlock one of the Dino heroes and in order to activate this team perk you're gonna have to have two dinosaur heroes in your support team and we may get more dinosaur heroes in the future but as of right now there's only two available and those are prehistoric eyes –as and paleo Luna and you'll be able to get paleo Luna as a reward from the tales of Beyond quest and you'll be able to get prehistoric eyes ax from the event store for 2800 go once you've gotten both of them you can put them in your support team and that's gonna allow you to activate the blast from the past team perk and basically what this part does is it removes your entire shield so as you can see if you look towards the left it says zero above shield but it also increases your maximum health by 200% and these are the three main things you're gonna need in order to get at least a million Hill now we do have all of our squads maxed out but another important thing I wanted to point out that can increase your health our survivors that have the health bonus and we do have a couple of those health bonuses in our survivor squads the power level of the heroes and your support team can also affect your health as well the reason it says we only have 700,000 health is because we're currently so low I wanted to show how much health you'll get when you're playing solo but will be able to increase it over a million once we invite some people to our party and activate the health boost but before we do that I do want to show the amount of health we have with each type of class and the first class we're gonna start off with are the Outlanders oh you can get even more with Valkyrie okay what's going on with our little pigtails that's working you know what if we chose an outlander who has a lot of help like Valkyrie we have a total of six hundred and seventeen thousand health this current load out with the full lobby and using the Valkyrie Outlander we have nine hundred thirty two thousand he'll after we get the health boost with this loadout we end up getting 1.1 million he'll yeah anyways next up we're gonna take a look at the ninjas and we're gonna use white albiona as an example while playing solo we got five hundred and sixty-three thousand hell while using the blast from the past team / so if you have a full lobby while using a ninja like white out Fiona we have a total of eight hundred and fifty thousand hello alright so now that we got the health boost while playing as nuns it brought us to a total of 1 million 63,000 health so you can get over a million with ninjas as well so using one of the more healthier soldiers like buckshot when you're playing solo you'll have a total of seven hundred twenty eight thousand health with this blast from the past team Kurt when we have a full lobby we have 1.1 million health without the priests yeah already all right so with the health boost in a full lobby we got 1 million three hundred and seventy-five thousand he'll so next up we're gonna test out the constructors and we're gonna use one of the constructors that have the most health which is Guardian bull while playing solo he starts out at seven hundred and eighty three thousand hell or so now we have a full lobby while playing with Guardian bull and that increased our health to 1 million one hundred and eighty three thousand and with the health boost we got 1 million four hundred and seventy nine thousand health but yeah 1.4 million that's that's the most health I've gotten so far and your adrenaline rush doesn't increase your health to maximum so I'm gonna go ahead show you how much health we get from it right now we're at 1 million fifty thousand see we go up to 1 million and we went up to 1 million two hundred sixty thousand so we got about two hundred and ten thousand health from our adrenaline rush dad could you see I'm working and your you know Phillip ops are service up man okay let's do it the coconut it just increased my health by like whoa I'm almost full after one coconut oh you definitely want to use coconuts with this loadout people and now we're full we went we got like 800,000 health from one coconut now we're gonna go ahead jump from the highest point in the game and see how much damage we take let's see if we die oh we both died so the increased health isn't gonna help you when it comes to follow damaged people but I did want to show how much health we got from the coconut so right now we're at 400 43,000 it jumps up to 950 thousand and I believe it's going to keep going until your health is full so if we started at four hundred and forty three thousand health and we end up at 1 million four hundred seventy nine thousand that means we got over 1 million health from one coconut and that's gonna heal you better than adrenaline rush the survivalist perk the basin be perk it's gonna be the best way to heal yourself if you plan on using the blast from the past team part alright so the mission we're gonna do is this power level 126 fight the storm which means we're gonna have power love 132 us and cookies just gonna be helping us out by the way we're going to be using bomb squad Kyle while getting the gameplay he doesn't give us as much health as guardian bull but he does increase our armor so we're still gonna be tanky here we go people you I didn't see a notification for any type of cell on it but it looks like we have nature and we built with metal oh yeah its nature so I'm not sure what happens with the element notifications usually when you go up to the Atlas and place it down I'm gonna show you what kind of element you'll get right away but we didn't see any notification where we place down the Atlas so I'm not sure what's going on here we're gonna be using this one 30 pain train as well as this lid sled and we may also eat some coconuts as well if we need to oh wait do they have exploding death burst I don't think so they look like they just exploded I'm pretty sure yeah all we got is the mini-boss holy bleep wait hold on hold on hold on I think they do because this shot one that just exploded it looked like one of them exploded I don't know we don't have any modifiers I'll go ahead show y'all real quick we don't have any modifiers on this mission wait where's the dead you forgot it's just a regular fight the storm mission all we have is the mini-boss I'm not sure why they're exploding oh we got a chunk over here anyone that's okay I got it we're nowhere near the built limit uncle Russell rifle so if they end up changing spawns and coming from somewhere else we may add some more traps I don't know what that was over there doing what is he attacking tires my pain train real quick probably have to make another I guess we'll just wear use this lead sled for the rest of the mission no don't break it oh that was close man yeah I think we may have to add some more traps babies are doing the rescue uncle oh he's struggling at the moment yeah I think the blast from the past is gonna be really good when it comes to using melee weapons because for one it increases your health but if you have hey Leo Luna in your support team it's also going to increase your melee damage so I think we'll go ahead put my slow field down I think it's gonna be really good when it comes to melee loadouts and let's build on here real quick where Paul I I don't know I guess you got destroyed all right let's get grandpa babe let's go ahead and build a little silly no pains they got propane my dude where they down here I accidentally blew it up but you still got we've still got a few still there your teacups on you just repair what you can do your best I did stream some 1 million gameplay yesterday on Twitch so if you all want to go check that out I'll leave a link to my twitch in the description yeah man they are like doing dam this year and I think will stream on YouTube tomorrow for those who are interested I'll try to do it tomorrow evening I can't wait and we may also try to stream on Twitch tomorrow as well but yeah I think the loadout we're using is currently the tank eeeh slowed down all more profanes please don't blow up oh that way yeah ok we're fine we're fine I think this is gonna be the tanki its loadout and saved the world at the moment I do expect this to get more Dino heroes in the future maybe Triceratops or the other battle royale star my skin there was a shark skin I'm not sure if you remember I'm not sure that's part of like a dinosaur thing you know like the Megalodon I do expect us to get more Dino heroes though because the way it's currently set up you can't use the blast from the past part with any of the Dino heroes that we have because we only have two of them and you need two to activate the team perk so I think we'll get more in the future but we don't really have too much information in regards to next week's patch or anything but as soon as we do I'll be sure to let you all know are you doing over a cookie I'm doing just okay yeah all right well I got a mini boss coming my way all right do you have a slow feel yes I do all right let's wait till he gets close to these bags and don't damage pools of acid pools all right let's just try our best here okay I kind of want to use my abilities let's play all right I got you I'm gonna put a slow field right now I was gonna use my Rosie yep going to use it but all right well since you had the slow filled up yeah let's go use the Rosie real quick try to do some damage with this bad boy hopefully it doesn't overheat oh he's dead already okay yeah didn't really need the Rosie I'm gonna keep an idea I'm stuck uh-oh cookies I'm stuck yeah yep I'm gonna try to use all the hambo that was scary right there yeah long-grain just having this same problem the other day where we couldn't get off and I just looked at him crazy but now I see what he was talking about now I understand I'm not sure it was probably another bug they have to fix I guess not being able to get off your butt how long Rosie Anthony and I think this is recent I haven't seen this before okay Oh adds more layers here if there's a lava over here we need to get rid of yeah I'm going over there right now I think you may need a little bit of help over here and I'm gonna put my slow field down on the side as well as soon as I get rid of these ladders wait what happening part over here yeah we're good yeah I don't think they haven't done any damage to it so and we didn't even need any coconuts don't worry midget full at the moment oh okay I think I need to replace my base here just now noticing it got destroyed I got a bunch o here right now I'm not pushing back right yeah there we go you know you're stuck right there right you didn't push this net back on the frozen wall sorry it's alright yeah that'll do it for our first blast from the past gameplay for those of you who've tried the blast from the past tease her let me know what y'all think about it in the comments below alright let's go ahead check out the rewards before we go we got a level for a new chest with some gold some hero and schematic XP we also got some amp up as well as some gold because we killed a mini-boss oh we destroyed nones I don't even notice all right so I guess some V bucks and gold as well as an epic sniper schematic and tickets now we also got an epic cash that has Reaper and epic perco but you know that'll do it for our first blast from the past gameplay big shout out to cookies for helping out with the gameplay and shout out to red and pine beer for helping us earlier in the video anyways I hope you all enjoyed it and thanks for watching


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