How to Get Motivated & Stay On Track with a Healthy Lifestyle!

most days I find getting my workouts in more difficult rather than easy and exhausting rather than exhilarating I also find that most days it's easier for me to focus on what I wish I could change about my body rather than appreciating all it can do and I know that I'm not the only one that feels like living healthy sometimes can feel like a fight to swim upstream rather than a relaxing float down the river but here's the thing after eight years of working out and finally becoming a certified personal trainer I've learned a thing or two about staying on track and staying the course of a healthy lifestyle maybe you're feeling lost and confused like it's actually impossible for you to stay on track because you get tripped up over discouragements or not seeing results as quickly as you'd like or maybe you simply just can't find motivation I just want to say that I have been there and I think most of us have and so that's why I wanted to do this video today to encourage you to equip you to help you to get on track to stay on track and to help you stop tripping over the things that trip you up so let's talk about first and foremost motivation alright I already know that you know that working out is hard but I know that you're also aware of something that's much harder you know holding the last 10 seconds of a plank is challenging but what's even more of a challenge sometimes is just getting yourself to the gym in the first place you know it's not that our bodies won't do a burpee or run a mile or hold a squat we can all do those things and yes they're difficult but the bigger problem here is that our mind stops us from even trying to do those things before we can even get to the gym so what's really the problem here I think that you already know motivation is not a physical battle but a mental one when we see people who consistently workout it's easy to assume that they're just born that way with motivation already inside of their blood but the secret sauce of their success is not their ability to just feel motivated all the time but rather their ability to be unafraid to perform poorly and to show up every single day you see doing him perfectly does not discourage them from persisting and during failure time and time again is at the heart of every success it's true for my story when it comes to healthy living because I struggled with binge eating for years I constantly felt like I was messing up I constantly felt discouraged I constantly felt defeated and I felt like I really could never stay on track and I really couldn't ever live a healthy lifestyle but nothing could be further from the truth I needed to give myself way more grace in order to imperfectly move forward because that's the only way we're gonna stay motivated if you want to change your life if you want to see results if you want to start living a beautiful healthy lifestyle you have to let go of perfection and you have to be able to persist at moving forward imperfectly it's time to let go of perfectionism and embrace grace because grace is going to carry you further than grit ever could no matter where you're at on your health and fitness journey I want you to remember that something beautiful is on the horizon I really just have some of these stories and I just want to share so much with you because I just want to help you the final thing that I want to say is stop the sprint stop trying to get to your end destination in one minute from now as silly as it seems and as silly as it sounds we really do try we get maybe this is just how I am I don't know maybe this is me but I get fixated on something and then I want it and I want it now and definitely that was true on my fitness journey of like really finding balance when I went okay what are you healthy and I'm healthy now and all of a sudden I felt discouraged constantly and chronically because I felt like I should be farther along and I just kept trying to get there we just can't expect ourselves and we shouldn't try either to literally run a whole marathon in one minute and we do that all the time we expect to plant the seed and have it literally grow and sprout and become a tree and then eat the fruit of that tree like tomorrow and that's just not how it works we have to be able to not get discouraged when things take time because good beautiful things take time fruit doesn't grow in an hour so when and I know we're using so many I just guys I'm sorry I just I do love a good metaphor I do love a good analogy I do love a good story I do love the cheesy and the cliche but I do love the truth and this is the truth and this is the stuff that helps me I hope it's helping you and that is the thing we have to remember this ladies like you really honestly do if we expect to see results in our bodies physically if we're just talking physically we are not going to see them tomorrow like useful but that's the only thing shouldn't that motivate us even more to just simply care for ourselves today to not even worry about tomorrow but that I saw this and I let this sunshine and I let the rain calm a night even the hard things even the storms that come I know it's all gonna work together and ultimately the fruit is going to be sweet you can still be growing you don't have to be a blooming beautiful flower 24/7 all year long I know for one thing that I'm not and I appreciate that so much more I appreciate the seasons I appreciate the hard things because I know that it's refining me it's making me see what really really really really matters and what matters is the heart for Samuel 16:7 that says that the Lord doesn't look at the outward appearance he looks at the heart and if that's where he's looking that's where we should be looking to if you feel discouraged today if you feel like you're not growing if you feel like your work is just in vain it is not so give yourself grace remember that everything takes time be persistent be consistent show up every single day with grace I learn more and more every day how much I could just talk and talk and talk and talk and talk so I'm sorry I have something for you for free you can literally just click I think you can click the link on this video I'm not sure it will literally be the first line in the description box where it is you're on track starter pack so it's basically like everything that I just talked about in this video but even more and it's just for you to help you to really help you remember the truths that we talked about in this video and honestly to just get you back up on your feet again and to encourage you and to remind you and so it's free just click the link in the description box I really remember writing it and just thinking every single day when I sat down to write like how can this help you and ultimately it was written really honestly from my heart to yours I thought about the pain and the struggle and I asked you guys in one of my most recent emails I love chatting with you guys my emails every week we send out fun little we guys and we I send it to you but I feel like it's like a friendship this ongoing our station that we have every Wednesday but anyway I asked you guys like what do you show us deal have a like what do you struggle with with being on track and so so so what many of you said comparison and guilt and feeling like just like I constantly mess up and and so that is why I made this video that's why I made the little free downloadable starter pack for on track because I want to help you more than anything I want to help you and I want you to see that ultimately I don't have it all together but I've been there too none of us is numb to pain none of us is new to discouragement and defeat and failure and struggling with our bodies and knowing what God really does say about us like we are all doing this together and if we just lock arms and move forward together we we're gonna go far like we really really are and one more thing I'd say one more thing I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for just what being you like seriously thank you I just I really really appreciate you and I am so appreciative here of your support but ultimately I'm so appreciative of you and I'm so thankful that you follow along and that you I just want you to know that God has a good plan for your life and ultimately that I love you and I'm so thankful for you and even though maybe I've never physically talked to you or seeing you maybe this is your first time watching one of my videos I just want you to know that there's good plans for your life and that you have a purpose and you were put on this earth for a purpose whoo there is beautiful things on the horizon you are so loved and I love you so much I'm so thankful for you and I just giving you a big huge hug through my computer screen to yours or your phone or whatever your screen you're watching this from so I know we keep talking a million times and then I keep ending it and I have to say the same thing over and over so download the starter pack like and subscribe turn on both notifications if I love you see in the next video by


  1. Hi Cambia! I just found your channel ๐Ÿ˜Iโ€™m a Christian older woman (turned 50 this year) and I appreciate your health and wellness enthusiasm ๐Ÿ˜Iโ€™ve always been active, but a couple of years ago I got diagnosed with osteoarthritis in my spine ๐Ÿ˜”Itโ€™s been hard adjusting to living with an illness, but God is so gracious! I need godly women who encourage me to take care of my body! So thank you for your channel!

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  21. Hi, Cambria, my name is Laura, and I wanted to share something really special with you. ๐Ÿ˜Š You know how you say to take care of our bodies the right way. By nourishing it and giving what it needs? Well, I have to say something similar. Imagine if God had a car, and we are the car technicians. We were given our bodies to rent/borrow from God. We have to care for them, just like the car of God. Of course, we all know God doesn't have a car. But at the end, we eventually have to return it. Same thing goes on with our bodies. Thats my analogy, Cambria. I hope you like it. ๐Ÿ˜†

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