HOW TO GET FIT IN 2018! Stay Motivated to be Healthy in the New Year

hey guys it's Hayley sunny if you're not subscribed what are you doing it's a subscribe button right there and make sure you click the bell right next to it to get notifications every time I upload which is every Saturday so every time I have a Q&A or I'm on Instagram live or something the top question I get is how do you stay motivated to be healthy and fit when I think about that I realize how hard it is so I understand why people would have so many questions about that because I for the most part like to live a healthy lifestyle that's been my journey for the past like couple years now I always get questions from people that want to hop into the bandwagon not in a bad way or at all and it's quite difficult stay healthy for a couple weeks it's fine but people kind of tend to fall off so I came up with some tips that are really efficient and easy to use and they literally help you hack into the whole like healthy lifestyle system and I think you're really gonna enjoy it especially for the new year it's a new beginning a new start this could really be their year for you where you change both physically and mentally and become a better you and I just want to help you guys achieve that in 2018 so with that further ado let's hop into the video a big part of staying healthy is diet exercise and working out how you take care of yourself mentally are all really important factors but when it comes down to how you actually look the things you we actually have a bigger effect than the work crafts you do and personally I struggle a lot more with diet than I do with actually getting myself up to go and work out I'll see you slice a cake and like everyone I also will be eating a slice of cake and I'll be like you only live once let me also beat this slice of cake which that's there's nothing wrong with that but in order to like kind of prevent that and constantly fall into this black hole of just like unhealthy meals and you're like I'll stir Monday ah start Monday like to cut that cycle kinda something that you should start doing is prepping your meals every time I think of the phrase meal prepping what pops into my mind is like those like Instagram Fitness people that like make the same thing for the whole week for me that's very boring I don't think you should live your life like that so I want to talk about this like food subscription company and it is my obsession for the new year and I'm sure it will be yours too so it's called hellofresh you might have heard of it and they give you food I probably caught your attention because that's how they caught my attention so basically they delivered me a box with three meals and they each had ingredients in them to prepare the meals I'm a bad cook everyone kind of knows me as that but the meals I made were delicious because I didn't really have to like follow a lot of steps they were all very simple and I think the thing that made the change for me is the ingredients come already pre-prepared they have the exact amounts of food in little cute tiny packages and all you have to do is mix them up and if I can do that then anyone can do that for me I'm a vegetarian so they have vegetarian options so you can basically have someone semi prepare your healthy meals for you for me the pressure of going to the supermarket and picking out like healthy ingredients and then coming home and like trying to think of like healthy recipes to follow and then like sometimes you make them and you're like demotivated and you're like I don't even want to do this again to literally save you so much time so much effort so simple you get a meal for less than 10 bucks and all you do is come home put their ingredients together and you have a delicious meal that takes less than 30 minutes to prepare and it also works if you're a vegetarian like I get the veggie clam I'll show you some clips of me being a wife like do you see me making that black bean burger like how effing good does that look like it's the holiday time I want to be a little nice mrs. Santa here I have a promo code it's Haley sunny 30 you get $30 off if you subscribe I'm gonna be linking hellofresh in the downbar okay snacking is usually something else that messes me up even if you like eat and healthy meals if you have unhealthy snacks throughout the day it kind of messes up your whole like plan so a tip is try not to have unhealthy food in your house because if you don't have anything unhealthy in your pantry then obviously you're not gonna have anything unhealthy to snack on genius a genius concept you're not gonna have like potato chips and you're announced to binge on while you're watching Netflix because you don't have potato chips to binge on and you'll have like sliced apples or something instead so this is kind of similar to meal prepping but it's for working out so it's like work out prepping a major tip for me is don't really sign up for a gym I feel like gyms don't work because you can get a membership but there's no one literally forcing you to go workout unless you have like a trainer which is also what falls into this category where you have to literally prepay in order to go take a class so if I buy ten soul cycle classes like in the beginning of the month that means I have to do soul cycle ten times or else I'll be wasting my money if you already paid for a class it's much more likely that you're actually gonna end up going because work out classes are expensive I don't want to waste thirty dollars on a class so I'm gonna end up going and doing soul cycles whereas going to the gym you won't prioritize as much because there isn't like a physical force like pushing you to go there or like a consequence behind not going besides getting fat an app I like is class pass I think you pay like 50 bucks or something per month and then you can like pick what classes that you're gonna go to and book them and you have like up to five classes basically paying the money you would be paying for a gym except you get a variety of classes bringing me to my next step tri workouts that are different like I don't like going to the gym because the same thing like same machines usually the same people it just gets boring whereas like if you're going to a different workout class like Pilates yoga you're constantly doing different things so you're working out your whole entire body you're doing a bunch of things you're having fun at the same time and you're preventing yourself from getting used to and tired of a workout that's going to keep you from demotivating yourself like if I had an underwater cycling class this Friday you know how excited I would be to like go work out where I was like if you're like oh let's go to the gym go on stairs for thirty minutes that's just boring that's why you're gonna fall out of track because you're not excited to go you're not gonna like become the super healthy Nike Pro Master victorious secret body trainer gal overnight nothing happens overnight I wish it did it's the worst advice ever I hate that advice I hate it when people tell me but I know it's correct it's kind of important to have that in your mindset that way you don't look at the mirror every week and being like why isn't anything changing you should completely stop analyzing yourself for a period of time because it happens very slowly but once it happens you won't even have to analyze yourself to see change because it'll be so dramatic you'll literally see the minute you like look in the mirror or like wake up in the morning and feel that okay now I'm gonna be going to like specific things you can either do like everyday or like during a workout personally when I'm working out especially when I'm like you know the treadmill or like on the Stairmaster something that like I'm in the same position doing the same thing for a long period of time I'm bored printing up pictures of like people that you look up to you're strong girl strong confident girls that you like you know like people that inspire you like if you print up their pictures and like stick them on the treadmill constantly looking at that while you're working out literally motivating yourself at the spot I've done that before like my friend Tati she's like a model she wants to do Victoria's Secret so she said she literally pulls up the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show puts it on your treadmill and watches it watch you working out and that's her number one motivator which I thought was so smart if you like come up with a reason for why you want this healthy lifestyle change in the beginning and visualize it literally in front of you while you're doing your workout it would be so much easier to get through your workout my friend Olivia said she comes up with one thing that she wants to do for that day it could be health fitness related something like I'm gonna stay away from chocolate today or something like today I'm gonna go to the gym and do 45 minutes on the Stairmaster just a single goal that you want to achieve like a hack I like doing a workout is I like to like trick my conscience you like an invisible voice like I'll be like after this workout your body's gonna magically transform into what you've been wanting it to look like and feel like since you started for your fitness journey imagine like after this workout I'm gonna have a fattest ass I like literally trick my mind into believing that it sounds stupid I don't know once you're like cycling and you're like okay all I have to do is get through this like 30 minutes and after this everything I've worked hard on will pay off because I'll have my dream booney it's not actually gonna happen after that one workout but if you tell that to yourself every time you do that technically that is what's happening yeah so like literally put yourself in a parallel universe you know no biggie I think something that's very important for me is my music playlist while I'm working out I am on beast mode I'm sweating literally beast-like trenched and gross beautiful sweat that I love and hate at the same time and I have Eminem in this year Drake in this ear like if your workout playlist is not lit if you are not looking forward to working out just because you can literally listen to that music didn't your workout playlist sucks ass and you should listen to mine I'm actually filming a workout routine in my like workout playlist is gonna be in that video so I don't want to like spoil out for you guys but just subscribe so those were all my tips to stay motivated to be healthy and fit in the new year and not falling out a track again and also health and fitness isn't all about working out it's also a lot about mentality the flow of your body and like how you feel when you wake up and the emotions you go through I love you guys so much if you have any tips for me or like for anyone watching this video leaving them in the comments down below and I'll see you guys in my next video I love you guys so much all the way to Pluto and back


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