How to get a SMALLER WAIST FAST (Round 2)~Janekate Fitness

Hey lovelies welcome to round two of
small waist workout, make sure you watch round one before you do this one,
11 exercises 30 seconds let’s do this guy’s make sure you subscribe and hit the
notification bell not to miss all my workouts also you can follow me on
Instagram I post short versions of these workouts and more, the link is in the
description box below this is a one-week challenge that I’ve
been doing myself to bounce back comparing to this v-cut AB WORKOUT
if you didn’t watch it, please go and watch I’ve lost a few pounds and I’ll be
sharing what you can do every day to lose weight. While doing any AB workout,
make sure you engage your core because if you don’t then you don’t reap the
benefits also incorporate high intensity cardio workouts like running, jumping
rope, jumping jacks, anything that is high intensity that involves burning more
calories I organized my workouts in playlists so make
sure you check out the AB workout playlist if you want more workouts like these that target stomach getting rid of stomach fat or losing
belly or having a small waist seems like the hardest thing but it’s not all it
takes is commitment during high-intensity workouts doing ab
workouts to tone the stomach and getting on a caloric deficit thank you so much for watching I hope
you enjoyed this workout. Let me know if you will try it out in the comments below and
I’ll see you in my next workout video


  1. Yes💪🏽been waiting for this…wish me luck I’ve been doing these workouts and I see a great improvement.

  2. Thanks for motivating us🔥, my stomach is on fire. Looks easy but it’s hard.

  3. New sub🙋🏼‍♀️ Just found your channel, I love your content and commitment. I’m starting this routine today.

  4. Can’t wait to get back into fitness

  5. I like your video very much. Could you take video photos of my products? I can send them to you for free. Please leave your email address if you can

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