1. I am new

  2. Workout starts at 2:35

  3. 2:30 It starts here, once again this is mainly for me, the fact you can utilize this too is just an added bonus for me, have a nice day

  4. Thank you Chris for this workout for tonight. This is my 13th day doing your workout program on your YouTube channel. KLM

  5. I ran 13.6 miles to today. KLM

  6. Help! Every time I'm done he tells me to the exercises 3 more times.

  7. 2:30 it starts here

  8. I really like what you do!!! I feel burn and abs starting to shape

  9. Is it normal that I keep farting when I'm doing the last exercice

  10. I also fart when I'm doing the second one

  11. Like some chest workout no equipment added

  12. Thank you Chris for this AB workout for tonight. KLM

  13. 2days lost or close to nope

  14. He doesnt sweat lol

  15. Whenever i start hitting abs (leg raises etc ) i suffer from serious cramping and the pain is hell, streching helps little bit
    Please help

  16. Video Starts at 2:25 & Ends at 10:25

  17. 2:30 pin this to rewatch for your training.

  18. Seus vídeos são incríveis 😉

  19. 2:30

  20. Tysm bro ur lit

  21. what a beast

  22. Is this for women?

  23. I know its weird, but i feel that the right part of my abdominals its working more than the left part. Wtf?

  24. Thank u Chris for this lower Killer ABS workout for tonight. KLM

  25. Siempre tengo hambre

  26. I ate a family size Doritos bag a chips watching this video

  27. Thank uuuuuuuuuuuuu
    Respect man

  28. It work

  29. Christ heria what age should i workout

  30. Os ir ok for me cuz im 11 and5 love workout

  31. 11:03 i thought he type in Xvideos

  32. Súper….!!! 👍👍👍

  33. Love it love it, I'm so determined to get some tummy muscle after 3 kids and 3 major operations, ones where I can't get right off the floor like you do, if only sort of coming off the ground will it still work?
    Love your exercise channel,
    I will be doing this three times a week so fingers crossed

  34. Superb!!!!

  35. like not to say this video doesnt work but does anybody have results after awhile of doing this workout

  36. 2:32

  37. Dope workout

  38. 11 September 2019. Done for the second time.

  39. just noticed he has some holes in his ears

  40. I love my abs that’s why I protect them with a layer of fat

  41. Please add this workout on the thenx app…its not there yet

  42. To get 6 pack abs with this video, you need to start out with 6 pack abs and be a gymnast.

  43. Thank u Chris for this AB killer workout. KLM

  44. Thank you Chris for this workout for tonight.

  45. 2:36 the beginning of ex

  46. It gives high strain on my lower back

  47. 00:02:33

  48. Perfect 👌👌👌

  49. I got almost abs shapes

  50. Abs are growing perfectly, in just 1 month work

  51. start the video over two more times


  52. I heard if your abs are uneven it’s because you were born with an extra rib.

  53. is it okay doing this every day even tho your sore a little bit?

  54. Your body look super nice ! Wish I had that sort of hardship 😒, Most of the time I lay of my bed and play MMORPGs , well I will try to follow you from now on ! 🙃 Hope I can make my body as strong as yours !

  55. Bro where's the video for nutritions routine ? Can anyone put the link?

  56. see ya brother

  57. Don't skip legs day

  58. Not clickbait

  59. Oye amigo te sigo desde argentina pon en traduccion

  60. my and hurt bad

  61. it working

  62. 1. Plank knees to elbow 2:32 (15 each side)
    2. Lying leg raises 3:46 (20 reps)
    3. Side Plank Up & Down 4:40 (15 each side)
    4. Star crunches 5:57 (15 each side)
    5. Side Plank reach throughs 6:43 (15 each)
    6. Crucifix 8:26 (20 times)
    7. Chair sit ups 9:12 (12 each)

    3 sets of 1-7

  63. Thank you so much for the Abs tutorial! I have been doing it for two weeks and I got the abs

  64. Sorry, Chris can’t do this workout 4 times a day, but to make up for it I’ll do it 2 times everyday instead of only 3 days a week.

  65. whats the song?

    Let's do it, Your the Master. Enjoy

  67. It's so nice to watch these videos in your comfortable office chair and it looks so easy…

    It's such a bitch when you come home and actually do it.

  68. I did it two times

  69. im 13 years old for me its easy cause im a little advance

  70. I think 🤔 I might try this and get rid of my muffin top! I will post back with my results in three months time!

  71. 7w7

  72. I want request back workout

  73. Listo empiezo con estos, por lo menos 1 ronda y espero completar las 4 rondas.

  74. this changed my life thanks alot

  75. I don't understand, I am doing this exercise 2-3 times in a day?

  76. I needd help for the side chest

  77. You u have a ig

  78. 2:33

  79. combine the crucifix and then ressurection crosses tm Call okay

  80. Hola… Soy de la CDMX y estos ejercicios para hacer en casa son efectivos, rápidos y lo mejor de todo, es que el gym en tu cuerpo… Fuerza fit!!

    Saludos desde México 💪💣💥

  81. Thanks I'm only 8 but I got a sixpack

  82. What happens when we finish this program? Is there a harder program?

  83. Abs work out is it to do them before or after you eat

  84. ok i will apply these exercises in my workout , mad love

  85. 3….. more…..times…..😐

  86. Floor is really painful:(

  87. 2:30

  88. Thank you so much ive been doing these exercises daily and im starting to see my six pack coming i am now a proud subscriber now. 🙂

  89. 6:51 music title please?

  90. hi everyone! i have being doing this ab workout for only a week, and so far i can see my abs becoming a slight more visible than before. (beforehand, they were barely capable of visibility.) i am doing this four times every other day, so i will update the process!

  91. Is it just me or this guy looks really uncomfortable with that neck tatt.

  92. You're a madlad, I barely finished one set. Thanks for the workout and tips, you are truly an inspiration.

  93. Lo bueno que puedo poner subtitulos para entender buen canap chaval

  94. Crucifix and chair sit ups are really hard and im not sure I'm doing them correctly

  95. Please make a video of how to gain height

  96. Hey Chris can I. Even do this work out 4 times after having a heavy cardio session in the evening someone please reply.

  97. I want to continue strengthening my core, but I do already have abs. Nutrition is overrated, so long as i get calories for fuel is all that matters for me. I eat poptarts and cookies quite often at night time.

  98. I watched this video, now my floor has sixpack abbs.

  99. Beast

  100. so I will do this workout for months until I get my abs and will continously give it edits and will give feedback about this everyday
    Day 1 After doing this workout twice I feel that my abs were powered out and it was paining for me
    Day 2 Thought It was torereable but iT comparatively pained less today

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