How to get 6 pack Abs – Explanation, Diet, and Training

Hello. Hello friends. How’s it going in this video. We’re going to talk about apps Everything you need to know to go from your current condition to a clearly [defined] Six-pack there is no universal formula to [getting] [abs] such as most videos and articles claim What each individual needs to do to get abs is different depending [on] the starting point? That’s why this video has two parts in the first part [you’ll] learn the theory how lean you need to be to get abs how much muscle development you need to have abs once you are lean and Which one you should do first depending on your current condition and in the second part you’ll learn the practical stuff how to set up your nutrition to start losing fat or to build muscle and The abreu teens you need to follow depending on your current needs sounds good [alright] [let’s] get started as I’m sure you know there are two sides to getting six pack, abs first of all you need to be at a very low body fat percentage you need to be lean and second of all your ab muscles need to be Decently developed having only one or the other doesn’t cut it [you] [need] to have both at the same time let me show you why? This is how [well-developed] ab muscles look like when they are covered by fat Yeah, I know not impressive at all you. Can you don’t even see them This is how I looked a few years ago when I was obsessed with our training. I was learning gaps every day and This is how a very low body fat Looks like without decent muscle development with very little muscle as you can see you Just look skinny and thin you do not have a six-pack Now when you combine the low body fat percentage with decent or good muscle development You get the clearly defined six-pack that looks awesome So as you noticed some people [only] need to lose fat to get abs because they already have the muscle Mass others only need to build muscle because they are already very lean but the majority of people need to do both they need to lose some fat and during that time they need to gain some muscle as well, and Please don’t fall for the idea that you can spot reduce your belly fat by doing Special Pap exercises or cardio teams you can’t I used to believe that a Few years ago when I was [doing] those [eight] minute ab routines and every bird acts from P90x I was doing those routines because the guys claim that when you train your abs for more than eight minutes that’s when you start local fat burning and You reduce belly fat? well after many months I found that was a lie research is very clear on this when you lose body fat you lose it from Everywhere not only from the area that you work since fatty acids are taken from the bloodstream to be burned by the working muscle The proximity of the [body] fat [to] the working muscle is irrelevant [a] fatty acid that is released from a fat Cell in my face can circle through my bloodstream and be burned by my biceps So it really doesn’t matter so getting rid of belly fat Comes down to reducing your overall body fat percentage, and you do that by being in a calorie deficit Now this leads to two very good questions number one How lean do you need to be to have good at definition another two how well should your core be developed so you? Have at your abs pop out when you want me let’s address these questions one by one [for] my observations for you to have abs you need to be under 15% body fat of course you need decent muscle development as well 15% body fat is the point where you have a blurry [4-pack] in very good lighting down lighting while flexing your abs as hard as you can and From that point as you get leaner your abs will start to show better and better I found 10% body fat to be the point where you see a [blurry] six-Pack in good lighting again down lighting while not flexing your abs and 6 to 7% body fat is the point where you [have] veins running across your abs That’s the point where you know we want lean now the best way I found to estimate the body fat percentage is to your waist measurement at The Navel for the majority of people not everyone but for most people their waist circumference Correlates with the body fat percentage if their waist is going up They are getting fatter if it’s going down their body fat percentage is decreasing if you compare your waist measurement to your height You can usually estimate body fat percentage pretty accurately You can see this chart on the screen For this reason I no longer tell clients to get to a certain body fat percentage I tell them to get to a certain waist measurement because it’s usually the same thing So we said previously that to get abs you need to be under 15% body fat Preferably under 12% body fat that means you need to get your waist down to about these values when you do that, you know that you are lean enough to have abs However some people will find that they will get to those values They will be at a very low body fat, but they will still not have a six-pack They will still not have abs the reason that happens is because those people Have too, Little muscle, mass the body doesn’t support six-Pack, so what should they do well they need to build some more muscle and Next we’ll see how much core development. You need to have abs when you are [new] you Don’t need that much actually if when you touch your belly you can feel your abs Well that means you probably only need to get lean [and] you will reveal them [I] remember when my brother andre started lifting for the first time he looked like this After six weeks of cutting and strength training he lost six kilograms of fat and looked like this Massive difference as you can see all he had to do to get abs was to get lean although He did drink his [aunt] during this time, but body fat was the biggest Factor there are a lot of other examples online Actors such as Alex pettyfer or cam gigandet are very skinny But they do have abs because they are very very lean But there are also guys that cannot achieve a six-Pack only by leaning down they have too little muscle, Mass These are usually the guys [that] Are usually young guys that never played sports and are sedentary? Even if they did lean down to 7% body fat also They will not have clearly defined, abs they will look Starved basically so what they need to do instead is to focus on building muscle first and after they Created a solid base of strength and muscle their core will also be developed at this point people usually ask me okay? So what ab exercises should I do? Well? I don’t [think] ab exercises alone will be enough You see the abdominal muscles grow in relation to the rest of the body I don’t think you can develop them on their own to illustrate this have you ever seen someone looking like this Having skinny arms skinny verb no chest no back no legs, but have amazingly developed abs No, that’s ridiculous The only way [you’re] going to get the core like that is if you get very muscular in general if you grow all your muscle groups in fact I believe it’s impossible to have a big chest big back big arms big legs and no [Abs] I don’t think it’s possible This is where the debate on whether you need to drain your abs directly or not Started I think People notice that if you get strong and muscular all over the abdominal muscles developed very well on their own I Noticed this myself for example. Take a look at this picture. I [took] last December This was taken after I didn’t train abs directly for more than six months. It was an experiment [I] was just training with heavy weights at the gym And I got very lean and as you can see I had a very nice-looking set of abs Another example for this are at accounts and marking birkin two of my favorite fitness experts Both of them said they do very little direct up drink [if] any at all and yet They have outstanding core development. I mean look at Eric. That’s probably from all the compound movements They are doing such as deadlifts squats overhead presses and So on doing those movements the abs Act as a Stabilization muscle, and they are very contracted so they can grow very well just on that So I think if you don’t have enough muscle Mass to support a [6-pack] your best strategy is to start strength training of course you’re going to be doing drag I’m training as well that certainly helps but it’s important to remember that you probably can’t Develop a full six-pack if you don’t get muscular everywhere else as well Okay, now before we move on to the practical stuff the nutrition strategies and the apple [teams] I think [it’s] important to talk about one more thing and that [is] what is the ideal first step for you? To make it perfectly clear what you need to do to get abs I want to give you the overall roadmap that [you] need to follow for That let’s review the physique degrees that beginners can find themselves in pay close attention to this because it’s important if you are now the complete beginner You are starting out from one of these five [categories] number one fat with very little muscle development number two fat with good muscle development number three average meaning average body fat and little muscle development skinny fat average body fat and very little muscle and skin low body fat and very little muscle look carefully at these pictures and see in which category your current physique fits best into If you did that now pay close attention to what your category has to do So as you’ve learned if you are in the categories average or fat with little or good muscle development The first step you need to take is to get your body fat down to about 10% because body fat matters most for getting abs This will help [to] the most and of course during this time you will also be strength training at the gym and you will be building muscle this process alone will probably be enough to get you a decent set of abs if You have no idea how to lose fat or how to set up your cutting plan? Then check out these articles that I linked here in the annotations, or if you’re watching this on mobile you can find them in the descriptions click on the first one and Then you can move through the whole list Now if you’re in the skinny or skinny fat category Then you need to build muscle first before you can have a six-pack [I] recommend you download my free ebook the Battery of your physique click here and get it and you will see that there are two chapters specifically aimed at skinny and skinny fat people and you will see exactly what you need to do how to set up your nutrition, what training routines to follow and how to cycle your cut in bulk cycles click here get it and Follow it exactly as it’s laid out When I explain this stuff a common question I get is how long it will take for me to? reach my goal [a] six-Pack well that depends on your current condition if you have only 10 pounds of fat to lose if you’re in the average category then you can get there in Five weeks [like] my brother did but if you have 40 pounds of fat to lose That will take probably [5] months if you’re skinny fat you first need to build some muscle which will take maybe three months and then you probably need to do one month of cutting and That’s when you will have a six-pack so it depends a lot on where you are now, but if you follow the process and you [are] patient you will get there and now finally let’s talk about direct training the training Routines? The reason we talk about director training last in this video The exercises you need to be doing is because for the overall results They are less important than being bling and getting strong in the gym I know it sounds crazy, but it’s true with that said we can’t ignore a training completely Most people that do not have great ab genetics need to be doing [directed] training to [develop] their Core I Have all my clients do some sort of a protein, but I always tell them not [to] make it the primary focus So without further ado let me show you what I think [aren’t] [the] best exercises for abs Let’s go to the gym all Right so we start [off] with some hanging leg raises This is one of the most efficient of exercises in my opinion I like ab exercises that have you raise your legs instead [of] your torso because they probably work the lower abs better [I] remember an article Bred contreras rope from this topic after he did some research And he said that the upper and lower abs are innervated by different nerves which Means that there is a mechanism for selective activation It seems that the movements that have you bring your hips toward your shoulders such as reverse crunches or hanging leg raises activate higher levels of your lower, abs than your upper abs which is good to know and Most people have pretty well-developed upper abs because crunching is a movement We do every day like getting out of [bed] But almost everyone complains about the lower abs not being [well-developed] well leg raises may help you bring up the lower abs so We start off with this movement, and if you can do this yet start with just knee raises and build up from there For this exercise I like doing two sets of [10] to 15 reps Next [ab] will roll out. This is another exercise alike because it’s difficult I find it very difficult apparently this exercise can strengthen your tVa your deep abdominals and help tighten your core So your belly doesn’t stick out that much when you’re standing relaxed I am sure, you know what I’m talking about and Even if that’s not true. I still like it because it combines a static hold at the end of the movement with a brief flexion to get you back to [the] starting [position] and Yeah, I like it. I like doing two sets of 10 reps for this Next I like doing [hills] to the heaven this is an exercise that not many people perform yet it is one [of] my favorite I find this one works the lower abs very well too and it’s actually pretty easy if you’re more advanced you can do dragon flags or deep Depart leg raises that works very well, too but you know this works fine also I like doing this for two sets of 10 and At the end of the routine I like doing side to side knee ups. This is an exercise that I like because apparently, it helps develop the lower part of your obliques which gives you those V lines in your lower, abs You know it is very difficult to target those muscles, and I always feel them working when performing this movement I picked it up form from Greg I like doing this for two sets of fifteen to [thirty] reps actually I go to failure on this and That’s it [four] exercises [are] all that you need if you focus on making progress on these four exercises And you are also very lean [I] guarantee it You will have a set of apps that people will envy you can set up your routine in two ways Number one you can do all these four exercises one after the other two times a week Or you can do two of them after each workout both options work very well I personally do – ab exercises after [each] workout So this is it guys Everything you need to know about getting abs I really hope this information was [useful] and I want thank you for watching this video until the end and If you have any questions, leave a comment below I will answer as many comments as I can Take advantage of that. Thanks again for watching now be seeing you in the next video Ciao


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