How to Follow the USDA MyPlate Dietary Guidelines


  1. first comment 🙂

  2. second comment 😀

  3. more like follow the COMMON SENSE plate

  4. my diet includes 60% protein and 40% vegetables

    by vegetables i mean fries

  5. fuck this shit

  6. .gov??

  7. .gov??

  8. That last meal showcased needs some moisture, where's the fat? The fat soluble vitamins in the salad needs fat to be metabolised & absorbed. Fat free products (processed products) are not satisfying and does not curb appetite.

  9. i eat dog 🙂

  10. I have no problem filling half of my plate with fruits and veggies, I actually like veggies. It's just that my dad doesn't like veggies and he's the family cook. :<

  11. @xCandyRazorzx you'll be saying that now but one day you'll wake up a diabetic like me!

  12. thanks, the website is very helpful

  13. That hand tatto suggests that the person who made the video is a convicted fellon, who knew they ate healthy?

  14. nomonmonmonmnomnomnonm burgers

  15. @xCandyRazorzx Oh, ok then nevermind haha

  16. green beans are veggies but no protein? soybean and many others are vegetables and legumes and theyre protein wtf?

  17. Lol im not going to do all that shit 😀

  18. i trust McDonalds to make the right choices for me

  19. avoid bacon!?!! aww damn it. im outta here!

  20. How about we eat what makes us happy ? USDA isn't always right.

  21. who the hell drinks milk out of a jar

  22. i like my milk straight out of the cow

  23. This was the best. Very clear guides. Thanks!

  24. lol the person has a mike tyson tattoo on his thumb

  25. Who is the projected audience of this video since their are tattoos all over? I personally kept looking at the tats and didn't even listen to what the video said.

  26. Destroyed the USDA's 2015 guidelines in my newest video. Turns out that non-science, profit-driven bullcrap is an easy target.

  27. eating pringles as I watch this

  28. @goldencorral /#buffet
    ongoes/@fastsfoodrestaurants/orderenough for latebreak_fastest mealluncheon,and dinner/4courseddaymeals plan/@dinringout/#dept.nhjjjkm

  29. Eating big max and drinking soda while watching

  30. total sham, eat carnivore 100%

  31. yeah i try… but the high carb do make me look fat… and it not enough for my ache going feel hunry everyday and fat… and overspend since all those fruit and veg are not cheap….

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