How to Fix Rounded Shoulders (& Increase Your Pressing Strength)


  1. It is very useful thanks…

  2. Super useful! I think a lot of people suffer from shoulder pains (minor or major). Thanks a lot and keep it up guys!

  3. That’s a ton of useful info. Thanks Jake

  4. I know I can press heavier but when I do my neck goes out strains. How do I prevent my neck from going out/straining?

  5. Just got my nasm cert but this is gold thank you so much!

  6. This content is unreal! Could you guys do a video on hip mobility?

  7. Needed this ! Gonna use this for my rounded shoulders 👍🏽

  8. Awesome video. Thanks

  9. One of the most useful vids so far, gets really hard to follow a program when experiencing shoulder pain

  10. This is great! Thanks!

  11. Best video on this subject hands down!!!

  12. Thank you so much!!! I need this to fix my posture

  13. Wake that ass up!

  14. You need a new short 6:36

  15. jake hutton the best

  16. This is the best thing ever. Thanks so much Jake!!

  17. Great video as always. What shoes are you training in?

  18. Very informative 💪

  19. Amazing content. Thank you for some of the most informative videos on YouTube, super keen for more! Keep up the great work!

  20. This channel is awesome, not sure why it’s not getting more traffic. Thanks for all the help Jake!

  21. Great content! Thanks!

  22. this guy is right on!
    a tear in the rotator cuff is very painful.

  23. Great Video! Thx. You!👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  24. Anterior pelvic tilt and painful hip flexors. Help me!!!

  25. Yeah Jake! You look and talk like true fitness professional.

  26. It’s amazing , how mobility can help in every aspect in the gym as well as life. Thank for showing us how to improve. Your so good at explaining and showing us how to improve keep it up!

  27. I've been battling a shoulder injury for some time and getting really discouraged because of it. I followed this and it made a world of difference the first time. Thanks Jake for the awesome videos.

  28. Wow I can tell this is going to help me so much. I do have a question though.. do you think it would be most beneficial do to every single one on its own day ? Or mix & match these on a day of weight training ?

  29. GREAT VIDEO! Thank you !

  30. Did this routine today. Definitely was more open afterwards. Felt really good. Going to try to do it 2-3 times per week. Thanks for uploading this video!

  31. Gold! Thx for the educational content!

  32. great content! bravo Jacob 😉

  33. Amazing stuff….. I constantly have a good shoulder day followed by a bad shoulder day. This is just perfect …. keep it up guys!

  34. I suffer from a dislocation injury this helps a ton ! How frequent should the exercises be performed? Is it best prior or after training

  35. Great content Jake and Fitness Culture team! I agree with Sam, could you do a hip mobility, but then also one for the neck. I exprience lower neck and upper spine challenges and tighteness. Would love so "go-to" stretches. Also, as I travel, various beds and hotels make neck life rough…this would help greatly. Thanks team!

  36. What do you think about the Functional Range Conditioning system as a mobility training method? Do you utilise any of their principles?

  37. Tattoos are ugly, good info.

  38. Very helpful video. Thanks for putting this together and sharing.

  39. Another amazing thing is hanging shoulder length from pull up bar till failure helps to re align and strengthens your shoulders and back

  40. these videos are so helpful! full body mobility routine?

  41. wow, that's a great video!

  42. Some key steps for those recovering from a should or neck injury.

  43. I love these mobility routines. I would love to see more

  44. Is that just PVC piping that he's rolling with?

  45. Great content! Anything on elbow pain?

  46. Such a good video, great delivery, will be using on myself and adding into my clients routines. Many thanks
    p.s. I would also like to see a video on hip mobility like others have asked below.

  47. Dudes this content is awesome. Love it.

  48. I have joint pain in my shoulders when I hit chest. The weight I use isnt the issue because even on light days I have pain days after. I'm all about form and safety but my shoulders are seemingly shot. Will what you're talking about in this video help me? If not what can I do to reduce joint pain? Fyi glucosamine and chondroitin do nothing for me.

  49. This guy is so hot jeez

  50. Thank god for the Vanilla Gorilla!!

  51. You're such an excellent motivator, Jake! Such good content!

  52. Can I do this exercises with shoulder impingement?

  53. Love your channel! Pls keep it up!

  54. Great video Jake. I have been following you and Steve for a long time. Could you do a video on preventing neck strain with exercises/stretches? Fitness Culture is amazing!!!

  55. See a sample of how we structure workouts paired with these exercises →

  56. excellent advice – one question, in general, would you do these shoulder routines as warmup or warmdown to a freeweight /plyometric workout? or you would recommend doing them on a off day?

  57. Jake, can you do a video commenting on guys w/ labral tears in shoulder particularly the glenoid for myself. I've had this problem for ten years so unlikely its going to heal but I'd like to know ways to make it as good as possible.

  58. Hey Jake , is there a distance you are looking for in the trap 3 and double trap raise? Currently I am having difficulty even getting my arm parallel with the floor on this movement.

  59. Woooooah, incredible video!! Thank you!

  60. Ok, this is the video I've been looking for years!

  61. Wished I found this video before I blew $900 at the chiropractor. I'm a cyclist and an office asshole, so I'm in forward rotation all day. I feel better after just one day of doing this.

  62. Amazing content. Instant subscribe. A quick video on how to properly use a lacrosse ball on your back and shoulders in key areas would be great. 👍🏻

  63. hi thats very good thank u sir, is there anything for anterior pelvic tilt 😇

  64. props 2 u guys, but if u can add breathing technique during these movements that would be great, especially when it's stretching.

  65. amazing content and original, to me at least.

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  67. What’s with the colour grading? It’s all over the place 🧐

  68. in todays culture of anti ergonomics this is a must!!!!!

  69. Brother very great exercise of shoulder mobility great👍.

  70. if these excercises are very difficult because of the lack of mobility, your supposed to do them as good as you can and eventually it'll improve?

  71. This is great can’t wait to hit the gym thX Jake very helpful.👍

  72. when did Channing Tatum become so buff?

  73. I need a trainer like him! 😀

  74. appreciate the content…
    (video tech things coming now)
    The adjustment layer (im assuming ) that is being added and removed at the beginning of clips/ transitions is annoying to the eye. Great info though

  75. I need a cortisone shot just to get through the foam roller section.

  76. That is a lot of exercises and presumably not intended to be all done? What would be a good routine for those of us with impingement and kyphosis? I have been doing pullaparts, face pulls and Ys. Seems to be working every so slowly, but a decade of shoulder pain is tricky to solve.

  77. Will these help with a slap tear?

  78. great.. i have a shoulder injury. i ll do these exercises. thank u

  79. Thank you! I needed this.

  80. I am never commenting – but this video is awesome. Huge respect and a big thank you!

  81. Jeff Cavaliere would not be happy with that Cuban press thing as it involves internal rotation. All the rest seems legit. Good content!

  82. 👍 You nailed it.. you really did

  83. “The pain’s going to go away…at some point.” 😂

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