How to Fix Rounded Shoulders in 4 Moves! (PERMANENTLY)

what's going on guys welcome back to my channel its Bret maverick here I hope you all are having an awesome day so far so I got my uncomplicated shirt on today because I'm gonna make this as straightforward and easy for you to understand as possible so let's talk about rounded shoulders I know a lot about this because I experienced this I first noticed it a few years after I actually broke my collarbone you might be able to notice some people have brought it up but my collarbone on the right side is a little bit shorter than the one on my left side and that has caused me to have a less developed chest a kind of forward lean and less developed rear delts especially on my right side so I knew I had to correct it and this is how I did it for me the first thing that I had to attack was the tightness so you can get this problem from habits from injury and all sorts of different things and I'm assuming a lot of you guys have this problem too what happens is you end up getting a lot of tightness in either your pectoris minor you know this muscle that goes down here and connects all the way up in your shoulder or the subscapularis which is this triangular muscle that you have right back here by your scapula so what you want to do is stretch utilizing external rotations well that looks like is this when you're rotating outward so this is really easy you can do it up against the doorway or a wall or a machine in your gym what you do is this you just have your hand held above your head at about a right angle and you have your elbow pressed up against whatever you're using in this case it's a doorway then you want to turn your chest outward as far as you can without hurting yourself this is really gonna open up that chest and stretch all those muscle fibers the last step in this stretch is to bring your hand backwards as far as you can getting that external rotation and Supan into your palm outward you know twisting it like this that's going to give that full stretch and that full external rotation throughout your chest and your thoracic spine if you do this for around 20 or 30 seconds maybe once or twice a day then you're on your way to getting rid of your forward shoulders now the one other stretch that I like to utilize and I think helped me a lot really targets that PEC minor you know those up muscle fibers down here in your lower chest so this is easy kind of the same but you just reach upwards like to press my palm and firmly up against the doorway or the corner of the wall or whatever I'm using just like the other exercise you rotate your chest outwards to get that full stretch all throughout your shoulder as well as your pecs and then the last step is to pinch your scapula together those two big bones back here your scapula you want to pinch those together and retract them that's just going to give that extra stretch and pull those muscle fibers apart so they're not pulling your shoulders forward now we got to focus on the joints the joints are probably the second biggest problem that people have and it's actually not your shoulders contrary to popular belief you think your shoulders are forward it's got to be your shoulder joint but that's not the case it's most likely your thoracic spine or spine especially right here in your mid-back so this stretch is easy all you need is a ground you lie on the ground facing down then you want to support yourself with one of your arms while raising the other arm over your head this is going to give you a nice stretch to open up your chest and you're extending your spine like this then going as far as you can you just rotate without hurting yourself this is gonna really pull apart and loosen up everything in your mid-back because it's really easy for those to get tight and contracted another way you can do this that I really like is just hanging from a pull-up bar you release all of the tension throughout your serratus your lats and your spinal joints and you have gravity on your side stretching that thoracic spine alright next move is gonna help strengthen those muscles that are probably weaker than they should be if the muscles that are responsible for internal rotation coming forward you know like your subscapularis like we talked about back here if those are tight then that probably means that the muscles are responsible for external rotation are loose and vice versa so what you probably need to work on is strengthening those lower trap and those mid-back muscles your rhomboids your lower lats and your rear delts this exercise only requires an exercise band what we're gonna do is pull the parts with extra rotation so normal pull parts they're great you know they really stretch your rotator cuff we don't want to enjoy that they also stretch your upper chest right but we're gonna do them a little bit differently you want to shrug your shoulders down so you do the pull apart nice and slow but then you externally rotate at the top basically bringing your thumbs backwards and apart as if you're ripping the head off of a chicken bring it back nice and slow squeeze it at the top really flex those rhomboids here and your lower traps the more you strengthen those the more you strengthen all those muscles in the back the more it's gonna pull your shoulders backwards and you're gonna look more balanced and even so go nice and slow squeeze at the top 20 30 repetitions a few times a week it's really gonna help you out and the last thing this is gonna help correct those habits I know a lot of you guys workout computers so you have this tendency of hunching over or maybe you're on your phone a lot you get this hunched over look you're texting all your friends and stuff so this is gonna help with that what I recommend is a mental trick you want to pretend that there's a string going from your mid-back it goes from here and then it exits throughout the top of your skull in the back here right where you might have this cowlick so if you imagine there's a string and someone's pulling it tight it's gonna help pull your shoulders back head up chest out and have correct posture and for those of you that work on computers a lot a lot of your time is spent sitting in a chair at a desk this is a tip that I learned from athlean-x actually a lot of the stuff I learned from him so if you want to see more his stuff he's very very knowledgeable I'll link his channel below but it's just to take a tennis ball and put it in between your shoulder blades or at the top of your back wherever near the top of your back and then if you start slouching over it's gonna start rolling down your back right and it reminds you to get your head up chest out shoulders back and correct your posture so that's it guys be patient try a culmination of all of these and you're definitely gonna fix your forward shoulder posture like I did I'd really appreciate it if you guys go follow me on Instagram it's Brett and vrk I put a lot of stuff on there that you won't find 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