How to Fix Anterior Pelvic Tilt: 20 Min Hyperlordosis Correction Exercises

hey everybody it’s your personal trainer
coach Kozak and I’m Claudia and this is How to Fix Anterior Pelvic Tilt: 20 Min Hyperlordosis Correction Exercises
anterior pelvic tilt correction is most often caused by tight hip flexors weak glutes
and weak ads for best results we recommend that you perform this routine
four to five times per week today’s workout is broken up into three parts
first we’re going to lengthen and stretch your hip flexors next we’re
going to strengthen your glutes and then we’re going to finish up by
strengthening your abs if you’re ready to begin let’s get started we’re going
to move to the floor and we’re going to get into a kneeling hip stretch so we’re
going to go ahead and get into a kneeling position we want a 90 degree
angle on both knees this one’s really going to stretch those hip flexors the
first thing I want you to do is to squeeze your glute and actually for a
lot of people just by squeezing your glutes in this position and squeezing
your abs at the same time you may already start to feel that stretch in
your hip flexor and in your quads now the next step I want you to do is we’re
going to slightly bring those glutes forward and just lean forward ever so
slightly it doesn’t take much on this one as long as you’re tightening those
abs and tightening those glutes at the same time there’s not a lot of range of
motion that’s needed on this one it really locks in on that hip flexor and
forces it to stretch we’re just going to hold so coming forward feeling that
stretch and all of our stretches today we’re going to take it to about eighty
five ninety percent of what you’re capable of take it to where you feel
good stretch but not where you’re inducing any pain keeping good posture
and again just keep those abs tight keep those glutes tight and hold let’s hold
this one for five four three two one and zero excellent go ahead and switch
opposite side now again 90 degree angle at both knees next let’s go ahead and
squeeze those glutes squeeze those abs and slightly come forward now you’re
probably only going to have anywhere between one to two inches of range of
motion on this one pending on your flexibility and again
having tight hip flexors you’re probably not going to have a lot no I mean I
hardly moved and I could already feel that it does not take much as long as
you keep your glutes contracted and your abs contracted on this one
you shouldn’t have to really come forward on this one again keeping good
posture and just keep squeezing those abs and glutes let’s do this one four
five four three two one zero absolutely alright next we’re going to
move into a little yoga inspired move I’m going to do the harder variation on
this one but if you do a SATA modify it slightly easier variation I’m going to
come up into a plank position and then I’m going to move down and drop my hips
down into an upward facing dog so I’m going to bring my chin to the ceiling
and my hips to the floor and I’m doing the exact same thing but I’m doing it
from my forearms here so you decide which variation is right for you today
again feel those hips stretch all through your anterior and stretch your
abs on this one as well when you go ahead and squeeze those glutes drive in
that chin to the ceiling and breathe nice big deep breaths on this one
breathing in and breathing out excellent let’s hold this one for just
10 more seconds doesn’t take much and five four three two one zero and relax
good alright next we’re going to move into a multi-planar lunge I know it’s a
complicated name but the move isn’t quite as complicated let’s just go and
come up onto all fours into a high plank position we’re going to step up with
your right leg by your right hand next we’re going to reach through to the
inside to the left and then twist your body and reach up really going to hit
that hip flexor on that back leg that left leg especially as you stretch
and all these moves today it’s not about a race it’s just about moving at a nice
slow controlled pace to pieces you feel comfortable at and as you go through
this move you’ll probably start to increase your range of motion a little
bit more every time hopefully starting to feel that hip flexor loosening up and
this one doesn’t only work your hip flexor it’s also great for your thoracic
spine loosen up multiple muscle groups on this
one reaching through through this one is my favorite and reaching up yeah one of
my favorites as well it’s just actually hit so many different muscle groups at
the same time it’s a very efficient move reach it through and up let’s repeat
this one for just five four three two one and zero
all right now right hand down right leg back and now let’s do the opposite side
step up with your left leg now let’s reach through your right side and then
back up now we’re going to target that right hip flexor on that right leg now
your hip flexors are tight you can be tight for numerous reasons but most
often and today it’s from our sedentary lifestyle I’m just spending so much time
seated and our bodies aren’t aren’t designed to believe it or not to to be
sitting down in the chair especially not all day long so this routine is really
going to help to combat the effects of that sedentary lifestyle
hopefully loosen up those hip flexors and get your pelvic line correctly in
that neutral position again going through that full range of motion
feeling that stretch on both sides especially as you reach up that core
tight throughout the whole move so let’s just repeat this one four five four
three two one and zero hasslein alright next we’re going to move into
strengthening our glutes so let’s turn over to our back side and lie down on
our backs next we’re going to do an isometric move get those glutes to fire
and to squeeze before we really get into any other moves now I’m going to do a
one leg variation quad is going to do two legs so you decide which variation
is right for you either away I want you to make sure those heels are on the
ground and nice and close to your gluts hands are at my side nice and relaxed
now I’m going to drive my heels into the ground bringing my hips up off the
ground Claudia is just going to hold this position here keeping her glute
squeeze where I’m going to do a one leg variation so I’m going to kick one leg
out straight and hold you decide which variation is right for you but either
way I want you to really emphasize making those glutes do the work here not
your lower back or any other body part just focus on squeezing your backside if
you’re doing the one leg variation we’re going to switch halfway through if
you’re doing the two leg variation you’re going to stay up the whole time
just stay up and squeeze squeeze squeeze on the we can’t say it enough times
making sure to breathe pushing through those heels you’re doing the one leg
variation I’d like you to switch now so one down one up and keep squeezing if
you’re doing the two leg just go ahead and stay up so throughout the course of
today’s routine when we get these different variations it’s up to you to
decide which one is right for you if Fitness is not a one-size-fits-all
solution again keep those glutes squeezed on this one trying your best to
keep your core nice and tight at the same time back stays straight not much
left on this one let’s hold this one for five four three two one zero come back
down good so that was the isometric version or the hold version now we’re
actually going to do of a full range of motion so again Claudia’s going to use
two legs come all the way up and all the way down and I’m going to do this
exercise now on one leg where I come up drive off that heel and back down again
driving off that heel squeezing my glutes into the top and back down when
you come back down I actually don’t want you to relax all the way I just want you
to touch the ground ever so lightly with your glutes and then come back up so
you’re certainly not bouncing and you’re not relaxing in between repetitions whew
by now your glutes should definitely feel a little bit of a burn that’s good
we want to teach those glutes to fire so often you know we get to a point where
they’re not firing and our quads are taking over and other body parts are
taking over this just really meant to wake those glutes up and make them work
to align your body you’re doing a one leg variation I want you to switch now
you’re doing the two leg variation just keep moving again notice how we’re both
moving in a nice controlled fashion not a race control the way up and the way
down all the way up all the way down keeping that heel close to your glutes
on your back side and driving off that heel full range of motion all the way up
all the way down squeezing those glutes especially at the top good I’m not about
being perfect on these just about putting in the effort doing the best you
can you come back repeat this routine you will get a little bit better every
time you know your results aren’t going to happen overnight
but if you put in the work it will work for you let’s do this one four five four
three two one and zero excellent okay let’s go ahead and come up onto your
feet for the next one we’re going to move into a staggered good morning I
didn’t make the name non this one either and so we’re going to have our feet
shoulder-width apart and we’re going to get into a staggered stance going step
back with your right leg on a slight bend in that lead leg and I’ll actually
want your back leg to be straight with that heel press to the floor we’re going
to get actually a little two-for-one on this one we’re going to work and
strengthen our glutes and at the same time we’re going to stretch
hip-flexor so we’re going to place your hands on your head and we’re going to
bend over at the waist using your hips of the hinge I want you to drive those
hips back as you bend over until your upper body is parallel to the ground now
on the way up I want you to squeeze those glutes and then feel that stretch
in your hip flexor at the same time now we don’t need to count any repetitions
on this one again just working at your own pace whatever pace that you feel
comfortable with focus on keeping your head in a nice neutral position back
stays straight core stays nice and tight and engaged yep driving those hips back
on every rabbit so not a squat but just pivoting right at the hips there yeah
notice how we’re not changing our knee angle at all all we’re just using those
hips as a hinge really feel it in your hamstrings after your hamstring stretch
as well it’s true and on the way up should also feel a little stretching
that hip flexor at the same time at the top position we’re squeezing those
glutes every time you got to think about it I know you’re probably going to be
tired of me staying in it by the end of this workout but it’s so important I
don’t want you to forget try to activate those glutes get them firing and get
your body back to that and your pelvis back to that neutral position excellent
let’s do this one four five four three two one zero let’s switch sides now so
opposite leg back again slight bend in that lead leg back leg is back heels on
the ground and then let’s begin drive those hips back on this one hips back
hips forward and we are squeezing those glutes up at the top this move and all
the other ones so important to focus on your breathing
really nice control pace big deep breath in and out
and also it’s easy to go through these moves with like a limp body and not
think about it but again really focus on what muscles are working and focus on
contracting those glutes up at the top again which is why we’re moving at a
slow pace right really have to emphasize those most yeah you know if you just
went up and down up and down I mean definitely not going to get the same
effect stand nice and under control on every repetition doing great keep it up
keep breathing keep moving keep working every repetition gets us just that much
closer to our goal this is just that much closer to evening ourselves out
excellent let’s hit this one four five four three two one zero
all right we’re going to go back down to the floor for the next one we’re going
to do another glute move this time we’re going to do what’s called a fire hydrant
really going to focus on that medial glute that the side muscle here we’re on
all fours for this one I’m going to bring our knee and leg up and out to the
side and we’re going to try your best to get that leg till it’s parallel to the
ground I can’t quite get it up all the way it’s alright that’s what we’re
working for trying your best not to collapse your hips or your core get core
tight back straight as you move through this full range of motion we’re not
fully relaxing on the ground in between repetitions we’re just coming back to
the ground tapping it and then back up and staying under control making those
glutes work and fire it’s important to have strong glutes so that we’re able to
align our hips in that proper position good and on this next one at the top
position we’re going to incorporate a pulse so now we’re up we’re going to
pull it’s just like a 1 to 2 inch little range of motion we’re going to burn
those glutes out you’re not imagining that burn no that urn is really real
it is a real burn keep it up nice little one to two-inch pulse up and down
squeeze in those glutes for 5 4 3 2 1 0 all right let that glute rest let’s move
on to the opposite side same move again not compromising our hips or longer hits
to drop keeping our core engaged and tie it nice and square with the ground as
well exactly we don’t want to come on and do this way no exactly otherwise any
moves like that allow the glute not to work and not to fire we really want that
luteus medius to do all the work and lifting your legs full range of motion
on this fire hydrant good again every time at the top squeezing that glute
would be really easy just flop that leg up there and then let it flop down but
then we’re not going to see the results and what’s the point of going through
the motion actually don’t teach yourself that’s right you’re not Geno’s you’d
only be cheating yourself good again full range of motion alright on this
next we’re going to hit those pulses so up and a little 1 to 2 inch range of
motion on the Louie glutes are feeling it we’re feeling it two guys are right
there with you rep by Rep feeling that burn keep it up keep it up
good let’s keep this one going four five four three two one zero excellent oh
good now and then relax okay so next we’re moving into strengthening our
abdominals and then this one we’re actually getting a little extra credit
and worked at and work the glutes as well we’re going to do a you know a
pretty traditional move in the plank so we’re going to come down into a low
plank position on our forearms glad you can do this one from your knees I’m
going to do it from up on my feet back is straight core is tight head is in
line with your spine and on this one I want you to actually focus on tightening
your glutes so throughout this whole move we’re just going to hold but I want
you to keep your glutes squeeze squeeze those glutes what this is going to do is
ensure that your hips are the proper angle we’re retraining your hips and
your pelvis to be in line and be proper posture and form squeeze those glutes
squeeze them squeeze them yes we’re working your glutes and your abs here at
the same time you might get a little shoulder burn into whoo we’ll just call
that extra credit keep your head in line with your spine and just breathe you
decide if it’s appropriate for you do some from your knees squeeze squeeze
squeeze notice how Chloe has her hips dropped
and she’s got a straight line from her means all the way to her shoulders and
head she doesn’t have her butt up in the air you do I just hold all right come on
guys work it if you need to halfway through or an eight point time you can
drop to your knees we’re doing this one for fifteen more seconds I know it’s a
tough one hold strong hold strong working those ABS working those glutes
just think about how good you’re going to feel when you return your body to
that proper alignment and think about the repercussions if you weren’t you
didn’t do anything about it and this problem just got worse every day
here we are hold it for five four three two one zero Ashley
good morning shake it out for a second we’re going to move to our backsides
turning over to our backs we’re actually going to move into a crunch but we’re
going to do it a little bit different maybe than you’re used to and this is
going to do a couple things one we’re going to make sure that we’re not using
our hip flexors at all so you had this anterior pelvic tilt so often your hip
flexors end up taking over when it comes to ab exercises we don’t want that so
first move we’re going to do is place your hands on your chest we don’t want
them behind your head cranking on your neck second move now see how I’m just
sitting here like this in a natural position I have this arch under my back
we don’t want that when you have that that’s really what’s going to cause your
abs and stay relaxed even your hip flexors to work so first thing we’re
gonna do there hands on your chest we’re going to bring our chin up off the
ground and drive our lower back into the ground now you should feel contact with
your lower back on the ground so here’s your starting position now we’re going
to do is three three three tempo crunch so we’re going to crunch up for a three
count slow one two three now we’re going to hold for three seconds one two three
now we’re going to slowly return for three seconds one two three again keep
it lower back on the ground now back up one two three hold at the top for three
seconds with your shoulder blades off the ground two three back down one two
three I’m going to allow you to work at your own speed on this one now or you’re
going nice and slow this one is not about performing a bunch of reps but
instead it’s all about forcing those ads to contract throughout the whole set not
allowing those abs to be lazy and letting momentum your hip flexors take
over but instead really strengthening that your core and abdominal muscles and
for doing this one correctly you are going to start to feel some major
galactic acid burn in your abdominal muscles let’s just let me know you’re
doing it right you know that thing I felt that burn on
the second one doesn’t take much on this hill hey that’s how we know it’s working
you know that lactic acid that burn that’s just the fuel that our muscles
use just a byproduct of our muscles working you don’t have to listen to that
burn doesn’t mean you’ll have anything left got to learn to love that burn
learn to ignore that burn and not listen to it when it kicks in again 1 2 3 1 2 3
at each component of this move really contracting your abs on the way up and
then holding 1 2 3 at the top and then slowly returning 4 1 2 3 driving that
lower back into the ground throughout the whole move not along it you’re going
back to orator to come up you might definitely have to go to your happy
place on this one house it’s burning but that’s alright you got it guys keep
fighting through rest if you need to doing this one for 10 more seconds you
got it you’re doing great keep pushing think about how good you’re going to
feel when this routine is over today let’s go 5 4 3 2 1 0
nice whoa all right come on up and I feel that 1:00 in the morning yeah
thought the other one right now ok we’re going to move into a side plank position
another great ab exercise it does not allow our hip flexors to take over I’m
gonna do some from on my feet I’m going to do this on my knee so I’m going to
leave my bottom leg or my left legs on the ground here we’re going to come up
to a side plank position make sure to keep that opposite arm underneath those
who our weight is evenly distributed on our forearm we’re trying our best to
keep a core tight back straight nice straight line here and we’re just
holding that’s the whole move that’s one really focuses on those obliques really
just your overall core as well and you might even feel it in your glutes
totally especially after the bottom yep especially have the other moves that we
did today that’s the sex where I feel it now yeah
I’ve billing it a little bit everywhere that’s alright I know it’s working just
hold if you need to go to your happy place on this one again think about why
you’re here why you clicked on this video to begin with whatever it is
whatever brought you here is me that same thing that gets you through to the
end we don’t have much left just stay tough with us we’re going to
switch sides and five four three two one zero slowly come down turn over opposite
side now and here we are last move right here you made it this far
let’s finish strong we’re up core is tight back is straight whoo abs are
tight that’s right and it’s working making sure to breathe do not hold your
breath on this one and again think about what brought you here today to begin
with what’s your why just focus on it focus how good you’re going to feel
about yourself and realign your your pelvis ABS stay tight
you just taking care of you taking care of you there you go no more pain
associated with this so often into your pelvic tilt can come with lower back
pain hip flexor pain just pain in general I’m not a way to live come back
repeat this routine four to five times a week and it will get better you guys are
doing great let’s keep this one last ten seconds right here stay strong
that’s it that’s it I’m almost there five four three two one zero
slowly come down and that’s it you made it guys nice job nice work Claudia for
such a nice work out there high five thank you so much for joining us and
working through today with us if you enjoy this routine and you’ve been
working out this for a while you’re starting to see some results we’d
encourage you to please go check out our patreon page where you can find out how
you can support our mission of keeping these great workouts free and if you
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whatever social media platform you’re on whether it’s Facebook Twitter Instagram
snapchat combined has fit and connect with us again thank you so much for
joining us today and giving us a privilege of working out with you I’m
coach Kozak and I’m Claudia and we will see you at your next workout


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