How to Exercise While Washing the Dishes

So I’ve developed this little workout to do. It’s
three different exercises every time I come up to the sink. The first one I like to do 10 calf raises. Just like that. You want the weight in the balls of the feet. Squeeze the glutes a
little bit. Then the next transition is into our push ups. In releve. High half-toe. Your body’s angled towards the bar. Hands are wide. Draw the chest towards the sink. Squeeze those glutes. This works the whole body. But especially the arms and if you’re still
recovering from having a baby and it’s a good way to get
those push ups in. Next one. Squats. You’re feet are about hip width apart, parallel . Weight’s gonna come towards the heels. Hold onto your sink. just sit down like you’re sitting in a chair. And do 30 of these. You’ve done 10, 20, 30 of these. Of each one. And that’s how you get different body parts going. I’m already getting tired from doing this. Then also a great thing about this is if
your kids call for you then you can run off and deal with them and then come back and do this again. Yeah, and the running part will get you exercise, too. Like Lulu says, yeah, and the running part will get you exercise, too.


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  2. I'd be lying if I didn't say I did this before , not while doing the dishes though because I have a dishwasher haha…great vid + super advice…subbed

  3. Great advice Marita….And lou lou 🙂

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