How To Eat Healthy Food CONSISTENTLY | How I lost 45 lbs this year by changing my diet

good morning is it still morning it is still morning by half an hour today marks 101 days of healthy eating for me I made a decision I went with it and I have been striving to live healthy ever since and diabetes runs in my families that was a big reason I had gestational diabetes law as pregnant and I don't want to have that as something that happens to me later in life that I get diabetes down the road so I made the decision 101 days ago and I am loving it so it really has changed my life and here are some tips for healthy eating number one be honest with yourself you have to be honest with yourself of how you have currently been eating and where you want to be my advice is really to write down what your goals are I followed Rachel Hollis's like 10-10-10 one thing with goal setting and basically you look 10 years in the future you basically just visualize what you want your life to be like 10 years from now you're from there I made 10 long-term dreams then I chose one goal that I can work on for the next three months and the one that I chose was losing weight so eating healthy was part of that so that is my 3 month cool and every 3 months I read how did I do did I lose as much as I wanted to why maybe did I stall for so long what roadblocks am i putting in my own way anyway I'm getting ahead of myself but number one you need to be honest with yourself and decide where you want to be and why your past maybe hasn't gotten you there okay number two you need to make a plan or find a plan I'm not very good at making my own plan I don't stick to it as well if I don't have accountability or a structure to stick to and so for me the plan that I found is bright line eating which I really love because it outlines everything as far as your meals how many ounces you should have each food group how to transition to maintenance which I feel like most weight loss plans don't do and remember I'm looking for long term health not just like a short-term lose all the weight kind of thing so I was really looking to change my habits so number two is finding a plan that is sustainable for you and something that you will be able to commit to long term and it might take a bit of experimentation before I stumbled on this I started my weight loss journey the day after Christmas 2018 and for a little bit I did a diabetic diet and then I did intermittent fasting all that I did alternate day fasting I did counting calories it took me a while to stumble upon bright line eating but once I did I've been with this for 101 days and it's sustainable healthy eating I'm not saying bright line eating is right for everyone I think it is different for everyone I personally do have issues with binging on unhealthy food and not like really ever feeling full so it's really good for me to measure my food so that I know I'm getting enough I've got enough nutrients I am not overeating and so I don't really have that mental chatter of like is this on plan is this off plan I don't really have that step number three is prepping your environment for healthy eating so whatever plan you've decided on make sure your environment helps you with that rather than hindering and so I have to cook for my husband and we have a baby that I also am in charge of feeding during the day and so I can't just have only the food that I can eat in the house I am NOT going to force my husband to eat the same way that I do and so I have to adapt you know how I store things and prepare things so that I am still able to stick to my plan and that I have a good structure set up for that on my food plan I don't eat sugar or flour or really any sweetener of any kind so I've organized my closet in a way that makes it very clear what things are mine and what I want to eat so here is our food cupboard and you can see we've got a candy bin up there chips sugar flour and then on this shelf that's my eye level is all of the stuff that I can eat that I'm going to eat choose to eat on my plan so I've got canned meat I've got whole grains I've got sauces I've got lots of different canned food for quick meals and then down here we've got all the food for the rest of my family obviously I also feed my family healthy food as well I just usually add in a side of you know chips or bread or pasta or whatever so you'll want to do everything you can to prepare your house to get started and give yourself the best chance for success but step number four is really what you need to do so step number four is the easiest one just get started sometimes you get into this planning phase like I'm not sure maybe I'll start after this vacation I'm gonna start after this party I go to oh my birthday is next week I don't want to start until after that you if you're gonna make this change you need to make it you've already made the decision you've already planned you know found your plan of what you want to do just get started mentally when you tell yourself I'm going to start next week or after this thing happens you're kind of giving yourself an excuse later on down the road when you're in the middle of you know if this is really a lifestyle change you're in the middle of you know eating healthy you try not to eat donuts or pizza or whatever and then something comes up and you're like oh well because it's my cousin's sister's best friend's birthday I'm going to go out and have a fun time and I'm going to eat all the things so not that it's bad to eat in moderation but you need to find what works for you and if you're giving yourself excuses for the future and then that's something that you should really look at and say am I just making this as an excuse to delay things or could I start now and make a plan for when I go to those events maybe I can bring a salad and I know I will for sure have something to eat and I won't be stressed about it and I can actually focus on spending time with people so just think about that number four is just get started that's the most important thing step number five has to do with this board here behind me when you need to have a plan of what you're going to eat for the week so even if it's you know maybe you have the same thing for breakfast every morning because that makes it easy then you don't need to write that down just have a breakfast and list it out you don't need to write it for every single day maybe lunch is the same or maybe for lunch you eat leftovers of dinner the night before so I use mine to record dinner for the family step number six is grocery shopping so maybe this should come before meal funny no I think you should plan your meals before you go grocery shopping so basically what you'll want to do when planning out your groceries you want to look at what you have already to avoid breaking the bank because healthy eating can be done on a budget so what you want to do is look at what you already have and make plans from that so what you'll look at ingredients you already have oh well I have tortillas I have beans I have chicken I have tomatoes that sounds like good makings for taco I'm gonna go get lettuce at the store and avocado those are the two things I'm missing for my taco night and then just going through your fridge first to make sure you have anything if anything is going to go bad soon you want to use that so find things that you can make using the food that's about to go bad so go first through your fridge your pantry and then make your list for what meals you want to make that week and make your grocery list from that step number seven is drink lots of water I found that if I use the straw I'm like a little kid if I use a straw I will drink a lot more so try it have a strong drink a big tall cup of water your body will retain water if you eat salty foods which is fine I don't I don't scrimp scrimp skimp and skimp on the salt I put salt on everything but I just have to make sure that I'm drinking enough water or that way it will fluctuate when my body will hold on to it because I'm eating too much salt so your salt intake is really you know has to do with how much water you drink if you drink enough water then have all the salt you want don't quote me on that because I haven't read any peer-reviewed journals or anything that said that but in my personal experience my weight keeps coming off as long as I'm drinking my water it doesn't matter if I'm salting my food extra or not so drink lots and lots and lots of water a rule that I've heard is drink half of your body weight in ounces so if you weigh 200 pounds then you're gonna drink a hundred ounces of water so keep that in mind when you're planning I actually have no idea how many ounces these big cups are so I don't track the ounce number I just try to drink a lot so if I drink like four of these in a day I feel pretty good I usually drink one right before bed which causes me to need to go to the bathroom right when I wake up but it gets me out of bed in the morning so not a bad thing anyway um water water water water step number eight is always have vegetables on hand fruits are great vegetables are a necessity so always have vegetables on hand so if you run out you're not running to the grocery store at any you know random time of the week so have some on hand backups upon backups I will show you my freezer to see what I mean first I'm actually gonna show you the fridge so my fridge is actually pretty lacking right now for vegetables so I've got some roasted vegetables I roasted it in the oven last night so I'm gonna eat those today um I've got some corn back there I eat corn sparingly just because it is um higher sugar content than other vegetables but I do eat it um but my baby loves corn so we've always got corn I've got a whole set of eggs because they're on sale at Walmart and here is my vegetable drawer sad sad thing to behold right now I've got one jalapeno and some lettuce that I need to use and then I've got the bread drawer for the family I put the bread in there because I'm not eating it it doesn't get eaten very fast so I put it in there so that doesn't go mouldy so really as far as vegetables go I've only got this a little bit plus my roasted veggies I did last night so it would look like I'm almost out of vegetables I need to run to the store because I eat a lot of vegetables in a day Rob here is my way over loaded freezer I should organize it better but hey everything's fitting in just fine you can see there is unhealthy food in here and ice cream we've got breaded chicken we've got leftover pizza which is here you know we bought a bunch for a party and we had leftovers but mixed in with everything I've got so many frozen vegetables I've got my vegetables Brussels sprouts I've got some easy steamed mixes here I've got some more broccoli I've got a drawer full of rice – cauliflower what do you know some more rice cauliflower also got down there I've got some Normandy vegetables which is like broccoli cauliflower zucchini on the side door I've got spinach which is really awesome you can just put it in smoothies or you can put it in um eggs or whatever and I've also got leftover stir-fried vegetables I've got chopped onions that you can use in recipes and one time I bought a giant bag of spinach from Costco and of course didn't go through it all so I separated it out into bags these are awesome to use you can just throw it individually you know this is probably enough for a really yummy recipe or like a if you wanted to do muffin cup eggs or something and put spinach in each of them that would be perfect anyway so I've got a major stock as you can see in my freezer of frozen vegetables for if I might ever need them okay number nine is commit every day so every single day is a new day every single meal is a new meal honestly if you have a really awful breakfast that doesn't mean you need to starve yourself the rest of the day or anything like that just get right back on each her healthy meal don't stress so much about it um so number nine is just committing every single day to do what you need to do you know what it is that you need to do nobody else can tell you that other people can give support but it's you deep down you know what choices you need to make for your health and your eating so you just have to commit every day to do it for you and to make those choices that will bring you to where you want to be when you first way back in the first step planned out what you want your life to be like in ten years you need to remember that every single day and make that choice and if you mess up one day then try again step number ten is don't give up on yourself if you have a day that is not healthy that's not the end of the world I say I've been eating healthy for 101 days but I've had a couple days mixed in there that have been absolutely not healthy and I didn't allow that to make me feel bad about myself as a person or to make myself feel incapable I have big goals I've got dreams and I know that I can them and I know that you can't you if you believe in yourself and if you don't let yourself get in your way so step number ten I guess is just don't give up on yourself and to just believe in yourself even if it seems like nothing you've done before has worked this time it will because you are different and you've made the choice to be healthy there you have ten steps to a healthier you um I hope that was helpful I really do feel healthier than I have in a very very very very very long time and I hope that some of what I have learned helps you as well like comment subscribe if you have any questions seriously put it in the comments below I also have recipe videos if you want to check some of those out for some more healthy eating tips

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