How to Do Weight Bench Exercises | Gym Workout


  1. kewl

  2. Where can I buy an easy adjustable bench like this?

  3. Also overhead barbell triceps extentions

  4. No one has said anything about the guys boxing in the background… Well then.

  5. Rebel sport might have some. If you have a local gym, ask those guys and they should be able to help you out.

  6. look on ur local area. like kijiji or craigslist i got a brand new bowflex bench for 100$ they r 275 new good luck

  7. Key and peele XD

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  9. i have recently bought a bench and am wondering how often i should use it and would it be bad if i go on it everyday

  10. Dude picekd em up off the ground like they were 10 lbs weights lol

  11. Very nice, I will use this technique, thanks Max.

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  13. Thanks for the videos, Max!

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