How to Do a Tree Pose (Vrksasana) | Yoga

So coming to a standing balancing posture,
this is called tree, or versashna. So you’re going to take your right foot
intently into the ground, and just come on to the tiptoes of your left foot, so you can
feel the weight transfer from both to just one. And you’ll take your left knee and hover it,
and you can grab onto it. And then take the knee, open it like a gate,
and you’ll see. So maybe for you, you can just grab it here,
open it like a gate. The best place would be to come to the shin
bone or to the ankle. You just want to, as a rule, avoid the knee
joint in this pose, or pressing into the knee joint, so it’s alright above the knee joint
or below. So we’ll bring it above, for now, and then
kick the heel in towards the thigh, but the thigh also back in towards the heel. So you feel two forms of force coming back
in towards each other. And that will allow you to squeeze in toward
your mid line, as we call it or just the center. Use your hands at prayer to start, if that
helps you find your mid line. So raise your elbows up, relax your shoulders
down, and think about the muscles of the chest wrapping around the hands, and the belly wrapping
around the hands. So it allows you this little bubble of force
to help you balance. Not your ankle at balance, you might feel
your ankle tracking, but it is your belly squeezing in toward the self, towards mid
line that helps you balance. Drifting is another tool, so it is your gaze
forward ahead that will help you balance, so take three strong breaths there. And another important point, so if you feel
like your hip is opening out to the side, because the hip bones point forward. But the knee can open off to the side, right. So the hip bones, think about them interjectly
coming together, but the knee can open off to the side. So to come out you close the gate, and then
set the foot down to the floor. And that’s a tree pose.


  1. Yoga tower => pretty usefull to avoid fireballs, good move.

  2. at opening gate idea was very beneficial, I didn't maw my own knee.

  3. This is really hard

  4. Very helpful, thank you.

  5. Thank you for your clear explanation!:)

  6. Sobeitdone !

  7. Really to hàrd in doing

  8. How about starting with modified progressions for people who have never tried this very difficult pose before?

  9. When I am standing on my right leg it wobbles. This makes my knee ache. How can I improve

  10. thanks, not certain whether I'll start off with doing yoga, but this pose is something I've been thinking of as of recent and I can eventually try it out thanks to you.

  11. two things: where did you get those pants? how long should I hold this pose for?

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