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  1. What if you're overweight and the extra weight of your belly makes it hard to know if you're in a straight line? I'm naturally included to drop my hips on one hand and on another my belly would always reach the ground first before my shoulders anyway. Any advice?

  2. I've been chicken winging them my whole life… O.o I adjusted and they're…easier

  3. I would have liked to understand if we need to touch the ground with the chest in every rep.

  4. Great video to learn great technique.

    The silly clips inserts were not necessary. (Apart from the one at the end which did make me chuckle. ).

  5. Really appreciate these videos

  6. Awesome, thank you for making this!

  7. Great! Now, all that's missing is the plank!

  8. What do you mean by "proper"?
    Imho, instead of the straight line, the hollow body position is better, in terms of strength and carry-over to other exercises.

    Also I don't think doing pushups from the knees is a good idea. I would rather start doing them with the hands on a bench or a table.

  9. Stacy is pretty impressive.

  10. Thanks for this. I've been having shoulder pain since I started going crazy with pushups and I realized that I've been doing the arms spread out chicken wing.

  11. Press ups*

  12. Nice legs, Staci!

  13. excellent video guys. thank you very much.

  14. What is the best push-up variations? There are multiple ways to do a push, so which is the best? By far, the archer is the best push-up variation becuase it is easier and safer to do than one arm push-up, and it targets one side of the bicep and chest.

  15. Very helpful video. Less prurient banter next time, though, please.

  16. i love it when the ass vibrates ahahahah

  17. Hey, that's the guy in all the Convict Conditioning photos!

  18. ok that means Ive been doing them 'wrong' every day for the past 2 yrs…always put my arms/elbows way out. does that mean Ive done some damage to muscles etc?

  19. It was very informative
    Thanks a lot.

    91K views…., say thanks to Stacy

  20. help, every time i lower myself down my dick touches the floor

  21. So chest touching the floor is the proper way? Or just the full range of motion?

  22. i have all these issues lol

  23. lmao 90% of comments are on S T H I C C Y ' S

  24. ah so thats how you do knee ones.I have a damaged toe so trying not to put pressure on it, this helps

  25. Nerdfittness – where you show clips from completely unnerdy films. Thanks for the pushup tips though.

  26. Thank you for the really thorough explanation. I was chicken-winging it for years and was wondering why certain groups weren't getting worked out. Much appreciated!


  28. the legend who helped me workout the nerd fitness page have some good tips seriously 1000%

  29. So basically all the cheats I have to use in order to be able to do just 1 pushup… don't do those. LMAO my fitness is tragic.

  30. Nobody has been able to encouraged me to workout but you. Your workout programs are adjustable , suited by pace and easy to stick on. Thanks a ton man.

  31. Your not fucking the ground no part of the body should be touching the ground only four points of contact feet and hands

  32. The guy in the red and the camera man are judgmental and annoying. The man in the green is very professional and straightforward. No judgment, just education.

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