How to Do a Proper Pull Up | Nerd Fitness


  1. you should do these for other exercises!

  2. That was great! But I want more!!

  3. Best video of the month! I'm paying attention to the space between my ears and shoulders next time I work out. Thank you!

    I would love to see how to videos from you guys on the squat and deadlift, including how to choose a variation that's best for your experience and mobility levels.

  4. I've done the low lifts under the table, but I could never figure out exactly how to put the box (or chair in my case) for the assisted. Thanks for that.

    I also had not known about the shoulders away from the ears. I think that will help a lot. Thanks.

  5. Cool, I need to work on my shoulder engagement for sure!

  6. Hand width is the same whether you're doing a pull-up or a chin-up?

  7. I so have a man-crush on Jim B.

  8. working towards my first pull-up and this helped a lot, thank you

  9. Wow…i wonder when will i succeed in doing my first Pull-up…chances look so bleak😟😟😟

  10. The video is awesome. I have been scouring the internet looking for a "How to", this is the best by far. I have been training for a while now and the chin/pull up remains elusive. It is my ultimate goal. The video is great, but I think its coming down to simple strength. My question is, what exercises can you do to build the correct or necessary muscles and strength? Lifting (i.e.: deadlifts.) and pushing (i.e.: push presses) are my thang, its the pulling that's a problem. The "do or do not, there is no try" self talk has not helped much either 🙂

  11. Good work Staci, you might not have been as chatty as the two gentlemen but who needs to use their mouth when they can let their arms do the talking?

  12. Thanks for this. I honestly had no idea about pulling the shoulders; I've been attempting these wrong for years!

  13. guy in the blue shirts biceps look so out of proportion….

  14. 2:53 tall people have to do that

  15. The only thing I hate…HATE about doing chin ups is when guys leave the damn bar with oily lotion from oily lotion covered hands and now it is impossible to do even 1 single chin up/pull up!Guys..and ladies too!DO NOT PUT ON LOTION PRIOR TO WORKING AT IN A GYM OR A PUBLIC PARK….because other people need to/do use that same bar too!

  16. Thanks for these videos! I like how you emphasize good form.

  17. Only useful part if you're interested in PULL-UPS: 3:32 – 3:41

  18. Staci’s hot

  19. legs straight out in front to engage core

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