How to Do a Handspring | Gymnastics


  1. Easier said than done

  2. I'd like to see the coach try this…

  3. There's better handspring tutorials done by kids!!!

  4. i can do that:)
    so its easy and thats said vary well:)

  5. i cant get up though

  6. So, you said what a handspring is, not HOW TO do it?

  7. I thought this was a how to….

  8. i always wanted to know how to do a back hand spring

  9. i could do a handspring with out anyone teaching me! 🙁

  10. y r u watching it then

  11. First make sure you have a flexible lower back. Then make sure you can kick your leg to the back high enough. Now you just do the handstand except that you have to let the leg you just kicked go all the way and let the other leg follow. then you will automatically flip around and just keep your upper body tight and belly pointing out you're good. Also make sure the head is bending upwards relative to the body (looking at the hands when doing the handstand and look into the ceiling when finished

  12. At The End I Cant Land On My Feet Straight Up I Always Land Like I'm Doing A BackBend ): I Thought They Would Do The HandSpring Not Talk About How To Do It

  13. And that helped me…

  14. what if you're outside

  15. I love handsprings

  16. I find this guy really awkward

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