How to Do a Cat Cow Pose for Energy | Yoga


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  3. Well, I am excited now, that was expectable?

  4. Excellent range of motion, Chelsey. Inspiring! Congrats on the website

  5. Love the idea of hovering the knees for abdominal engagement. Thank you!

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  8. Can I ask, can a man benefit with this Exercise. thx for the answer

  9. Can boy do this ?

  10. I was just looking up "Cow cat" from the battle cats but now i saw this.

    Now my "Cat" turned into an Extended "Tank Cat" ….

  11. 1:10 I don't wanna put my toes like hat.
    What if someone jumps on me?

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  16. Every single boy in the comments who calls himself a man. You wonder why women hate you? Lol. Disgusting, no self control, weak creatures.

  17. Oh come on I hate my P.E. Teachers for making us learn this pose

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  22. Opens more than just the spine sweetheart.

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  28. Doggy style. This is called doggy style

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  30. One of my fav poses! It really helps your back a lot!🤗❤️

  31. This exercise only for ladies

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  34. I came here from work out app, It did not dissapoint me 😁😏

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  39. How to get ready for a good doggystyle.

  40. This actually has really helped me with upper back pain.

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  44. This is becoming like a Truth or Dare game, except it's always dare..

  45. This pose is “HENTAI pose”.

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  54. I have a legit question. When I do this my back hurts. Are you actively tilting your pelvis anteriorly when dropping your stomach or are you just dropping the stomach?

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  56. Worst Camera Man E V E R!!!! No 360 View?

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  58. arch that back.

  59. Thank you! I am sorry for all the perverts comments, the video is helpful at least for me.

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  61. I came here from a workout app, but I knew I had to read the comments.

  62. I found this video helpful,
    sadly it's almost impossible for women to do any fitness related things without being sexualized

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  72. Useful video, thanks. I'm a writer and suffer back problems due to prolonged sitting, and someone suggested this may help. As for some of the comments below… guys, you should be ashamed of yourselves.

  73. Kama sutra

  74. Vim pelo app mas essa mulher ai, tive que parar pra fazer outras coisas, se é que me entende kkkkk.

  75. how did I end up here? it's 3 Am in the morning. I was bored and trying to find work out for my fat Cat on YouTube. I end up on this video and I can tell for shure now I won't be able to sleep!! 😂🙈🙊🤦🏼‍♂️

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  80. My arm is now full of muscles, thanks

  81. Thank you. Really nice explanation and demonstration. Thanks again.

  82. Nice hip

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  84. "Me Too"

  85. Geuss I'm not the only one who came here for a full screen view for a better view of, uh, the exercise! yeah.

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  87. I know women will baulk at the comments below and fat feminists will take up arms but the fact is she is very attractive, very fit and there’s no denying that there’s a lot of crossover in these movements.

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  89. Anyone else relapsed while trying to do nofap? :/

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  91. It's for energy.Bruh COME ON. Do it better.

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  93. Love pose ❤

  94. Lovely body

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    0:55 turns into a track star

  96. also known as the doggystyle yoga pose

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