How to diet successfully : How to use Avatar Nutrition and Myfitnesspal

hi all it is the second of February 2017
and I thought I would give you some really good information on how to be a
hundred percent successful with your diet there’s two websites that I use
literally if you do as they ask you to do then your results are going to be
brilliant you need to be consistent you need to be accountable so the first one
I want to go to is Avatar nutrition create a profile and then you will have
weekly weigh-ins and your information will be updated weekly depending on your
progress and what your goals are so what I’m going to do is I’m just gonna have a
look at the website now with you and just have a quick look at creating a
profile and then I’m actually gonna go into my profile and add this week’s
weigh-in and you can actually see what happens literally on the screen so when
you actually log on to Avatar nutrition and have a look at creating a profile
this is what you’re gonna see is absolutely brilliant it’s got so much
useful information I can let you know that it is 9.99 US dollars which is seven
pound ninety six in British pounds and it’s also 9,24 euros it’s
really good value for money I really recommend it so the first thing you’re
going to do is you’re going to have a look at creating a profile so if you
just click on create a profile it’s gonna go through account setup with you
it’s really simple and I can’t go through it myself because I’ve actually
done it I’m a member already but if you just have a look it will say gender so
I’m a female so you click on female and I think just above that it actually says
to use metric units yes or no and just say yes for the sake of it
and then literally here it says step one of nine to click on the arrow when
you put that information in and it’s got your height in centimeters so let’s just
put my height in there I’m very tiny so that’s that next step your weight and
then you put your current weight in okay so I’m not going to go through the whole
process for you I just wanted to give you a little clue to how it’s going to work
so basically just going to go through these nine steps and actually create
your profile so now I’m gonna go into my account okay so now you can see this is
my profile and at the bottom it says it’s my current goal which is lean
muscle gain and on here if you can see this is all my current information
so I’m on 2106 calories made up of 115 protein 70 fat and 254 grams of carbs my
weight last time was forty eight point five body fat twenty six point six lean
mass thirty five point six so basically it’s time for me to weigh in now so I’m
gonna do I did it this morning so I’m gonna pop it in for you to see they put
way in and you put your body weight in forty forty eight point nine eight forty
eight point nine eight and my body fats twenty seven point one it’s gonna ask me
if I was compliant with my macro target so basically I know I have been
compliant with all those so it’s already got a yes in there and you within
five days of starting your period no and you’re gonna go ad check in and see
what happens and it actually says to me a great job
Fai you’ve you’ve gained what we consider to be an appropriate amount of weight
for the lean muscle gain for this reason we’re not going to make any major
changes to your macro targets for the upcoming week so according to my
weigh-ins on the 2nd of January I was forty seven point nine kilos and so
that’s about a month ago isn’t it yeah five weeks ago
and from in five weeks from forty seven point nine kilos I’ve gone up to 49
kilos and from twenty six point three body fat I’ve gone up to twenty seven
point one body fat I’m very happy with that the calories I’m on I’m very happy
with because I can eat basically I can eat basically eat what I want but I just
have to be sensible there’s a lot of carbs in there so I try
and have my carbs around my workout if I can but you know I don’t sweat it if I
can’t do that then I can’t do that the next website I’m going to show you is my fitness pal now my Fitness Pal is an
online food diary log it’s very useful to use along with this one so when
avatars given you your calories your protein your fats and your carbs
what you want to do is you want to create a profile in My Fitness Pal and
put that information in and then use it as a daily diary to make sure that
you’re hitting your macros and like I said they do give you quite a good range
so don’t be too particular and it probably will take a bit of getting used
to but what we’ll do is we’ll just have a quick look on my fitness pal and see
how we get on so here you have MyFitnessPal which is
your food diary log and if you go into my goals which is what you will create
when you make your profile my calories are there my carbohydrates fats and
proteins everything’s in there it’s actually in grams now if you want to
have items in grams you have to pay for an upgrade which is 40 pounds to the
year and it not only gives you items in grams there’s other features that you
can use as well so let’s just have a go adding some food so we’ll just go to
food and here go this is today this is what I’ve eaten so far today so it’s got
my breakfast post-workout so let’s just add a snack in so this is the sort of
thing that you’re going to be doing so you click on snack add food and just say
I had a KitKat so just put KitKat in and here you go look if it has a green
tick next to it that mean it’s verified so that means that the information is
accurate and then all you want to do is just click on KitKat add to your food at
the food to your diary and if we look down if you look at my snack here it’s got a nestle KitKat two finger that was a bit of an abrupt finish but I think basically
that’s all the information that you need so remember you’ve got two websites
Avatar nutrition and MyFitnessPal use them in conjunction with each other
that’s going to conclude the video for this week I hope you found it useful
check out those websites and if you’ve got any questions just ask me and also
give the video a thumbs up comment below and subscribe to my channel see you soon

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  1. How much protein do you consume? I try to eat above 1lb per body pound but lots people are like you should eat more or less 🙁

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