How to Cure Diabetes Permanently At Home || Health Tips | Home Remedies


  1. Can't understand most of these people, because of their accent.

  2. That's awesome recipe and thanks for share!!

  3. Very intersting facts about how to cure diabetes, thanks!

  4. But coconut water is not good for diabetic patient right one of d doctor said me so can any one help me here on dis

  5. Thanks for sharing this important message.

  6. Kannada language plz

  7. I seen a video where this man says to take 5 bananas, 2 apples, 2 kiwi and a hand full of kale.
    Blend them all together with purified water and, drink half in the morning and the rest through out the day.
    He didn't say how long to do this. Isn't there a lot of sugar in the fruit?
    Thank you so much for your video and knowledge.

  8. If u pregnant can you drink this drink

  9. thanks

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  11. Thanks it is working

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  13. Speak probably. Diabetes

  14. thank you for posting this video

  15. Ape Amma

  16. Shammi chicken kabab

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