How To Cultivate A Healthy Life As A Single – Tony Evans and Lisa Anderson Part 1


  1. This was sooooo good to watch! Beautiful perspectives from Lisa and Pastor Tony! Very relatable and super practical. That point about contentment in Christ? Dynamite! Ugh! God bless you guys at Focus!

  2. thank you. This is refreshing and encouraging. Was listening to a tv talk show with the topic being about the upcoming Bachelor contestant being a virgin. The guest host basically labeled him as disturbed. What a shame that culture has turned so much away from God to say that not having sex is equal to having a mental disorder. Thank you for the encouragement that this is one way to glorify God. We don't listen to what culture says but what God says.

  3. I listened to this broadcast on the radio the other day. Love that am actually able to watch the video too…. brings it out more to life. ❤️ it. Good job focus

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