How to Create a Sleeping Routine to Maximize Well-Being. (2019)

How are you? Are you feeling physical and emotional
well-being, or are you struggling a little bit in one of those two areas? if you’re
struggling, chances are you’re not sleeping very well. In this YouTube
video, I will be sharing with you how to dramatically improve your mind, body, emotions and emotions. As well, spirit and the quality of your sleep.
Welcome to insight with Lesley, my name is Lesley Pazdzioch, it’s a pleasure to have you join me on my youtube channel today. This is the second video of a five-part
video series on creating balance in our life. If you have watched the first video,
I highly suggest you go back watch that as well, download the PDF for the whole five-part series. It’s truly going to give you a
solid foundation in order to make the significant changes that you’re looking
for to create balance in your life. Now, before we get started on this video,
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series that are coming in the future. You know how frustrating those nights are when our minds and our thoughts just keep going and going and going!
It seems like it’s never, ever, going to show off! For me personally, I am the worse during those times. What I’m so emotionally involved. I’ll follow that dialogue all the
way down that rabbit hole of abyss. I know the thoughts are not reality, and I know it’s not
the truth in the situation. However, I’ll follow along in any way, because my emotional state is so high.
knowing it’s detrimental, it’s wrong to allow them to continue. Sometimes we just do it anyway.
the problem is that we don’t have a chance for our bodies to heal, for our
emotions to reset. The next day is miserable as well. There’s a way to
change that. When our bodies are awake and our bodies are at rest there’s two
different major functions going on within our physical bodies. As well
our emotional yeah emotional aspects of us as well. So, when we’re awake our
physical muscles are functioning, digestive systems, and our other systems,
We have different systems that are running constantly and
then when we are sleeping that’s the time when that aspect when our wake
functions our body we’re actually healing,and our emotions are having
chance to reset, our muscles are more relaxed. The systems are brilliant
you rejuvenate. It’s just a process time for us to heal our
whole physical cells. Friends have you ever woke up after a really challenging
day and felt so much better? Or even feel it is slightly better? This is because the
emotional aspects of us, and of our physical bodies had a chance to reset.
Our muscles might not be as sore, we might be feeling better. That’s why
people, when they’re not feeling well, they sleep. That’s when their bodies are
healing the most, so when you’re sick you sleep. Makes sense right? so in order
to reset that emotional process, when we’re feeling those negative emotions
during the day, we sleep,, At night it all settles down. However, if we don’t
get that sleep, is when the danger the health issues, and the
problems come into play. Because our physical as well as our emotional bodies
didn’t have that opportunity that it needed to reset itself, so that we
can heal and go forward with a more positive direction. Now, I
hope this is helpful to everyone and if it is type well-being in the comment
section below, and if it’s not ask a question? I really want this to
be crystal clear for everybody so that they are you know they can you can
create this balance in your life. Now, this balance is really key. Not only
to our sleeping and all these things together, but if you are someone looking into trying to learn meditation, and you’re struggling with it. Or you’re trying to manifest things in
your life, to bring things into your life that which you want and desire, you’re going to
struggle. this is key to know well. Instead, they wait for the chaos then try to meditate to calm down. Or they try to redirect their thoughts to
manifest their desired outcome, and I’m going to tell you, it will not ever work!
It will never, ever, ever, work! Because in the terms of meditation you are really learning how to slow the mind down, on a regular basis. Being able to slow your mind down continuously! You can’t just just instantly stop your
thought processes. Especially when they feel like a runaway train. It doesn’t work when when they’re all geared up,
and they’re going, and going, and going. Thoughts are more like a rushing stream. You
can’t turn a rushing stream into a trickling Brook in a matter of minutes,
just on a switch. it just doesn’t happen. The same goes with manifesting
what you want. You can’t be in a level of manifestation and trying to manifest
something out of frustration then go from frustrated to to your ultimate
desire within your thoughts because there’s there’s a huge gap in-between
with your emotions and actions. With your with your emotions,
everything has to be in alignment in order for it to process into the flow or a calm stream. Imagine you’re sitting on a rock by lake
and is a very calm stream of water, then all of a sudden a leaf
comes down it starts to spin and either sucks down, and it pops up and it goes
away. This is the same as your thoughts and your emotions. Thoughts can be
flowing down get caught up in a spiral and then get spit out . Our undesired feelings
are obviously stemming from the opposite of our desired result or the opposite of
whatever we’re trying to manifest or the opposite of what we’re trying to calm
down. Through meditation. our thoughts are come from from inner knowing. What I love to refer is our soul. Without the connection, is when the disconnect is present and those
uncomfortable feelings, and those crazy thoughts come. If you want more information about this process, feel free to schedule get a get acquainted
call with me. I will add this link in the description above,
and we can talk more in greater detail pertaining to any situation that you have in your life. let’s
get back to sleeping. I get a little bit carried away. So in
order to create this sleeping pattern we really need to look at what we’re doing.
Inside that PDF packet, there will be a download PDF,
there’ll be a page to keep track of you sleeping patterns. It’s right here it’ll talk about your
sleeping routine so for seven days this is what it looks like right down the day.
what time you went to bed, if you woke up, what time you went to sleep. Did you wake
up at all? Then what time did you really get out of bed. If that
doesn’t work for the seven days go back for another seven days and add into it
what are you eating, what are you drinking, what activities are you doing
before? Are there any electronics involved before you go to sleep?
Simply keep track of any of these behaviors. Keeping track of
your current sleeping behaviors and looking at what’s going on in your life,
you become more aware of the discrepancies that are
causing some of these issues. Then you can make the necessary adjustments.
now in the event, like I said if you’re going through and
it’s really not working, really write down the foods what are you eating what
are you drinking before you go to bed are you drink consuming alcohol and how
much time before you go to bed? Really include your electronic time, anytime
you’re on your phone ,any time you’re watching television, playing games, etc.
Anything that’s going to to have your mind really actively involved.
My suggestion is an hour before bedtime try calm things down by
read a book or listen to calm music. it’s a great time to journal, look at your day. the next day, or even just sit outside
and look at the Stars. Have a conversation with your significant other
or even perhaps yourself. Maybe this is a time that you would choose to pray if
you’re a religious or spiritual person. Make this a time for
you to give thanks for the day, and to put everything to rest. This will
give you an opportunity also to calm those thoughts down. It offers that opportunity to have closure to some of those thoughts and be able to
move throughout the evening. Your sleeping will be much better! Well, that’s all i have for now. If you have any questions, please put
them in the comment section below. Feel free to download that PDF in the link
and and watch the next three videos I have coming out in this series, Create Balance Mind, Body, Soul and Spirit. In the next videos we’re going to be talking about journaling and we are also going to be
talking about writing love letters to ourselves, and how to really engage in
really self-care and creating that balance we need. How to use
affirmations, as well as setting the intentions for our day. Again, if this
information was helpful please ring the bell subscribe to the channel, and watch
the next video coming out Thank you again for
joining me and have a great today! Best, ~ Lesley Pazdzioch

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