How To Cook Healthy Meals When You Have No Time

hey guys this is heather from so a question I get from you guys a lot is how to make healthy meals when I'm super busy and yes that is difficult so here are a few tips that I have for you one would be if you have time on the weekends or if you have a day off that's not a weekend whatever time off you have if you can make a few meals and then put them into single serving containers put them in the freezer and you've got a meal set up for a night when you don't have time big pots of soup are great for that or tomato sauce that you can just pair with some grains if you cook a big batch of rice ahead of time that can really help eat it throughout the week canned beans are already cooked so you can use those no problem and then just chop up some fresh veggies and you're good to go alright another thing you can do is add vegetables to something that you would buy so if you buy canned soup or they've got soups that are in containers now like cartons if you add fresh vegetables to those that really boost the nutrition value and if you look for a brand that doesn't use too much chemicals and salt and things like that then you're doing pretty well and what that does is just save you time because part of it is already prepared and you're just adding something fresh for nutrients you can do the same thing if you really just need to resort to buying like a veggie burger or a frozen burrito or something like that have it with a salad have it with some fresh vegetables and at least you're doing better than just eating the processed food okay so adding things to approach to a prepared food would be another thing Delhi sections of grocery stores are also great for getting like a grain salad a bean salad then you can just add some extra fresh vegetables to that another thing I would say that has freed up a lot of time for me is getting away from following recipes I know I post recipes all the time but I think of recipes as an idea and as a starting point to make it work for whatever you're doing and that's what I've been teaching in the online cooking classes is how to think beyond the recipe and go to the thought process behind why you do things how to combine foods together so that you can always make a meal for yourself without having to rely on a recipe and I wanted to mention today that I'm starting the second session of those online cooking classes so if you're interested in learning more about healthy cooking and how to cook without a recipe i'll post a link to that it's over at and you can find it under the resources tab but i'll post a link under this recipe under this video as well so those are three quick tips for um for making meals when you don't have much time I hope they've been helpful and I'd love to hear your thoughts what you guys do to save time if we all share our ideas then hopefully everyone can get something something that they can take and use in their own life so I look forward to hearing from you guys leave a comment below with your thoughts and I will see you next time you


  1. That's a sturdy looking coffee table!

  2. @healthyvegan Thanks for taking the time to answer Heather, and thank you for everything you do – when you first started doing nutrition vids I complained in comments saying I was here for the recipes and that I knew all I needed to about nutrition – how wrong I was 😀 you have since become my nutrition guru 😀

  3. Does anyone know whether pre-cooked grains and rice, the kind that only need to be cooked for about 10 minutes, are a lot less nutritious than the non-pre-cooked kind? I usually have a packet of pre-cooked barley or similar lying around for when I'm in a hurry, assuming it will still contribute to a relatively healthy meal with some fresh veggies etc. – but is it really healthy, or are a lot of nutrients lost in the process?

  4. love your vids! okay, lets say i prepare a lentil dish and i want to take a portion of the leftovers to work with me where i dont have the luxury of a stove top to heat the meal up and i dont want to use the microwaves (not fond at all of microwave cooking), is there another method you know of or such things as "radiation safe" cookware for the microwavei could use to warm it up? however, i have used the toaster oven for foods other than soups/stews. raw foods here i come!!!! lol

  5. Within my spirituality I end up fasting(eating vegan) for six months during the year. It is broken up a few weeks at a time. I cook vegan for our whole family at that time, but I really want to stop eating animal products altogether. I will end up cooking meat for my husband and children, but want to cook ahead so I have vegan options for myself. Great Lent is coming soon and I intend to launch into a permanent vegan diet using it as a springboard of sorts lol. Thanks for your channel it helps.

  6. Hi Heather-
    Thank you so much for all of your videos, they have changed my life! I'm 21 and grew up in a very unhealthy household. Once I was out on my own I realized I didn't know the first thing about healthy living. Your recipes have helped me so, so much. One thing I am curious about though is…water. I drink mostly tap water, but I'm curious to hear your thoughts on the fluoride/chlorine issue. Is there a water filter or purification system that you recommend?

  7. i find planning my meals to be a huge peace of mind and take away half the battle over meals so i dont have that constant 'urgh what should i do for dinner tonight'

  8. 1. ice cube trays are your friend: ginger garlic paste, bouillion cubes,
    2. canned tomatoe paste can be put in some plastic wrap and frozen. dont need to thaw to cut chunks off whenever you need
    3. for pesticides, soak veggies beforehand. get a large piece of the green srubby sheet to srub your fruits/veggies. its that green layer on a yellow sponge

  9. you need to publish a book, heather! you really inspire me to keep up healthy eating!! 🙂 i just got the first of my 7 e-mail lessons 🙂 can't wait!! 🙂

  10. @healthyvegan thanks for the help!! I may need to sign up to get some 1 on 1 with you. I used the calculator and since I've been eating vegetarian I am not taking in even close to what the calculator said I should be. I'm eating enough food, not starving myself at all, but I am afraid that my body will go into starvation mode if I'm not eating enough calories.

  11. @natyanayaki A pressure cooker only works well when you have time (i.e. Large legumes take a while to cook) and pressure cooking is one of the most destructive forms of cooking – it results in high nutrient loss unfortunately.

  12. Could you do a video, or could someone on here give a good place to read about calorie intake and how low is too low for caloric intake?

  13. Great tips.

  14. A rice cooker, canned beans and frozen veggies will get you making quick, healthy meals in a snap 🙂

  15. Heck, MY Husband STILL eats meat. I just cooked him chicken breasts sauteed with herbs de Provence and fresh rosemary and lemon, then I broiled this. Will be 3 meals for him. I am eating a RAW Burger and RAW mayo I made, we are truly learning to cook ahead, with 2 different eating styles! I lOVE my Blendtec and my dehydrator!!

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