How to control diabetes – heart disease prevention with lotus

welcome to Robert Vaughn watts Roy Channel channel of alternative treatments in a natural way if you like my information don't forget like share comment and subscribe health it's maintained with a balanced lifestyle an important role in maintaining health plays the diet we often wonder why the Asians are more longevity and healthier food is one of the factors for which Asian people have a high average life expectancy compared to Westerners one of these foods with a lot of health benefits is the Lotus this aquatic plant is a sacred symbol representing transcendence divinity purity and eternity is an edible plant and all its parts have important health benefits lotus seeds contain antioxidants minerals and vitamins that help to treat many health problems lotus flowers is too consumed in the form of tea or food the root of this plant is used in many recipes such as soups stews salads or garnishes but the lotus root is not only a delicious food but it also has many beneficial properties for health due to its composition rich in vitamins fiber and minerals rich in vitamins A and C the lotus root improves the health of skin hair eyes and teeth vitamin A has antioxidant properties that prevent skin aging and fight against wrinkles vitamin C it's an essential vitamin for the proper functioning of the immune system the lotus root stimulates blood circulation helps to purify the body and increases energy the amount of iron and copper contained in the lotus root is significant these helping to produce red blood cells and reducing the chances of developing anemia in the root it's found a high amounts of potassium that regulate the balance of chemicals in the body potassium helps to dilate blood vessels by relaxing them which balancing the blood pressure this mineral also helps to maintain the weight because it reduces the volume of fluid in the body the lotus root contains dietary fiber that improves intestinal transit and reduces constipation root of Lotus helps to reduce suggestion of ah hydrates in the body which makes slow the absorption of sugar in the body in addition the root of Lotus has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties which can help to fight against diabetes symptoms diabetes s can cause kidney problems for various reasons the main reason being the lack of insulin in the body sugar accumulates in the bloodstream when the body is unable to transport the sugar to cells and tissues the kidneys play a role in removing excess sugar from the blood a high glucose concentration in the kidneys blocks the small capillaries of the kidneys and other capillaries from the body destroying kidney glomeruli which causes sickness in the kidneys due to its powerful antioxidant activity the lotus root protects the kidney cells from lesions caused by free radicals also the lotus root helps reduce tissue inflammation and liver damage protecting the liver and preventing infections another benefit of the lotus root is to protect the heart spleen and stomach and the juice extracted from the root of the Lotus stalks internal bleeding here's a way to prepare the lotus root which you can buy from the bio stores or Asian markets for preparation we need a fresh lotus root 5 cups and a half of water one tablespoon of vinegar or lemon juice 3/4 cup of soy sauce 1/4 cup of sugar one tablespoon of sesame seeds and optional malt syrup wash and peel the lotus root then cut into thin slices because the lotus root becomes dark after peeling after we slicing should put it in a bowl with a cup of water and a spoonful of vinegar for 10 minutes wash and peel the lotus root then cut into thin slices because the lotus root becomes dark after peeling after we slicing should put it in a bowl with a cup of water and a spoonful of vinegar for 10 minutes boil 3 cups of water when the water is boiling add the lotus slices and boil them for 5 minutes then strain the water in a frying pan put the rest of the water a cup and a half together with 3/4 cup of soy sauce and five tablespoons of sugar boil over low heat and mix until homogenised then add the lotus root slices simmer in low heat and cover with a lid for 15 minutes after the 15 minutes have passed put out the fire and sprinkle over the lotus root slices a spoonful of sesame seeds if you like spicy foods you can also add one to Hot Chili Peppers cut in thin slices hoping that you liked the information provided by me I thank you for your attention Robert Vaughn Watts Roy Channel is a video channel educational information offered come from documentation and personal experience so before beginning an alternative cure you must inform your doctor because he knows your medical history prescriptions drugs that you follow and your reactions allergic to various substances or food I wish you a wonderful time wherever you are


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