hey it’s Brian burns the host of the
brutal truth about sales and selling podcast here to talk to you today about
warming up those cold calls and why does a cold call fail most of the time
because they don’t understand why they should be listening to you they
understand who you are and you want to sell them something but they don’t
understand how you are connected to them and why they should care so the first
thing you want to do and the purpose of warming up is a cold call is to show a
connection a pay something that gets you to be think get the listener to think
that you guys have something in common to get away from the us-versus-them
so that you become part of the us instead of them that is the key to warm
up a cold call until you do it it becomes an adversarial conversation some
of the easiest ways of doing this is to say that we’re both on the same side and
how do you do that you have something in common
in the old days when you had face-to-face meetings you would talk
about the fishing or their hobby the golfing trophy that they have on their
desk something of common interest something that they were interested in
that you could discuss as a way of breaking the ice a social niceties a
that we both have this in common we have this all the time and social events
where we talk about the food the music the venue the kids whatever it is is a
way of warming up the conversation because without this it’s an infomercial
it’s not it’s a monologue it’s a one-way conversation so we have to find
something in common and there’s nothing better to have in common than a friend
another person someone else that we both know that we both have a relationship
and we can guard that relationship into our relationship
with them where we both know Joey or Trupiano or whoever and we have some
context of how we know them and how we can leverage them into our conversation
now of course we don’t always have that and this is a nicety a luxury of having
but we can always have a small group that we belong to in some way it could
be as vague as you know grew up in the same state or the same region or at the
same timeframe something that we have in common again we want to become part of
the us instead of them we got to become part of their world instead of us being
a separate world where we’re trying to just get their money other things are
hot topics that we both have in common this can be music industry topics some
kind of commonality and today we have the most amount of intelligence to vail
available to us via our fingertips through Google through social networks
to find out about somebody spend the five minutes before you make a cold call
to warm it up and find something that you have in common a topic a friend a
location a school schools a great one to have in common peace we spent four years
or so in this school and it doesn’t have to be even in the same timeframe it
could be just the major as far as a topic with something in common this is
the easiest the fastest the most powerful way to warm up your cold call
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  1. Brian , I have a few questions on how to set up another call. How does at process workDo you have email I could contact you on And you so much

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