How to: climbing strength exercises for cyclists

Climbing on the bike is something most
cyclists would like to improve at so here some strength exercises to help you
get up and over those hills that little bit faster. Are we looking at a
standalone routine here? No this routine should be added into the
strength routine and not done kind of instead of. You’ll kind of want to add it
in if you have time to put on top of the strength work Ok this exercise is called the
mountain climber and it’s just going to challenge a little bit of upper body and
rotational strength. So to do the exercise we’re just going to get into
kind of a press up position so with both hands shoulder width apart. Legs are
straight, toes on the floor and then all we’re going to do is just going to start
slowly bringing one knee towards your chest but trying to hold your body still
and then drive it back and then bring the other leg and then drive it back all
the time trying to keep your body still be strong through your upper body and
just do one more in the other leg as this becomes more comfortable you could
then try just going faster and build up the speed while trying to hold your body
still and be strong through your upper body How many reps, sets and rests are we
looking at in the structure? With this structure you could probably do it more
as a circuit and you could either do specific reps or you could just do it
for time but playing around with different things
to make it fun and change and variety would be good but yeah you can you can
structure it in any way you want but you’re looking to either do reps or time Ok, so this next exercise is a renegade
row so similar to a plank but just adds a little bit more challenge and again
more upper-body and more rotational strength. You’re just going to get into a
press up position making sure your hands are close together, feet are far apart. And then from here holding that plank position you’re basically going to just
lift one hand off the floor driving your elbow up to the ceiling and then the
other hand and then just keep going alternating hands making sure your elbow
gets close to your body as it drives up to the ceiling and do not allow your
hips to rotate and move Is it normal to still be experiencing
muscle soreness a couple of days after Jamie’s routine? Yeah if you’re not used
to doing strength training that’s it’s normal to feel that. When you do strength
training you will create some damage in the muscle which is a normal process
that you need to go through but as you become more regular with your strength
training that soreness will start to kind of die off and you’ll
feel better after training So this exercise is a stiff leg deadlift
or an RDL – Romanian deadlift so it’s a good exercise to work the posterior
chain or glutes and hamstrings and also start to learn a hip hinge pattern. So
what you’re going to do is pick up the kettlebell, stand up nice and tall you
want to keep your shoulders back and then all you’re going to try and do is
just push your hips backward so you start to feel the pressure onto your
heels and then stand back up you all you’re trying to do is hit hinge at the
hip with very little movement of the knee. The next exercise is going to be a Bulgarian
squat so this is working similar to the normal squat where we’re going to work
the muscles around the hip and the knee but also add an element of balance and
control We’ve got a Bulgarian stand here but you
can also use a bench and the way you’re going to set up the exercise is if you
start off kind of standing next to the the stand or the bench and then just
take a good step out put your back leg or take a back leg put it on the bench
or the stand And then from here you’re just going to
try and drop straight down and then stand up and the idea is you drop your
back knee down towards the floor and then control it with the front leg keep
your body nice and upright and just working up and down similar to a squat. I know a lot of people are particularly
time-poor when it comes to this sort of thing. If we could choose one exercise
what would you recommend? I think this routine, probably the Bulgarian squat would be a good exercise just because it can hit the lower body as well as
working on kind of the postural muscles


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