How to Choose Safe Vitamins & Nutritional Supplements

hi I'm dr. Chad Larsen hopefully you got the dateline episode a couple weeks ago where they discussed and reported on some illegal practices in the nutritional supplement industry and mostly the companies that they discussed market products that are supposed to affect muscle building weight loss and sexual enhancement and what they found out and what some of us an internal industry knew what was going on out there is that these products are laced with illegal pharmaceutical drugs that are doing most of the effect that they're purporting to do but not putting them on the label because that would turn their product into a drug and and it would be approved so they do this very illegally and it was good to know that there is some effort in reporting on these kind of companies because those companies make it a little bit harder for those of us in the nutrition industry that have a reparable company it also makes you wonder where products like that are being manufactured because they're not being manufactured in legitimate facilities which makes the products that much more scary I think so so we thought this would be a good opportunity to discuss some of our manufacturing practices and the and the manufacturer manufacturers are FDA registered which has a whole set of criteria in order to get that kind of certification and then we go way beyond that and we have certifications from MPA which is the Natural Products Association and NSF and the NSF in particular is is one of the most widely known and respected third-party certifiers in the industry so it's difficult for a manufacturer to get that kind of certification and it's important that the supplements that you consume are being produced at a facility that has all the proper certifications and there we go even well beyond that with at least one product in particular our new greens organic product is even more unique because it is certified one hundred percent organic and and you know being involved in that process I realized that that's not an easy thing to do and and it just makes the product that much more valid and safe and healthy and the USDA we provide some links to some recent articles that we wrote on what it takes to be USDA one hundred percent certified and then we went even beyond that and we added a QA I certification which is quality assurance international and again this is one of the this is these two that the USDA hundred percent certification and the QA I certification are the highest levels of organic certification that you can get and so it's not that be useful for you to know and so we also provided some articles this week that have links to the FDA where they have some of these illegal companies that are making these products with pharmaceutical drugs in there so you can look those up and you could be aware of those also we added some other links to the FDA from the FDA and some of these certifications that that I just discussed so you can read more about that and I think that's important for you to know as a consumer so I hope you enjoy the articles this week discussing what it takes to to have the highest level certifications and as usual if you have any further questions on this issue or anything else don't hesitate to give us a call thanks

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